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Jordan End 2 End - Road Bike Tour

By: David Freeman, Melbourne, AUS

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and did not expect much in accommodation and food. I was not disappointed.. Meals outside of the hotels were generally higher standard.

Anas, Samir and Sohaib could not be faulted. A great crew.As a small group we all bonded quickly and I enjoyed the company of fellow riders and the crew. The itinerary is terrific. To see Jordan from end to end by bike was a great experience.

Bangkok to Phuket Road Cycling Tour

By: Aluisio Rosa Faria, Uberlandia, Brazil

KE standards were very good, as always. Please keep it! The hotel accomodation was much more than expected. Very good! The food was superb, especially the super prawns and squids, availabe in great amounts and, in reference to this, I should not forget to say thanks to the vegetarians friends... That is another trip that could be sold also as a gourmet trip of real delicious food. And I should no forget to mention the marvellous fruits we had in the rest stops during the day trip, that made a real difference in that overhot climate. By the way, the little ice cold towels the crew offered us every stop were an unforgetable refreshing experience, a real pleasure. The performance of the support crew was excellent, especially their good humour and the smile always in their faces. Special thanks to the great idea of changing the wheels when we got a flat tire, so you're not miles away from your friends, having to catch up. The trek leader was very good. You have just to be alert with him when the super prawns arrived..., what a speed!!! I think my comments above showed what I particularly enjoyed in this trip: the accomodation, the food, the care of the support crew and specially, of course, the good biking days.

In 93 I was in Bhutan, at the Chomolari base camp, with Exodus and we happen to share the hut with a KE group lead by Glenn. Karakoram Experience was the name on their bags. I was hooked by that name and all the adventures it suggests. I understand why it had to be changed, but never forget the Karakoram Experience spirit!

Turkish Mountain Bike Delight

By: Maggie Wardle, Tadley, Hampshire

Mehmet was an excellent guide. He was extremely knowledgable about the history and culture of the area and broke the day down into a great mix of cycling and site seeing. He went out of his way to make sure all the group's needs were catered for. We both had a great holiday even though we felt that the grading was rather low. We are regular road cyclists and have done some off road cycling but we found it quite tough and even the more experienced group members thought it should have been graded higher. Everything was fantastic. Fascinating area to visit and the mix of cycling and cultural visits was excellent. The opportunity to do an early morning balloon flight was well worth the extra money- a magical experience. The food was so plentiful, fresh and tasty that I'm glad we were cycling to burn off the calories! The company and camaraderie made the whole experience more enjoyable.

Victoria Falls to Cape Town Mountain Bike Epic

By: Patrick Smith, London

The evening meals were great. I couldn't believe how tasty they were and always very filling which we needed for all the calories we burned each day. Both Peter and Albert worked extremely hard throughout the trip. It seemed like they were always doing something - preparing meals; providing us information about the countries we were visiting, the animals we'd see along the road & stopping to allow us good views of the animals. I thought that Peter (biking guide) and Albert (team driver) did a great job supporting the trip. Albert was a great part of the crew. He was always positive and had a smile on his face --- he wanted everyone to have a good time. He did a great job driving and was able to spot animals way before anyone else. I also enjoyed that he provided information about the places we were seeing and the animals.

Tour of Corsica - Road Cycling

By: Floyd Cash, Hawaii, USA

The scenery and the courses were varied, and changed every day. Rolling coastal roads etched into the side of the mountains with views that took you from the granite cliffs down to the azure blue sea, climbs up through multiple mountain passes that took your breath away in more ways then and then fantastic>
It had everything I wanted in a bike tour and was well worth the trip.

Ride the Kasbah - Mountain Bike Morocco

By: Charlie Clark, Glasgow

What I most enjoyed - Lots of variety. Great downhill. Good sense of cameraderie. Excellent leadership and support drivers. Suggestions for improvement - None, I would do this trip again.

Jordan Mountain Biking - Dead 2 Red

By: Emma Eliasson, Goteborg, Sweden

Everything was clear and we got fast answers. It was also valuable to be able to speak to someone who has actually done the bike trip. Overall, it was excellent and it exceeded my expectations even though they were high! I really had a truly great trip in a beautiful country, with great companionship and excellent service! I liked the homestay, also the tea-break next to the school and in the desert because then you get an idea of how normal life is, rather than just seeing the touristy places.

Bhutan Thunder Dragon Ride

By: Ian Bradford, Wilston, Australia

One suggestion I would make is that you review where your brochure says 90% tarmac and 10% dirt. While much of the route has some amount of bitumen, a material amount is not well maintained, covered in dirt, being dug up or only 1 foot wide. Maybe this was because we were there right after monsoon. I would be putting min 25% dirt so people can get a more realistic idea of surfact conditions. Pls note, this is not a criticism, I loved the rough stuff as I had a suitable bike, but two of our grou p, brought bikes that had no suspension. Just a thought. All the contact persons turned up on queue and the process was seemless. Clearly well organised and you have reliable people on the ground. Accom was better than I expected and we could see was the best you could do, given the options, so happy there. Uygen Tenzin was excellent! We appreciate that you put him in charge of our tour. He has a great balance between leading his team, imparting real world knowledge of his country and culture and keeping the customers moving forward as a group and making sure we had fun without overly restricting us. His assistant Nim Drugyal was also great and funny. On a scale of 1 - 10 I would rate the experience about a 15. We had such a great experience which we will remember forever. Everything went right and we couldn't be happier. I will definitely make KE my first port of call for next adventure without doubt and will be recommending you. Cant say enough good things really. Thanks again, Ian.

Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu Mountain Bike Tour

By: Jenny Bryce, Inverness-Shire, Scotland

Both Dougie and Juan Carlos were excellent leaders and guides. They were enthusiastic,considerate and fun.

The route of the Conquistadores - Bike Guatemala

By: Suzanne Duke, Sheffield, UK

The trip completely exceeded my expectations in all of the above, which I would put down to the hard work and dedication of the local support crew and guides.

Our trip leader and the other guides were all of the above - excellent. In addition, it felt like they were part of the holiday itself - their enthusiasm was infectious, they made every effort to showcase the very best of Guatemala to us - both the biking and the places. Nothing seemed too much trouble. The service provided was excellent. The trip leader and support crew were amazing.

The incredible memories of the trip will stay with me for some time to come and I would happily recommend the trip to experienced and technically capable mountain bikers!

Most enjoyed, everything! The biking, the company of the group, the accomodation, the variety of the places we saw and stayed at. I loved the biking routes and their variety - from big climbs and descents to single track and techy descents. The guides were amazing and the service and company they provided ultimately made the trip.

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