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By: Roy London, Bromley, UK

Excellent staff. Welber, Matt and Ricardo really did a super job in ensuring that the holiday ran smoothly. From the choice of restaurants to the care of individuals within the group. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

Most enjoyed - The hard walking, fantastic scenery and glimpses of every day life in Guatemala. A very good and well thought out itinerary. Excellent food and variety of restaurants for our meals.

By: Maureen O'Sullivan, Dublin, Ireland

Superb holiday - sorry it had to come to an end, but I loved Guatemala and all I experienced there andn it exceeded my expectations. This was a fantastic, absolutely fantastic holiday - gorgeous scenery, lovely people, great leaders and good varied food, beautiful climate and excellent vistas. the pace was pretty quick and, in retrospect, a bit more down-time in Antigua and at lake Atitlan would have been lovely, but there was a lot of trekking to complete and we did it all, which was also great! The team of four Juan, Oscar, Lisa and Nico were a lovely group - very easy-going and yet on the ball in terms of keeping the show rolling smoothly. Despite the earthquake while we were there, we didn't have to cancel any aspect of the trip and this undoubtedly because the folks, especially Juan were able to rearrange things with many behind the scenes efforts. the bus drivers were excellent and skillfully got us from A to B without fail even across some challenging terrain.

Need more emphasis on recommmended warm gear to bring - this should be on the essential list - I was cold in my tent at night and this need not have been the case - the extremes in temperature should be emphasised - probably 30oC variation from noon heat to night-time lows. This would have helped in planning the packing.

By: Andy Hunt, Penistone, UK

Juan (the guide) was a very good leader. Excellent English and knowledgeable about Guatemala. I found the volcanoes actually more awesome than I was expecting. Looking down on Volcan Santiaguito erupting is quite a humbling exerience. I saw the best ever sunrise and cloud inversion from the campsite on Volcan.

By: Colin Wigston, Edinburgh, UK

The trek leader Juan is a great guy, full of energy and great with people skills. The other guides were of a similar calibre.

By: Roslyn van de Wal, Canada

One of the best holidays ever and it was truly due alot to the planning, organization and playing out of everything. It was fun, a perfect pace, great variety of food and places to eat, (and nutritional), exposure to some culture, adventure, relaxation, friendships, etc etc. Thank you.

By: Andrew Schell, Calgary, Canada

Active volcanos! Absolutely spectacular. Beautiful geography. An admittedly challenging country with haphazardly developed infrastructure, a bit off the beaten "tourist track". Despite diverse backgrounds, the trekking group was very well matched in terms of fitness level.

By: Jill Eaton-Evans, February 2010, Pembrokeshire

I enjoyed this holiday. It was strenuous at times and then there were lovely idle times like the morning at Lake Atilan. The group was good fun and always about doing things.

By: Tara Downton, Cambridge, UK

This is my BEST group holiday ever. I was fit and healthy, in an amazing country, great scenery, great people and the group was very good also. 2 Everest summiters - wow!

My most enjoyed moment was kayaking across Lake Atitlan surrounded by the volcanoes. I felt so small and in complete awe of the scenery. Also the summits of the volcanoes gave fantastic views of the surrounding land.

The hotels were really good, apart from the Hotel on Lake Atitlan - which was exceptional. I love love loved it. Thank you. The itinerary was superb, kept me busy, I don't like to hang about and get bored, that is a different holiday!

The local Agent was fantastic - great attention to detail - and the local leader, Nico, was superb, such a lovely, relaxed manner, even pointed out the best bars for us in the evenings - an absolute star.

By: Tina Papadopoulou, London, UK

I wanted the challenge of a strenuous trek and felt this trip offered a good balance between seeing Guatemalan cities and physical exertion. I felt this trip fully met my expectations. I enjoyed the relaxed but highly informative, considerate and professional experience provided by the local agent. We had sufficient free time to explore local towns and I liked the varied restaurants visited. The hotels chosen throughout the trip exceeded my expectations in relation to the overall standards in towns visited.

Very impressed with the guide Nico's effortless enthusiasm and evident love for the country. Throughout the trip he maintained firm control over the organizational aspects and relayed sufficiently detailed information that helped me prepare ahead of and during each challenge (the level of detail provided was ideal for me). At the same time he was relaxed, approachable, extremely patient and responsive to all our requests/demands. A very professional, tireless and natural trip leader.

One aspect that differed from my expectations was that it was much colder than I expected at the camp sites.

By: Phillip Woodhouse, Darlington, UK

Trip was excellent. Good range of different experiences. The volcanoes were superb. The food was awesome. Excellent group which bonded well. Food was excellent especially the guatemalan cuisine. Guides were good and very informative. Good paced trip with a lot of variety. It exceeded my expectations. One of my favourite trips.

By: Cate Alexander, Loughborough, UK

The volcanoes were awesome. The trip was busy, but well balanced. It was nice to have three key bases staying at the same hotel - so you time to breath and repack. The guides really looked after me.

Ricardo was an excellent leader and Matt and Mario were great support. They worked really well together.

By: Albert Donatio, New Hampshire, USA

Pre trip my questions were answered in a timely manner and I was kept up to date on when the trip was guaranteed. Additional information on Tikal extension was provided in a timely manner also.

Hotel San Jorge in Antigua was a nice quaint hotel with friendly staff and GREAT coffee. For coffee lovers, Guatemala is the place to visit. The hotel on Lake Atitlan was a dream and great way to end the vacation after summiting the volcanoes. Food was delicious both in the restaurants and hotels. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Support crew worked extremely hard; I felt like they all went the extra mile with each and every one of us. They constantly checked in with all of us, shared their culture and history with us and were extremely friendly. No complaints at all, only the highest of compliments.

The itinerary was perfect; you guys are the best. Keep it up.

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