• Travel through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands
  • Wildlife viewing including penguins, whales and polar bears
  • Zodiac excursions and Kayaking around Spitsbergen
  • Cruise around the spectacular island of South Georgia
  • Visit remote Inuit communities in Greenland

Discover the unique wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctica, perhaps the last pristine and true wilderness left on our planet. The polar regions, north and south, have long held an attraction for the world's explorers. Offering a variety of unique experiences, these remote and fascinating territories are now more accessible than ever before with the advent of Polar cruise ships such as the MS Expedition and MV Plancius. With KE you can sail to the Antarctic Peninsula and walk among the penguins, or follow in Shackleton's footsteps with a visit to South Georgia. At the other end of the earth you can sail among the Svalbard archipelago, home of the Polar bear or snowshoe on the remotest parts of Greenland. North or South, a once-in-a-lifetime trip now fits within a 2-week holiday!

Please see our online Polar Guide for the differences between our departures, ships and more Polar information.

FREE PHD YUKON DOWN JACKET worth almost £300 with every booking.

PHD Yukon Jacket

Everyone booking a cruise between now and the end of 2015 will receive a FREE PHD Yukon Down Jacket worth almost £300. Made with probably the warmest down in the world (grade 900), this quality jacket was designed to keep competitors warm at -35C during the Yukon Arctic Ultra sled dog race. Naturally, it's also perfect for spotting wildlife from the deck of the recently refitted MS Expedition. Jackets will be sent out on receipt of full payment.

In the Antarctic we have a variety of Polar Cruises that take you to explore bays and islands of remote South Georgia as well as the Antarctic Peninsula. Sailing through Drake Passage, the Antarctic Convergence, where colliding cold and warm waters force nutrients to the surface, attracts seabirds and whales, and gives us our first glimpses of Antarctic wildlife. Further south and over the Southern Ocean, we reach the South Shetland Islands and cross the Bransfield Strait to reach the Antarctic Peninsula. Here we enter a world of immense scale and visual splendour, the last true wilderness on earth. Gigantic blue icebergs calmly float in the waters, massive penguin rookeries, seabirds diving and whales breaching. Expert expedition staff guide zodiac excursions and there are opportunities for kayaking and camping for a night on the Antarctic Peninsula. Whatever itinerary you decide on for your trip of a lifetime a magical world of ice and wildlife awaits.

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