Bhutan Thunder Dragon Ride

Bhutan & India, Bike - Semi Slick, 12 days - from $4,500 (land only)

Bike - Semi Slick

By: Fiona Grove, Cumbria

Fascinating trip, very different. You were fab and I appreciate your focus, travel 1sts. You are top!

By: Sara Pryce, Worcestershire, UK

What a fantastic country!Bhutan is indeed 'shangri la' - soaring mountain views, deep valleys, fertile lands and crystal clear air. The people are gentle and very obliging. We had such a wonderful cycling trip which was both challenging and rewarding and extremely well organised. It was a real adventure especially at the end when we had to cross the border into India at 3am!

Our Bhutanese guide, back up team, mess team who cooked us s ome delicious meals, and the boys who put the tents up were always cheerful and professional and only too pleased to help. Although it was a challenging trip, with some quite difficult road surfaces on occasion,it was all very do able. I wouldn't have missed it for the world and look forward to my next KE Adventure cycle holiday.

By: Michelle Milne, Machans Beach, Australia

Our support crew looked after us very very well. Uygen looked after us wonderfully. I can't speak highly enough of him. Nim Drugel has a wealth of cultural information and was a pleasure to have around.

The camps were surprisingly well set out. I particularly liked the toilet tent. The food was great and all the workers were friendly and all did their jobs well.

I enjoyed being able to ride when I wanted to and being able to sit in the support vehicle. I really enjoyed that time with the crew and learning about their culture. I would have like a bit of time for shopping and mixing with the locals.

By: Sally Atkinson, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland

I enjoyed the challenge, the talks about the country from Karma and the scenery was stunning. I would have loved to have had a little time to paint some landscapes there!

By: David Rowe, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

I have travelled with KE now on 5 trips. This was the best. Extremely well organised as ever. Close attention to avoiding health problems. Varied accommodation, adding to the cultural experience, with excellent group and excellent team leader and Bhutanese guide and drivers and camp teams. Our trip leader Chez, was outstanding. She was very professional (and had to put up with some awkward, challenging situations). She kept the group together on all levels. She made us all feel valued for our various contributions to the trip/team effort. Very friendly and approachable at all times.

By: Ian Bradford, Wilston, Australia

One suggestion I would make is that you review where your brochure says 90% tarmac and 10% dirt. While much of the route has some amount of bitumen, a material amount is not well maintained, covered in dirt, being dug up or only 1 foot wide. Maybe this was because we were there right after monsoon. I would be putting min 25% dirt so people can get a more realistic idea of surfact conditions. Pls note, this is not a criticism, I loved the rough stuff as I had a suitable bike, but two of our grou p, brought bikes that had no suspension. Just a thought. All the contact persons turned up on queue and the process was seemless. Clearly well organised and you have reliable people on the ground. Accom was better than I expected and we could see was the best you could do, given the options, so happy there. Uygen Tenzin was excellent! We appreciate that you put him in charge of our tour. He has a great balance between leading his team, imparting real world knowledge of his country and culture and keeping the customers moving forward as a group and making sure we had fun without overly restricting us. His assistant Nim Drugyal was also great and funny. On a scale of 1 - 10 I would rate the experience about a 15. We had such a great experience which we will remember forever. Everything went right and we couldn't be happier. I will definitely make KE my first port of call for next adventure without doubt and will be recommending you. Cant say enough good things really. Thanks again, Ian.

By: Paul Beven, England

The trip was initially advertised as "intermediate" - but was modified to "difficult" - which it was. It was advertised as slick or semi-slick - in fact large parts of the ride were over rubble/sand/mud/water/ice. There were multiple 30km+ climbs which are several hours long and somewhat tiring. It should be emphasised that temperatures at a campsite in the Himalayas 3300m above sea level are going to be minus 10.

By: Jill Jamioeson, New Zealand

AMAZING country, felt rather priveleged. The great group helped.Need more time to enjoy this great country, it would be nice to have a little look around Paro at least. My main issue would be to extend trip by at least one day to enjoy this country just a little more. It was a fab trip but right now I'm still completely knackered and do not want to see any of my 4 bikes for at least a week !!

By: Ruth Murdie, Cheshire, UK

Great leader - always smiling and enthusiastic. Excellent trip - didn't want it to end.

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