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Your latest Discovery reviews

Polar Cruise - Antarctica Classic

By: William Cross, North Shields, Tyne & Wear

Julio and his team (trip leaders) were exemplary - keen, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and driven to pass on their knowledge and love of Antarctica and its animal life to us. Antarctica is absolutely stunning - probably the most remarkable place on the planet! It felt like a privilege to see it. If you get the chance - GO!

Polar Cruise - The Realm of the Polar Bear

By: John Dawson, Derbyshire, UK

Walruses. Zodiac excursions on calm fjords under the snouts of glaciers. Being given free access to the bridge of the ship. The day in Longyearbyen was most interesting. The scenery was awesome. The knowledgeable members of the team on the ship. All sorts of subjects were covered. having the use of a small gym on the ship to try and run some of the food off.

While my wife's daughter fell about laughing at the thought of her getting into a Zodiac we experienced no trouble at all as reasonably fit 71 and 69 year olds.

Highlights of El Salvador

By: Chris Hilstead, London, UK

Given that tourism is in it's infancy in El Salvador, the hotels were very good. I didn't expect the country to be as beautiful and the walks to be as good. Only one night is necessary at Miramundo though and there are maybe better options near Cerro Verde National Park. It was great to have a couple of days at the beach at the end. Joaquim was excellent - very good English, energetic, always smiling and joking. I think the whole group liked him. The only niggle I was aware of was on the first climb where the pace was too quick. We learned to take the durations of drives with a pinch of salt - if we were told it would be 2 hours, this normally meant 4.

There were a few differences between the trip notes and the actual itinerary. Some of these were unavoidable (e.g. on some walks we could only go when the police wanted to go). There were also cases where we had to stay in hotels out of town rather than in town. The first few nights were also colder than expected.

Antarctic Basecamp Adventure

By: Rob Eagle, Somerset, UK

The company are highly experienced in providing polar cruises and the staff they selected for the organisation on the trip and for the multi-activities were of a very high standard.

The snowshoeing short hikes were excellent. Weather was variable but EVERY effort was made to get as much done at many different locations as possible - even a "landing" directly onto sea ice (which the company had never done before).

Most enjoyed - Antarctica! Snowshoeing with my wife in superb scenery. Whales.

Buena Vista Cuba - Adventure Holiday in Cuba

By: Malcolm French, York, UK

Overall a very good time. The group of 10 seemed to be a good number. All got on well together.Great fun. Cuba has much to offer for a holiday but tourists must appreciate some of the short comings within the country.

Most enjoyed - Observing the different culture particularly after 50 years of communism; a great group of people-good fun; food very good and varied & an excellent guide.

Everest from Tibet Discovery Tour

By: John Upcher, Tasmania, Australia

"Raj" was an excellent leader - quiet, good humoured but firm when necessary. A wonderful and stressless way to see Tibet..... The opportunity to have some interaction with the Tibetans, and the spectacular scenery from the passes. Food was overall much better than I had expected.

Samarkand and the Silk Road

By: Susan Kirt, USA

Fantastic accommodations and food. For me, the home stays really made the trip. I particularly like true home stays, not 'home stays' that are basically high-level B&B's plonked down in a village to serve western tourist tastes. Fantastic food, lovely people, great locations, comfortable sleeping. Ganesher was great! Forthcoming, knowledgeable, constantly monitoring the group needs, terrific sense of humour. He really went above and beyond to try to work with other group members with particular non-KE travel requirements, and he/Zamin were more than willing to (thoughtfully) modify the itinerary on the fly for the group (no 'long' hike because of the heat).

I most enjoyed the home stays, the hikes, The pacing/schedule. Perfect to have home stays after Khiva/Bukhara and before Samarkand. Otherwise, you just rush into Samarkand already blown away and I don't think you best appreciate it that way. Absolutely made all the difference to me to have the home stays/hikes in the middle.

I don't research much before I go away, but I have dreamed about the Silk Road since childhood. This trip was much more than I expected. The home stays, the walks, the opportunities to be around the local people, the lake! I was thinking camels and beautiful architecture when I came away. Nature and the people are what linger in my mind as well.

Costa Rica - Walks and Wildlife Adventure Holiday

By: Nan Pratt, Swindon, UK

I am thrilled with this holiday. It gave an excellent and varied introduction to Costa Rica. Wonderful!

The aspects I most enjoyed were: variety of locations from tropical rainforest to 'alpine' conditions, quality of our leader, different types of accommodation, including log cabins - particularly close to the forests / Pacific / the wild, meeting Ticos, especially those who are endeavouring to improve their lot with ecotourism off the beaten track, swimming in plunge pools, hot springs, the Pacific ocean (and hotel pools), walking through a wide range of ecosystems and landscapes, observing birds, mammals, sea-life, Gallo pinto! small group, sunsets.

Walter (our leader) was enthusiastic to show us as much as possible. His knowledge of wildlife and love of his country are exemplary. He appreciated our different needs and interests and tried effectively to engage us all.

There was even more diverse habitats than I expected. The level of walking was never too difficult - I feared it may have been. This was a superb experience. I loved every moment, even when I was physically stretched.

The Ultimate Bhutan Tour

By: Peter Mountford, Stourbridge, UK

Your company was recommended to us by a friend. As a result of our wonderful experience I can now unreservedly recommend KE to any of our friends considering an adventure holiday. Nothing went wrong it was a super experience, thank you. I most enjoyed the country. It is beautiful and the scenery spectacular. The people are lovely and tourism hasn't yet spoilt the country as has been the case in many other destinations. The efficient service provided by KE and it's staff.

Jordan Highlights Tour

By: Fiona Dinn, Hampshire, UK

Nader (our guide) was excellent in every respect. Knowledgeable, and interesting conversationalist. We learned a great deal about Jordan. He was good company and positive with the group's interactions.

The way the trip was structured and the way that it unfolded meant that every hour of each day brought new wonderful experiences.

The nights at the Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, seeing the stars, the food and company of Mohammed and Yusef (the camp crew) was particularly enjoyable.

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