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By: Marlene Nowick, Valemount, Canada

Mohamed did a great job of leader in a respects - from the day-to-day logistics of operating a trek to the care of the group and support staff. Everything seemed to run smoothly and service impeccable . Mohamed was super good with the kids, playful and eager to amuse them and always present to converse with the adults.

Our four-person trekking crew worked together in performing their own duties and helping each other to get the job done as well as being friendly with the clients and the children.

I felt the length of the 5-day trek and the length of each walking day perfect for the age group. Walking was nicely broken up with plenty of playtime in th e water to keep the kids cool and delighted.

By: Rachel Pearson, Cumbria, UK

The week was an experience that myself and my two sons will remember forever. We met some truly wonderful people and had experiences that we would never have had outside of a KE holiday. The local moroccan people are lovely and we really enjoyed living in a musilm country for the eight days. I'm glad the trek went wrong because the experiences we had as a result of the rain were awesome. (But we were really enjoying the trekking and camping too.) Hamid ensured that despite the rain, we had fun.I enjoyed the mix between camping and hotels: the friendliness and company of Hamid and his team: the country with its ethos and beauty: Marrakech,the guided tour and the extra day to explore by ourselves: the beautiful beaches and long walks: the camels: the music and dancing by Hamid and his team to cheer us up in the rain: the ease by which KE made a Moroccan adventure possible and safe.I expected it to be good, but it was outstanding. we lived through experiences that we will remember forever. THANKYOU

I felt completely supported by all the correspondence and the telephone calls before the holiday. The pre-trip information was extremely accurate and very useful. I can't give enough praise for Hamid and his team. They were brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! The rain changed the programme but Hamid and his team made it the best week ever!!

By: Susan Ince, West Yorkshire, UK

We most enjoyed the unspoilt coastal scenery, trekking with camels, white-water rafting (add-on) and the company of other families and children of similar ages to our son. The walking was a little longer than expected and the facilities a bit more basic than anticipated. Hamid (our guide) was fantastic with the children. He engaged with them and seemed to genuinely enjoy being with them.

By: Ian Tinsley, Warminster, UK

Mohammed Idali was the 'star of the show' and turned a good holiday into an excellent one. His manner throughout was exceptional; he was always very informative and gauged our group very well. He was excellent with our children (who thought he was 'so cool') and nothing was ever too much trouble for him.

Well organised and led. The scenery was outstanding with the option to swim every day in the sea at the end of a hot day's walking. The camels gave the trip an 'exotic' flavour. The in-country team were all first class. The Essouira day is a good cap to the walking part. Seeing the culture for the children (including some of the less attractive bits) was a great education for them.

By: Ildiko Pleesz, Budapest, Hungary

Our leader, Mohamed Idali was absolutely fantastic. He was always happy, very friendly and entertaining, ready to answer all our questions and joking and laughing with us, our children, and the crew. I think he did much more to make sure that everybody was happy, than his job requires, he was the most excellent host. We do miss seeing his kind and happy face already.

We really enjoyed this holiday, we loved the company of our fellow travellers and the trek crew, actually I would be happy to go back tomorrow and do it all over again, if I could. Excellent.

My children, Rachel 12 and Hanna 11, loved the trip so much, that the were actually quite sad to be coming home. They had a lot of fun, loved riding the camels, loved the camping, and of course Mohamed.

By: Danielle Cornelius, London

Brahim, our guide, was amazing, he rolled with all the punches and was always making the needs and safety of the children his priority, and of course the adults too. We felt 100 percent safe with Brahim and would not hesitate to recommend him to others. This was a great adventure for all of us.

By: Nicola Carr, Hampshire, UK

We enjoyed most the lunch at the Berber house, the Marrakech guided tour and the remote beaches. We had a brilliant time with a super crew who really looked after us.

By: Steve Carr, Warrington, UK

Being on the coast was the best for us. William enjoyed riding a camel at every opportunity and our daughter Elizabeth enjoyed the souks in Marrakech once she got the feel for it. Seeing Marrakech and Essouira 20 years after I last went there was most interesting as well.

By: Chris Pickhaver, England

We found KE extremely helpful and easy to deal with. We loved every aspect of the holiday and don't have a single complaint. Hamid was an exceptional leader. He was courteous, kind, lovely to our children and very respectful towards his whole crew, who were all incredibly hard-working and sociable. We felt that everyone tried their very best to make our holiday a truly memorable experience. We were very sad to say goodbye to our new friends. This was a very special family holiday. We have treasure memories of our time in Morocco and we would certainly consider booking another holiday with KE in the future Most Enjoyed the company of our crew and leader, the wonderful food, the sense of adventure and the incredible scenery.

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