Family Holiday Sicily - Volcanic Islands Explorer

Italy, Family, 8 days - from $1,350 (land only)


By: John Gilchrist, Glasgow, UK

This trip was better than our expectations; beautiful islands and amazing to walk the volcanoes. There was a good combination of walks and time to relax/swim and see sites. Most enjoyed: Seeing Stromboli erupt in the dark was absolutely spectacular.

By: Judith Chung, Surrey, UK

The holiday was very interesting and our guide was friendly and most informative. However the itinerary did not take account of the weather in Sicily in August. Our guide rescheduled one of the walks from day to evening- by day we'd all have got heat stroke had we attempted it. I most enjoyed the trip to Stromboli - definitely best to get the evening boat and view the eruptions from the sea at night. We didn't realise there were so many different types of volcano

By: Mary Chubb, Hampshire, UK

Outstanding. Luca was absolutely brilliant. You could tell he was a teacher in his other life because he enthused the children on the topic of volcanoes to the point where, on day 2, I was being lectured by my 10 year old on the chemical composition of obsidian. He was gentle and kind wth the kids, and helpful and friendly with the adults. If you could guarantee to me that every KE leader is as good as Luca, we would definitely travel with you again. I most enjoyed the leader, the scenery and the learning opportunity for the kids - probably the best ever Geopgraphy Field trip! I was prepared to be underwelmed by the volcanoes but the variety and interest greatly exceeded expectations.

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