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High Trails of Macedonia Biking

By: Robert Oakeshott, Cambridge, UK

One of the best cycling holidays I've been on: good riding, good views, good food, good company, good weather. Lots of good riding, with a mix of forest and highland tracks and a little bit of single track thrown in. Some rough roads - but very very little loose stuff. I enjoyed all the riding, but most especially the ride through Galicica National Park: wide open space to descend down into and then with mostly dryish earth track to tide on; a little single track at the end to complete a great ride. I also enjoyed the wine tasting: some great tasting wines combined with cheese and smoked meats, and the food, especially the cheeses and mushrooms.

There were great mountain and valley views. The view going over the mountain into the heart of Galicica national park and the views descending into there and riding through there were a particular highlight.

Our guide Aleksandar is a really good tour leader, great company, a good judge of how much harder riding to put in, and with a good sense of the logistics and timing to make the tour work.

Victoria Falls to Cape Town Mountain Bike Epic

By: Nicole Richter, London, UK

The customer service prior the trip and the speed of reply was very good (via email and phone). The KE service team was fully informed about the trip. The trip information were also excellent and covered everything needed. All in all very good service, which I will use again.

Tallis Wessels excelled at his job, especially at such a risky wilderness and extensive trip. He is by far the best group leader I had on trips so far. He was at all times in full control & in charge of the trip, organisation, safety procedures, knowledge about local wildlife and countries, cycling, bicycles, health. Yet he was very respectful and understanding of us clients. We quickly respected and liked throughout the group. What stood out was his is calm and professional approach which for an extreme trip through wilderness is extremely important as it gives you confidence and reassurance. He was always approachable a nd very tactful. He also has a very good memory, being around 10 clients 24hrs he remembers very well each individual's needs and what needs to be done for each client. He is also very good at timing and organising departures in a way that the daily schedule is met. This incl especially the cycling part. He had a good instinct how well each client was on the bike and how he would manage the timing and group of cycling.

This is was excellent and very memorable holiday. I would welcome more trips of this length and challenge level.

Tour of Corsica - Road Cycling

By: Floyd Cash, Hawaii, USA

The scenery and the courses were varied, and changed every day. Rolling coastal roads etched into the side of the mountains with views that took you from the granite cliffs down to the azure blue sea, climbs up through multiple mountain passes that took your breath away in more ways then and then fantastic>
It had everything I wanted in a bike tour and was well worth the trip.

Cycling Tour of Rajasthan - India

By: Nancy Wildman, San Ramon, USA

The driver and bike mechanic were a wonderful addition to the experience..... The bike mechanic rode with me since I was the slowest.

Pramod (guide)......has a wealth of knowledge about the cultural and natural history of the area. He made sure we were well cared for.

I look back through my pictures and am amazed at everything we saw in 8 days of traveling. The blend of exercise, history and culture...smaller villages, desert scenery, historical buildings.

The way everything was handled on-line was wonderful - no need for snail mail. I particularly like the way I was able to enter details about my insurance and travel plans (airline) and then see them appear in the joining instructions. And to be able to see the invoice....very nice. Great job on the IT end of things!

Road Cycle Tour of Toubkal

By: Cath Worth, North Yorkshire, UK

Mustafa was fabulous. He was an excellent cyclist & mechanic who ensured we were all happy and made sure we learned about Morocco as well. Jo was a great asset to the group and mananged to work as hard as the rest of us at cycling and look after us as well. Both Jo and Mustafa were patient when we were being demanding and went above and beyond to ensure things went smoothly. They never failed to be cheerful and encouraging and made the trip memorable.

Mountain Bike the Annapurna Circuit

By: Kathrin Wieczorek, Heidelberg, Germany

I have done quite a few Nepal trips, but the change in scenery on this one is quite spectacular as you are just faster on the bicycles. I am not much of a climber, but I love descending, and for this it was a great trip!

I thought it would be much harder, but because of the altitude the daily distances are not that long, and pretty much everybody can make it. What makes it hard is the altitude and the technical aspect of riding, but that shouldn't keep people who are reasonably fit from signing up to this trip.

Jordan End 2 End - Road Bike Tour

By: David Freeman, Melbourne, AUS

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and did not expect much in accommodation and food. I was not disappointed.. Meals outside of the hotels were generally higher standard.

Anas, Samir and Sohaib could not be faulted. A great crew.As a small group we all bonded quickly and I enjoyed the company of fellow riders and the crew. The itinerary is terrific. To see Jordan from end to end by bike was a great experience.

Jordan Mountain Biking - Dead 2 Red

By: David Jackson, Western Australia

A great and well balanced trip with a good mix of riding and sights.The visit to Petra and the ride out to Wadi Rum being the highlights.

The team was excellent with good back up vehicles and help and advice always at hand.Food and on road snacks and drinks also very good.

Turkish Mountain Bike Delight

By: Joany Verschuuren & Mark Tamminga, Ontario, Canada

The food was, without exception, fantastic. Mehmet was a terrific guide andKadir offered bike support well beyond excellent! Highly recommend this tour and this outfitter.

Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu Mountain Bike Tour

By: Diana Pinto, Colombia

Carlos proved to be an excellent biking leader, as well as a knowledgeable tour guide. He showed an understanding of biking strenghts and weaknesses of each group member and was able to coch each person accordingly.

I most enjoyed being able to contribute to the development of local tourism, in particular of communities such as the Uros Indians and Llachon.

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