Trekking the craters of Mount Cameroon

Cameroon, Trek & Walk, 9 days - from $2,440 (land only)

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Trekking holiday in CameroonMount Cameroon trekking holiday

  • Experience `Africa in miniature` - Cameroon the land of contrasts
  • Fantastic walking holiday, off the beaten track in Africa
  • 4-day ascent of Mount Cameroon, the highest peak in West Africa
  • Meet the amazing Bamileke tribe of Western Cameroon
  • Hike among the crater lakes of Cameroon`s Manengouba Mountains

With its immense geological and cultural diversity, Cameroon is often considered to be Africa in miniature. Cameroon`s natural features include beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and savannas while its culture embraces ancient tribal kingdoms, forest-dwelling pygmies and Muslim pastoralists. Mount Cameroon, an active volcano, is the highest peak in West Africa rising almost out of the sea to a height of 4095 metres. This unique African trekking holiday aims to climb Mount Cameroon as well as explore some of the best areas of this scenically diverse country. Starting from the town of Buea at the foot of Mount Cameroon, we trek from tropical forest to the world of craters and steaming fumaroles of Mount Cameroon`s summit plateau. To ensure good acclimatisation we will spend a day  hiking on the plateau, exploring this other-worldly landscape prior to our ascent. Following the climb of the mountain we return to Buea and then enjoy three days exploring the Western Cameroon province of Upper Nkam meeting the fascinating Bamileke tribe.  Here, we hike in the Manengouba Mountains, famous for their two crater lakes before returning to the capital, Douala. This superb trekking holiday in an exciting new adventure travel destination will surely appeal to those looking for ‘the road less travelled'.

Explore More This holiday is one of our ‘Explore More' range of outstanding adventure holidays which we are running in conjunction with our friends at Allibert  (France's leading adventure travel operator). The trips we have chosen for this range are undoubtedly some of the finest adventures on the planet. They are also ‘specialist' and will appeal to those who have ‘been there, done that' in many parts of the world and are now looking for something new. The cosmopolitan nature of the groups will be an important part of the Explore More experience!

Is this holiday for you?

On this walking holiday you will encounter a variety of underfoot conditions from good trails through the tropical forest which are the main roads between villages, to open slopes of savannah grassland and steeper slopes of volcanic ash and scree. The climb of Mount Cameroon at just over 4000 metres will provide a challenge to even regular hill walkers. The holiday combines this ascent with easier hiking in the Manengouba Mountains. This walking holiday is suitable for regular hill-walkers or anyone with a good level of fitness. Clients should note that Cameroon is not a major tourist destination and as such the infrastructure catering for visitors is not sophisticated or as well developed as in other more popular parts of Africa. There is no established 'trekking' culture like in Nepal or East Africa, and this is reflected in the service levels where we are working with the local crews to help them learn more about client care. For the intrepid traveller, Cameroon is an unspoiled and little-visited destination where you are assured of real adventure! This spirit of adventure, coupled with the warm hospitality of the local people, will be part of the appeal of any visit to Cameroon.

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