Jordan Mountain Biking - Dead 2 Red

Jordan, Bike - Semi Slick, 9 days - from $1,700 (land only)

Bike - Semi Slick
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Marshmallows & Madaba - Mountain Biking Jordan
Vanessa Douglas,
posted 5th January '15
"I never felt out of my depth as all the riding really was straightforward, Well with a bit of instruction and determination needed for the deser
Jordan Dead-2-Red Training
Mark of Loxley,
posted 16th November '12
Well there are not many weekends left to get some training in, but so far have managed to get out every weekend but 1 for the past 6 weeks. Somedays h
Jordan - Cycling through the desert by Lara Dunn
KE Adventure Travel,
posted 5th November '12
My wheels aren’t the only thing digging deep as they sink into the soft ochre sand with every pedal revolution. This penultimate leg of my seven
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