Brazils Highest Waterfall Trek

Brazil, Trek & Walk, 20 days - from $6,420 (land only)

Trek & Walk

Holiday Itinerary

Day 1: Rendezvous at the group hotel in Manaus. A single, timed group transfer is provided. KE Land Only services begin with the overnight at the group hotel.

Day 2: We travel on the river again to visit the fascinating rubber museum which is a recreation of a rubber plantation in the early 20th century. The afternoon is free and in the early evening we board the boat and check into our cabins for the trip to Barcelos. Overnight on the boat.

Day 3: We continue the river journey, spending the whole day on the boat. Small islands with sandy beaches and green reeds line the way, and maybe we'll see our first river dolphin. We overnight one more night on the boat.

Day 4: In the early morning we reach Barcelos. After a good breakfast the next stage of our adventure begins. We switch to smaller boats and begin our expedition up the Rio Negro. We will make our first camp on the riverbank sleeping in slung hammocks.

Day 5: Our journey today takes us from Rio 'A' to the smaller Rio 'B' and to another camp on the banks surrounded by jungle.

Day 6: The river becomes smaller and shallower and as we enter the 'Green Channel' there may be trees and other obstacles which require us to get out and haul. Camp on the riverbank.

Day 7: We have another stretch of the 'Green Channel' to negotiate this morning entailing more hauling. Finally though we reach the end of the river journey and the start point for our trek. Camp.

Day 8: We begin trekking through the rainforest, first on fairly terrain and then making a gradual ascent. We camp next to a small river. Approx 5 to 6hrs walking.

Day 9: After 2 hours trekking we reach the foot of a steep wall. A further 1.5 hrs of climbing using hands and feet on this green wall brings us to the edge of the table mountain (tepui) and we can enjoy an incredible view. After a further 2 hrs of walking we finally reach a 400m deep gorge, and on the other side we can see our first waterfall. We build up our camp on rock tonight. 4 to 6hrs walking.

Day 10: After breakfast we set off and in just 2 hours we reach the edge of the gorge and the highest waterfall in Brazil, which plummets over the edge directly below our feet - a fantastic sight. We camp right beside the waterfall.

Day 11: A free day to enjoy the falls and to explore the tepui. Camp

Day 12: We visit various points of interest in the gorge. Then we make the 2 hour walk back to our first camp on the tepui. Approx 2 to 3hrs walking.

Day 13: A long day beginning with the descent of the green wall. Once down in the rain forest we have a full day's hike to reach our boats. Camp. Descent 800m, approx 7 to 8hrs walking.

Day 14: Back on the river, we make the awkward navigation of the 'Green Channel', once more making camp on the riverbank before dusk.

Day 15: This is a contingency day against difficulties and delays to our journey up to this point.

Day 16: Once we are through the Green Channel, navigation becomes a little easier following first the Rio 'B; and then the Rio 'A'. Overnight in our hammocks once again on the riverbank.

Day 17: We reach Barcelos today. In the evening we go down to the port and board the boat back to Manaus. We stay in simple twin berth cabins for the journey.

Day 18: We spend the day on the boat and arrive in the evening in Manaus. We check into our comfortable hotel and enjoy hot showers and cold beer.

Day 19: Free day in Manaus. In the evening we will enjoy a farewell meal.

Day 20: KE Land Only services end after breakfast. A single timed airport transfer is provided.

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