Totally Tropical Trekking in Dominica

Dominica, Trek & Walk, 10 days - from $2,795 (land only)

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Trekking in DominicaWalking holiday in Dominica

All meals included

This unique holiday along the Waitukubuli Trail, includes ALL meals AND 2 days of excursions off the trail!

  • Walk the best sections of the newly opened Waitukubuli Trail
  • Caribbean island walking holiday in the Lesser Antilles
  • Trek through dramatic gorges and dense virgin rainforest
  • Experience unique Caribbean culture including a cooking lesson
  • Be among the first to walk the remote paradise island of Dominica

Known as the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean', the sparsely populated, emerald green island of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Lesser Antilles; during this walking holiday on the Waitikabuli National Trail we will explore its empty beaches, lush indigenous forests and towering mountains, whilst also taking time to soak up some unadulterated Caribbean culture with two days of sightseeing and a traditional cookery class! Weaving its way up the island from south to north, the 115 mile Waitikabuli National Trail (Waitikabuli is the name given to the island by the indeginous Carib Indians) is a new long distance walking route designed to exhibit Dominica at its very best. By hand picking the best sections of the trail we're able to explore the most spectacular natural features on this varied island and enjoy the most stunning scenery in 6 fantastic days of walking. Our route leads us not only along Dominica's coastal cliffs, but through the dramatic gorges, waterfalls, sulphur springs and steaming rainforests of its mountainous interior. During the trek our accommodation will be simple family run guesthouses and traditional homestays bursting with Caribbean character, meeting with the friendly locals is all part of the experience. This is an exciting new adventure and a most remarkable destination!

Is this holiday for you?

The Waitikabuli Trail is broken into 14 different walking segments of varying lengths; we have hand picked the best for this trekking holiday, sometimes walking two shorter segments in one day. For this reason our 6 walking days vary in length, difficulty and terrain. You will need to ensure you are physically prepared for the trek, you should be comfortable with walking for 5 or 6 hours each day, in humid conditions, with the occasional longer day of up to 8hrs. The trail leads us through sections of virgin rainforest with log bridges and stepping stones. In the rainforest it is likely that the trail will be muddy underfoot and you will experience high temperatures and humidity at certain times of year, but we'll also be walking through open grassland an owing to the effect of the overhead sun, wide brimmed hats are essential. The trek is fully supported with all luggage transferred between our accommodations and you will only be required to walk with a day pack each day. Accommodation is in simple friendly guesthouses, small hotels and basic homestays.

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