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By: Chris Hilstead, London, UK

Given that tourism is in it's infancy in El Salvador, the hotels were very good. I didn't expect the country to be as beautiful and the walks to be as good. Only one night is necessary at Miramundo though and there are maybe better options near Cerro Verde National Park. It was great to have a couple of days at the beach at the end. Joaquim was excellent - very good English, energetic, always smiling and joking. I think the whole group liked him. The only niggle I was aware of was on the first climb where the pace was too quick. We learned to take the durations of drives with a pinch of salt - if we were told it would be 2 hours, this normally meant 4.

There were a few differences between the trip notes and the actual itinerary. Some of these were unavoidable (e.g. on some walks we could only go when the police wanted to go). There were also cases where we had to stay in hotels out of town rather than in town. The first few nights were also colder than expected.

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