Iceland - Trek the Land of Extremes

Iceland, Trek & Walk, 8 days - from $2,100 (land only)

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By: Jon Lieb, California

Excellent price for Iceland which is usually expensive. Most enjoyed: Variety of scenery and hiking terrain. Not a single piece of trash anywhere on the trails. The hot springs at the first camp were awesome.

By: Sheila Stanger, Northumberland, UK

Most enjoyed - The paths the geology and the scenery. The challange at the end walking thru the snow between the glaciers and then alongside the waterfalls.

A friend recommended KE in 2004. I know that you do your best to look after and care for the clients needs.

By: Mike Darlington, Buckinghamshire

Much more snow than I expected which was good as I love snow. Good extremes of different types of countryside. Very remote. Great but long day to finish with many amazing waterfalls. I enjoyed the trekking, the company, the waterfalls, learning to put up a tent and then having to put up your own tent every day, trying new foods and the views were much better than I expected.

By: Sue & Alan Tyldesley, Lancashire, UK

Christian was an excellent leader. He encouraged all the group to get there and was good at finding extras and unexpected things to see. We really enjoyed the trip. The unexpectedly fabulous weather helped but the route, the organisation and the attitude of the whole group made for a wonderful holiday.

By: Jan Gomulski, Lancashire, UK

I was very pleased to discover that Iceland was even more beautiful than I had ever imagined. I really enoyed the different types of landscape, as well as the company of the group as a whole.

By: Sally Trebor, Edinburgh, Scotland

Wow - what a country. I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the volcanic landscapes with views over the immense glaciers. I also decided to visit the Blue Lagoon enroute to the Airport, which was deliciously warm and a very bizarre experience! Altogether a terrific week away to a country I've always wanted to visit.

By: Stanley Tomasiak, USA

Our trip leader and support staff were a +20 on a scale of 1 - 10. They were great.This was my second trip with KE Adventure. It won't be my last.

By: John Ansell, Colwyn Bay

Iceland is a great country and the route we took was fascinating. I learnt some great local storys and the landscape changed everyday. The guides where great and the whole group got on great. I would definitely go again. The trip exceeded my expectations because the guides were willing to add more to the routes for those who wanted.

By: Claudia Graml, Bavaria

For a trekking trip this was in my opinion very luxurous. Nearly every day the possibility to take a shower and so on..

I most enjoyed the nature the local food and the trekking itself. The trip was a very nice experience; I would again chose KE adventures. Thank you very much.

By: Dan Foye, USA

Fun trip. I'll probably book a lot of other KE trips in the future. Kristian the guide is a nice guy, does a great job, plus he cooks well. I think that there should be someone to handle the cooking and cleaning so the trip leader and the folks on the trip don't get roped into doing stuff while on vacation.

I enjoyed the surprisingly good weather, nice people on the trip. Good scenery, I particularly liked the last days walk past a bunch of waterfalls. The hike was way easier than I thought, I think I could have done that walk very easily in three days as opposed to much slower pace we did particularly without the sun going down and the well maintained trails, but that gave me plenty of time to take photos. Also the weather was much warmer than i expected, but apparently that was unusual.

By: Karen Garvie, Leeds, UK

Christian was an excellent chef that catered for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Looked after the whole group, checked on welfare and tended to minor injuries. Christian was a highly knowledgeable, experienced and energetic guide. This is a walk to recommend to lovers of varied and remarkable scenery- most of the group were widely travelled and the breathtaking, dramatic and weird scenery delighted all.

Scenery changed every time a corner was turned or brow of hill reached. Time to stop and take photos, food was nourishing, plentiful and delicious with opportunities to taste Icelandic dishes such as arctic char.

By: David Rollinson, Stonesfield, UK

Really good holiday. Great itinerary, a good mix of scenery made me feel like I'd seen a lot. A highlight was sitting on a still-warm volcano! Putting up tents in high winds was quite an experience and added to the sense of adventure. I really enjoyed the remoteness of Iceland and the feeling of being a long way from big cities. A big revelation for me was how nature recovers after being smothered with lava; first lichen then moss and finally soil. Very interesting to see the various stages of this.

Sitting on a warm volcano, crossing an icy cold river, fresh air (apart from the dust storm!), beautiful scenery.

Christian was one of the best trip leaders I've had. Just the right mix of humour, local knowledge and practical advice. Really nice guy. I appreciated the yoga tips for my sore neck too!

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