Oman - Arabian Sands Adventure

Oman, Trek & Walk, 9 days - from $2,100 (land only)

Trek & Walk
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  • An Oman desert walking holiday across `Thesiger`s` Arabian Sands
  • Bivouac in Oman`s spectacular Wahiba Sands
  • Trek across the sugar dunes of Khaluf
  • Visit the colourful ancient town of Nizwa
  • Tour the colourful Oman capital of Muscat

The Sultanate of Oman has long captured the imagination of desert lovers. Under the guidance of our Arabian hosts, this desert discovery follows ancient trails of nomadic tribes and desert explorers. Arriving into the colourful city of Muscat, we visit the lively souks and fish markets before joining the Mutrah Trail to enjoy panoramic views of Muscat's ancient port. Journeying south, we visit Wadi Shab and it's swimmer's cave before driving onwards to the Wahiba Sands, home to the Al-Wahiba Bedouin. Our well-paced desert exploration crosses unbroken dunes, some of them up to 100m high. When the sun is high we stop to enjoy the tranquillity of the desert environment before following ancient trading routes to our desert camps and enjoy hot sweet tea the Omani way! Continuing our desert tracks we arrive at the dazzling white sugar dunes of Khaluf which roll down to the Indian Ocean where we hope to encounter the local Bedu fishermen, trading their catch of the day. Leaving the magic of the desert, we head for the former, ancient capital, Nizwa and explore the old fort or if you so wish, barter with local silversmiths in the Souk. With its renowned Arabian hospitality and dramatic desert environments, Oman is a welcoming destination for the intrepid traveller.

Is this holiday for you?

This is a walking holiday graded within our GREEN level. We will be following desert trails, and rocky coastal paths. Our routes will take us into deep wadis and across the desert dunes. The duration of the walks are between 3 and 6 hours. They are carefully planned so we rest in the heat of the day. We will usually follow routes that have been used for generations by the local people - villagers, hunters and shepherds. The maximum amount of ascent on foot will be 250m at any time. The altitudes attained during this holiday are unlikely to cause problems in respect of acclimatisation. Oman is prohibitively hot for much of the year and we choose to visit when it is at its coolest. However, we are still likely to find day-time temperatures of between 25°C / 77°F and 32°C / 90°F, or even a little higher, therefore sun protection and adequate hydration are important considerations. Four-wheel drive support vehicles carry all our equipment from camp to camp but, as we only have a small local crew, we will be expected to help put up and take down tents at campsites.

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