Aconcagua Climb

Argentina, Climbing, 21 days - from $6,100 (land only)

Aconcagua, Highest Mountain in South AmericaAconcagua, Highest Mountain in South America

Your best chance of success!

Our enviable summit success rate on Aconcagua is down to our expert guides, excellent acclimatisation programme and up to 3 possible summit days.

  • Climb Latin America`s highest peak, Aconcagua
  • Aconcagua - One of the continental `7 Summits`
  • Extra acclimatisation and summit days for best chance of success
  • Assistance of local guides to carry group equipment to high camps
  • Climb via the Normal route for the best chance of summiting

Lying on the border between Chile and Argentina, Aconcagua (6962m), is the highest peak in the Southern Hemisphere, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere and is also the highest peak in the world outside of the Himalayas. It is not a technically demanding peak and given normal conditions the difficulties of the ascent are confined to those of trekking at extreme altitude. On account of both its height and the potentially straightforward nature of the ascent, Aconcagua is a very popular peak. KE Adventure Travel has been running treks and climbs throughout the South American continent for many years and during 1999 we added Aconcagua to our repertoire. We have successfully operated Aconcagua expeditions in every year since that first trip. Flying via Buenos Aires to Mendoza, capital of the beautiful wine growing Cuyo region, our approach to the mountain starts with a drive to Penitentes Village. It is from here, that we start the 2-day trek to the mountain's basecamp at Plaza de Mulas. When climbed via the Normal Route, Aconcagua is not technically difficult, but it is extremely demanding due to its altitude and on account of the potentially extreme weather conditions. We have allowed for an extra-long (when compared to the itineraries of some of our competitors) and carefully planned programme of acclimatisation, which includes as many as 3 days for summit attempts. Depending on the group size, 2 or 3 English-speaking professional Argentinean or Bolivian mountain guides will accompany the group. These highly experienced local guides have qualifications from the High Mountain and Trekking Guides School in Mendoza (EPGAMT) and/or from the Bolivian (AGMTB) and Argentinean (AAGM) Mountain Guides associations. Our groups are also assisted on the mountain by additional local guides, who help to carry the group's equipment between the basecamp at Plaza de Mulas and the highest camp on the mountain, the so called 'Berlin' Camp at 6000 metres. Our well-established set up and generous acclimatisation programme has helped KE achieve an excellent success rate on Aconcagua over the years.

Is this holiday for you?

The ascent of Aconcagua is generally considered to be a trek, rather than a climb and as such it is a very difficult holiday to grade. On the approach to the mountain we have several days of straightforward trekking above Penitentes Village and in the valley which leads to the basecamp at Plaza de Mulas. Above basecamp we will encounter mostly zig-zag trails across scree, as well as unstable boulder fields and easy-angled snow slopes. Although the gradient of the ascent is generally low, the extreme height of the peak and the variable weather conditions will provide a real challenge. As we go higher, our increasingly poor physical performance will exaggerate the apparent difficulties, and you will require determination as much as physical strength to reach the summit. We have taken care to allow lots of time for acclimatisation and we have built in extra days for summit attempts to allow for bad weather. This climbing holiday offers the best possible chance of reaching the summit of Aconcagua.

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