Brazils Highest Waterfall Trek

Brazil, Trek & Walk, 20 days - from $6,420 (land only)

Trek & Walk
Rainforest Hiking in Brazil - Photographer Neils KanneTrekking and Hiking in Brazil - Photographer: Neils Kanne

Real Amazonian Adventure

Trek through virgin rainforest to a recently discovered and as yet unamed waterfall; this holiday is an adventurer's dream!

  • The ultimate Amazon adventure trekking holiday in Brazil
  • Trek into the `Heart of Darkness`
  • Canoe down the Rio Negro and camp at river beach bivouacs
  • Stunning views of the Serra do Araca
  • `Explore More` - the finest adventure holidays on the planet

This is a trekking holiday in Brazil for those with a REAL sense of adventure; in a remote province of northern Brazil, close to the border with Venezuela and hidden amongst the headwaters of the Amazon, a monster has recently been discovered. Dropping 360 metres, sheer and uninterrupted, from the edge of a sandstone plateau in the Serra do Araca, this unnamed waterfall is the highest and most impressive in Brazil. Few people have seen this giant cascade and no more than a handful have made the trek through virgin rainforest to experience the magical view at the lip of the falls. Getting to the start of the trek is arguably the crux of this trip, however, as we travel from Manaus to Barcelos by riverboat and then use small motor boats for the continuation of the journey. For 4 days, we follow the Rio Negro and then ever smaller tributaries, setting up our bivouac each night on untrodden river beaches. If you are looking for a real adventure, you've just found


Explore International Explore International. This is one of our Explore International holidays. Participants on these holidays can book through KE or through one of our international partners. This helps us to gather together sufficient numbers of like-minded adventurers to get your holiday up and running quickly. Led by an English-speaking guide, the cosmopolitan nature of these groups can be an important part of the experience!

Is this holiday for you?

A real adventure holiday in the mould of the pioneering journeys of the 18th and 19th century explorers, this holiday/expedition will present difficulties not normally encountered on the more ordinary adventure holidays. Just reaching the start of our trek in Brazil is an adventure in itself as we make our way upstream navigating the labyrinthine tributaries of the Rio Negro. The trek itself involves some long days through untamed remote rainforest where hot and humid conditions can also make extra demands. The ascent of the tepui will require some easy scrambling where a head for heights is required. However, no technical skills or previous experience of this type of journey are required - just good physical condition, a sense of adventure and a sense of humour! The expedition will be led by a Brazilian rainforest expert assisted by local guides, and the group will be entirely self-sufficient, making bivouac camps each evening. Expedition members will take part in the tasks of building the camp, preparing and cooking meals etc.

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