The Salt Plains and Volcanoes of Bolivia

Bolivia, Trek & Walk, 14 days - from $2,795 (land only)

Trek & Walk

By: Lesley Westgate, Taunton, Somerset, UK

Most enjoyed - Getting to the top of Acotango. Also the climb to the Red Viewpoint (wish I could say the same for the descent!). Juan's attempts to turn us into climbers on a (very small) rockface near the campsite. Seeing the Llamas and eating "the lazy ones". being brave enough to eat guinea pig on the last night. Swimming in the thermal pool. Getting almost close enough to photograph the flamingoes. Sitting on top of the boat on Lake Titicaca.

By: Frankie McAllister, London

Juan was great and made every possible effort to tell us everything about Bolivia and make sure that nothing he could possibly show us was overlooked, its history, geography, geoloogy, social customs and current politics. He was also a good natured and genial host.

The fantastic scenery was the biggest thing for me and the opportunity to photograph some of the most fabulous landcapes you're likely to see anywhere.

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