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Iceland Three Peaks Challenge

By: Margaret Young, West Lothian, Scotland

Loved every minute - truly unique landscape - truly unique weather! glaciers awe-inspiring. Volcanos magnificent - realised there is still so much to do and see- think we will be going back soon - so easy to get to as well from Scotland.

Used KE many times - very happy with all our trips and your assistance so will continue to be loyal customers.

Canadian Summits Scrambler

By: Marjorie Gilks, Wirral, UK

I was very impressed by the two leaders. They both worked extremely hard to ensure that our holiday went well.

I thought the walking was spectacular - the views, the wildlife and the flora which we saw was truly lovely. I'll never forget the colour of the glacial lakes - ranging from sapphire thru' to emerald green.

Please pass my thanks to Guillaume and Katrin for their patience, care and enthusiasm - they were a pleasure to travel with.

Mount Khuiten - Mongolia

By: Dan Bodey and Dawn Robson, North Yorkshire, England

Tom Richardson (our trek leader) was a central figure to the success of the trip. He obviously knows the area and local staff very well and this was essential to the success of the trip. He moulded the group together exceptionally well and made the climbing very enjoyable and utterly safe for all. An excellent leader. We have done over ten KE trips between us and this was one of our best.

Tso Morari and Lungser Kangri

By: Gill Potter , Liverpool, UK

Matt was a great leader and kept us entertained throughout the trek. We were impressed that he took the time to go and establish our summit route with our Sidar and climbing Sherpas prior to our summit day making it possible for all but one of our group to summit. Full credit to Matt for getting so many of us to the top. Hardest trek/climb I have done to date but had a fantastic experience. Deserves it's demanding rating in the brochure. Thanks again to Matt and the crew.

Brazils Highest Waterfall Trek

By: Stephen Guthrie, Nottingham, UK

This has been a very enjoyable trip. Like all good adventures too short in duration. It would have been nice to have extended it by another week, having more time to look around on the tepui. This was a really well run trip and for me it is all what adventure travel is all about, out into the wilderness, living off fresh fish from the rivers, wild fruit from the trees, good drinking water, open camp fires every day for two weeks. This was my fourth time with hammocks and I still rate them as the most comfortable type of wilderness sleeping. The local crew that Wolfgang hired were all highly skilled and fully capable for this type of adventure. The service boat from Manaus to Barcelos a very good experience, the pre expedition site seeing tours also extremely enjoyable. There is still much to see on this tepui. Follow the river up from the waterfall up to the highest point around and climb it. I believe it is so far unclimbed. Perhaps two weeks addition for this, it would cost a lot more and probably involve having a third boat to bring extra supplies. I don't usually do write -ups, but I felt I had to in this instance; such was my enjoyment of the trip.

By: Mike Rooke, Isle of Wight

I had a great time. I loved it - not only the trek but our exposure to Siberian people, the Yakut horsemen and boatmen, the Ivenk reindeer herdsmen, the villages, everything. Brilliant!


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