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Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route Trek

By: Chris Walker, Liverpool, UK

I enjoyed the whole trip, the support from crew was amazing, food - wow, how can you cook such good food in a tent so well done to James the chef.

This trip was always going to be a personal challenge as you cannot train for altitude sickness. I did suffer from slight sickness but the head guide was always there to advise. I felt the trip challenging, physically and mentally but that's why we chose this trip, so no surprises really. I would recommend this trip to colleagues and definitely recommend the team who took us to the top.

Trip leader (Elias) was amazing, his local knowledge, patience, encouragement, support and drive to help us succeed was a tremendous help to us in reaching the summit. Elias was constantly assessing our condition, this was done in a very professional way, watching us during walks, talking to us over lunch, and dinner was all a part of that assessment. Elias managed porters so well and they all understood their part in this trip. I could not fault the trip leader in any way, he made us laugh giving the trip a relaxed atmosphere but behind scenes always serious in this task with our welfare the utmost priority. I was totally confident in taking advice from Elias and believed he would help in every way to reach the summit which we did so I want to say a big thank you to all the porters, chef, guides in making this dream come true.

The support crew - Elias (head guide), Makori (support guide), Muba (water man), James (chef) and 11 porters were all amazing and without their constant support we would not have made the summit. Every person helped us in every way, nothing too much trouble, from the guy who cleaned the toilet to the porter saying good morning to the head guide coaching and monitoring our condition every day, all provided a fantastic experience.

Climb Mera Peak, Island Peak and the Amphu Labtsa

By: Steve Powers, Birmingham

Charlie was an outstanding leader - knowledgeable, skilled, patient, inspirational, and great company. This was a very successful trek for the group as a whole although most found it fairly demanding because of the cold and altitude. With Charlie we felt we had a leader we could trust completely with our safety and well-being. Neil was a competent and companionable second leader. I felt privileged to be part of such a successful and enjoyable trip. After the Rolwaling trek in 2009 I was wondering whether this trek could match the enjoyment I had then. I was not disappointed. Both have been fantastic experiences for an old git of 60! Mny thanks to all concerned.Probably exceeded my expectations. I was pleased Mera Peak was not too busy.

Mont Blanc Ascent with Gran Paradiso

By: Alan Peace, Staffordshire, UK

Excellent doesn't do the work of Bob and Cherie at the Yeti Lodge in Argentierre justice. It was considerably better than excellent! The meals prepared by Bob would have not been out of place in a top flight restaurant and Cherie did a superb job in looking after us.

Aconcagua Climb

By: Ralf Roddenhof, London, UK

Carl (our guide) went beyond what I expect from trip leader and was excellent in looking after us and the crew. Provided range of useful tips to help us cope with the environment on the mountain.

Bolivia Climber

By: Rold Schrauwen, Sittard, Holland

Superb, mainly due to Juan. The hotel Rosario in La Paz is one of the finest hotels to start a trek/climb and a comfortable base to return to. I think that Juan really takes care to organise the best possible for clients. Of all local agents (and I have seen many over the years), KE's outperforms them all.

Climb Tent Peak and Trek to Annapurna Sanctuary

By: Mark Danby , London

Tim was a great trip leader. A very competent climber, he got on well with the local team and looked after the punters.

Ecuador's Volcano Triple Crown

By: Chris Thorp, Derbyshire, UK

Edison (our guide) was a real 5-star guide. His knowledge of the mountains was equalled by his knowledge of his own country and the flora and fauna. He was a mine of information, and irrepressible and resourceful. We nicknamed him 'Tigger', such was his energy and enthusiasm. It was all thanks to his great endeavours, and network of contacts, that we snatched the prize of Cotopaxi, when everything appeared to have been thwarted by the weather. I cannot commend him highly enough.

Mera Peak Climb

By: Andy Holden, West Sussex, UK

Wonderful trip. Very well organised, well paced, nothing was overlooked, and to cap it all, the weather was superb. Great Great Great!!!

Everything went well, and other than achieving the summit, which was the obvious highlight, it was an all-round great trip.

Brilliant holiday. Ade is a really good leader, he keeps everything running smoothly, and joins in the group banter easily. All in all a brilliant and unforgettable trip. Many many thanks.

Mount Khuiten - Mongolia

By: Dan Bodey and Dawn Robson, North Yorkshire, England

Tom Richardson (our trek leader) was a central figure to the success of the trip. He obviously knows the area and local staff very well and this was essential to the success of the trip. He moulded the group together exceptionally well and made the climbing very enjoyable and utterly safe for all. An excellent leader. We have done over ten KE trips between us and this was one of our best.

One Week Haute Route - Mnt Blanc to the Matterhorn

By: Hamish Parkinson, Powys, Wales

The trek was challenging, but it was a fantastic experience to be amongst the high alpine peaks. Our guide, Richard, was extremely helpful and professional in his approach. Other than the weather it is difficult for me to suggest any improvements!

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