Humla and Limi Circuit Trek

Nepal, Trek & Walk, 21 days - from $4,340 (land only)

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Holiday Itinerary

Day 1: Rendezvous at the group hotel in Kathmandu. Complimentary airport transfers are provided. KE Land Only package services begin with the evening meal.

Day 2: A free day in Kathmandu while the permit arrangements are made by our agent. There is the option for a guided tour of some of the city's most important sights.

Day 3: Today, we take a short flight along the south side of the Nepal Himalaya, with great views of the Annapurnas in particular. Arriving in Nepalgunj, a town in the 'Terrai' on the border with India, we check in at our basic hotel.

Day 4: We return to the airport to take our morning charter up into the Himalayan foothills. After a spectacular flight we land at Simikot, and set off on trek. After a short climb we spend most of the day going downhill and we camp after approximately 4 hours trekking, at Masigaon (2600m) or a little further down at Dharapori (2580m)

Day 5: A delightful day's trekking through terraces of millet and barley and several Bhotia villages. We have a number of climbs and descents as we progress along the gorge of the Kanali river passing spectacular waterfalls, to reach our next camp at Kermi. (2900m). 6 -7 hours.

Day 6: We continue trekking through the Karnali Valley with views towards Saipal. We pass more villages today before a final climb to Yangur where there is an important monastery. 4 - 5 hours.

Day 7: After trekking to the nearby village of Yalbang we descend to the river and reach Muchu which is the effective border control for the Nepalese. We then continue to our camp at Thumkot. 6 - 7 hours.

Day 8: Continuing our trek through the valley of the Karnali, we are likely to pass caravans of goats transporting salt from Tibet, an age old trade. We camp at a pasture above the village of Yari at Thado Dunga (3900m).

Day 9: A longer and tougher day, as we hike up to the prayer flags at the Nara La (4620m). From the pass it's a long descent to Hilsa, close to the border with Tibet, where we camp.

Day 10: We now cross the Karnali and follow the river in the other direction, heading for the entrance to the Limi Valley. Following a scant trail through a bare rock landscape we reach the camping place at Manepeme.

Day 11: On a rocky trail, we ascend to the Lamka La and then descend easily to a camping place below the white houses of the authentic 'Tibetan' village of Til (4000m). Chortens mark the trail on our approach to the village.

Day 12: An easy day allows us time to wander around in the villages and visit the monasteries. We pass a big mani wall on the short and level hike to Halji. The monastery here belongs to the Kagyugpa Buddhist sect and is the main gompa in the Limi Valley.

Day 13: It's an easy 4-hour walk from Halji to Jang, following the Limi Khola. Jang is the third and last village in the Limi Valley and, as with the other villages, it's a magical place to be. We camp close to the village.

Day 14: Setting out into a desolate landscape at the head of the valley, we make our way across a succession of high grazing grounds to the camping place at Talung (4370m) below the Nyalu La.

Day 15: Today, we cross the second high pass of the trip, the Nyalu La (4940m) which is more challenging if there is snow and ice. From the pass there are breathtaking 360 degrees views across Humla and Tibet. We descend via a mountain lake to the campsite at Shinjungma.

Day 16: Descending below 3000 metres for the first time in 10 days, we have a pleasant walk, through pine and birch forests and alongside the beautiful Salli Khola, to Kermi. A chance to relax your tired muscles in the hot springs.

Day 17: We trek steadily downhill following the fall of the Karnali River. At the Yakba Khola we begin the long climb back towards Simikot, today going as far as Masigoan.

Day 18: The final day's walk to Simikot begins with a climb to the pass above the airstip then a descent to the town. Our last night camping.

Day 19: We take the early flight to Nepalgunj and connect with an onward flight to Kathmandu. We check in at our hotel and look forward to a celebratory evening meal in the city.

Day 20: A free day in Kathmandu (also serves as a contingency day). Time for independent exploration of the fantastically colourful Nepalese capital.

Day 21: KE Land Only package services end with breakfast. Complimentary airport transfers are provided.


This holiday involves going to very high altitude. During the course of your trip you will be spending at least one night above 4000 metres and/or trekking to 5000 metres or above. This is not something that you should worry about; the human body is quite capable of adapting to a very wide range of altitudes, but it is important that we follow some simple rules in order to acclimatise successfully. Before coming on this holiday you should read the advice on trekking at high altitude.

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