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Mount Ararat Climb - Turkey's Fabled Mountain

By: Veronica Hare, Kent, UK

Ismet our guide was very knowledgeable and very caring, the pace which was set by our other mountain guide; Yusuf, was perfect, there were enough breaks in which to keep ourselves hydrated and take pictures of the beautiful scenery. On summit, Ismet escorted one client back down to High Camp, and then made the knackering ascent for a second time to catch up with the rest of us - now that is true dedication! The food was great - even for a fussy eater such as me! Well Done and big thanks to Arif!

The local transport was always on time, the hotels were great (especially the one in Van!). Of course reaching the summit was the obvious highlight of the trip, but in terms of a fabulous finish, it had to be swimming in Lake Van, Turkey's biggest lake! So refreshing and beautiful.

All in all, a wonderful climb in a wonderful part of the world, made even more wonderful, by the wonderful guides!

Been on a few KE trips, never had a bad one, will be booking next year's trip very soon!

Mont Blanc Ascent with Gran Paradiso

By: Tony Bain , Chorley, Lancashire

This holiday was perfect in every way - all information was accurate and staff always willing to help.

Our trip leader was fantastic! Professional, friendly and always available to give advice, or time to adapt to the environment, never rushed or felt to be rushed. I can't thank them enough for ensuring that firstly we were all safe and that we all enjoyed our trip.

I most enjoyed walking on the glaciers and scrambling during the training days, and obviously the satisfaction of actually summiting Mont Blanc.

Thank you so much, I will use KE Adventure Travel again, highly recommended.

Trekking to Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro

By: Daniel Fryer, Lancashire, UK

Fantastic trip with brilliant support from all the crew. Pace was prefect food was delicious. Peter (the guide) was fantastic, his advice and level of English was superb, we had a wide range of ages in our group and no-one had a bad word to say about the was he ran his crew as well as us. I think without his leadership not all 9 of us would have made the summits.The warmth you felt from the whole crew, made you feel very welcome.

Brilliant holiday that I would fully reccomend to friends and family.

Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route Trek

By: Sandra Nixon, Liverpool, UK

I thought the overall schedule was excellent. It allowed everyone to adapt to the altitude. The pace and length of walks each day was ideal. The different walks each day also allowed you to appreciate the different environments of Kili.

Our guide Elias was excellent. He paced the walks to our fitness levels. He engaged with us, build good relationships. He was open and honest, regularly communicating what was happening, what to expect, providing advice on clothing, in addition to making conversation. The service provided by the crew was excellent. The food prepared and served by James was fabulous. It met our energy needs to the day and there was a good variety.

Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro

By: Clarissa Carvahlo, Brazil

It pretty much met all of my expectations, although I was impressed by how great the food was on treks, as well as how professional and organized the trek crews were, especially guides - very knowledgeable and caring. I felt very well taken care of, and that was key to successfully summiting both mountains. Food was amazing, even though Im not fond of british/american breakfasts. Overall the diet was very well thought of. The care with providing us with clean water was also very impressive. I took clorine tablets and drops and not once had to use them Why KE Comments? It seemed to be the only one offering a previous climb to Kili (Kenya), which turned out to be a great aclimatization plan. Also price seemed pretty fair, and the fact that it was recommended by National Geographic.

Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar

By: Gary Love, Tennessee, USA

The trip was fantastic, and the porters and guides made the difference between success and failure. I cannot thank them enough. Onex, our guide, provided excellent leadership and his crew provided outstanding support to all of us.

This was the greatest adventure that I have ever attempted. No doubt that I would have never made it without the support of the KE staff and the local support personel. Onex went way out of his way to make sure that I could contact my family in the USA while I was away, and I thank him very much. This was a wondeful experience.

It was way more difficult mentally and physically than I would have ever dreamed of. I was in excellent shape but there is no way I could have prepared for the conditions that I experienced climbing the mountain.

Kilimanjaro Trek and Safari

By: Louise Tomlinson, Derbyshire, UK

The guides and support crew on our trek were fantastic. They were knowledgeable and friendly and we felt safe in their hands at high altitude.

Our trip leader, Peter, was fantastic. He clearly cared about the well being of his team, and about ensuring we had a safe and enjoyable trip. His enthusiasm and encouragement for our group was tireless. We felt safe in his hands during our summit attempt - he was clearly very knowledgeable and experienced about altitude sickness & took good care of those of us who became unwell during the trek. Following Peter's lead and advice and that of the other guides ensured that we all made it to the top!The food was great, it far exceeded my expectations of what would be possible to prepare on a trek.

The standard of accommodation once coming off the mountain was far higher than I expected from the trip information - it was a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting showers, toilets and beds which felt very luxurious after a week in small tents with limited means of washing!

The tent accommodation in the Tarangire national park was a lovely surprise after a week on the mountain - very luxurious! The safari was brilliant - the tented lodges were great, and the safari experience far surpassed my expectations - we felt we had seen as much as we possibly could in the last 3 days of our holiday.

I saw the shop during a trip to Keswick and remembered it when looking into booking the trip. I liked the option of doing the trek up Kilimanjaro over a longer time than other companies offered and the fact that this increased the chances of making it to the summit.

Kilimanjaro Rongai Route Trek

By: Karen Eastwood, West Midlands

This was an awesome trip and the most memorable birthday I have ever had. I was very impressed with the services provided and the people who provided them. Our guides were superb at setting a realistic pace and making sure everyone achieved their potential. A BIG THANKS to Peter for getting me to the top. I was quite weak due to not eating much in the previous days. He allowed Judy and I to go at a very slow pace. (It took us over 10 hours to reach the summit). Having looked at the other companies I don't think they would have let us take that amount of time. I shall be eternally grateful to him for allowing me to realise my dream. I shall definitely be recommending your company to all my friends and indeed anyone I meet!

Climb Tent Peak and Trek to Annapurna Sanctuary

By: Mark Danby , London

Tim was a great trip leader. A very competent climber, he got on well with the local team and looked after the punters.

Aconcagua Climb

By: Ralf Roddenhof, London, UK

Carl (our guide) went beyond what I expect from trip leader and was excellent in looking after us and the crew. Provided range of useful tips to help us cope with the environment on the mountain.

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