Kamchatka - Land of Ice and Fire

Russia, Trek & Walk, 15 days - from $4,500 (land only)

Trek & Walk
Volcano trekking in Kamchatka the Land of Fire and IceVolcano trekking in Kamchatka the Land of Fire and Ice

A Seismic Adventure!

Climb no less than 4 volcanoes on this amazing 2-week Russian extravaganza: Gorely, Mutnovsky, Avachinsky and Plosky Tolbachik.

  • A volcano trekking holiday at the end of the earth
  • Explore Kamchata, one of the world`s last great wilderness areas
  • Superb views from Plosky Tolbachik
  • Fantastic wildlife spotting on the Kamchatka Peninsula
  • Trek to the top of 4 contrasting volcanoes

Twice as big as the UK and with a population of just half a million people, the Kamchatka peninsula is one of the world's most important wilderness areas. Its wealth of magnificent wildlife - wolf, bear and eagle - is matched only by the splendour of its volcanic landscape. As our introduction to this part of the world, we head south from Petropavlovsk to make ascents of Gorely (with its 11 craters) and nearby Mutnovsky. This is spectacular trekking amongst hot springs, geysers and lakes of boiling mud. Returning to Petropavlovsk, we have an excursion by boat on Avacha Bay (or optional helicopter ride) and then make an ascent of Avachinsky (2748m). Next, we head north to explore amongst the Klyuchevskaya chain of volcanoes, where (volcanic activity permitting) we will hike across pristine tundra and also make the tough ascent to the top of the active Plosky Tolbachik (3085m), where the views include the striking, conical Klyuchevskoy, the biggest active volcano in Asia. With outlandish scenery, as well as great cultural and historical interest, Kamchatka is a revelation.

Explore InternationalExplore International. This is one of our Explore International holidays. Participants on these trips can book through KE or through one of our international partners. This helps us to gather together sufficient numbers of like-minded adventurers to get your holiday up and running quickly. Led by English-speaking local guides, the cosmopolitan nature of these groups can be an important part of the experience!

Is this holiday for you?

During the course of this trip, there are 8 days of hiking across some of the wildest and most exciting terrain on the planet. On 6 of these days, we will be walking for between 5 and 8 hours, usually on paths and reasonably well-marked trails, but also on loose volcanic scree and open tundra. There are also 2 longer days, when we climb the volcanoes - Avachinsky and Plosky Tolbachik. Each of these climbs involves a considerable amount of ascent, on scree and on low angle snow or frozen ground and on both days we can expect to be out for at least 12 hours including stops. The moderately high altitudes reached during these climbs will have a slightly adverse effect on your performance. The trip also includes a couple of long days of overland travel.

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