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By: Gabrielle Waugh, Cumbria, UK

The trip was better than I expected, due to our guide. The days before the Inca trail started were excellent, good camp sites,spectacular views, and seeing local people going about their daily work. I most enjoyed the first few days before we joined the Trail, only having a small group - we all got on well, food was yummy and Machu Picchu - took your breath away.

By: John Cook, Staffordshire,UK

In 2011 I went on the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. The Inca Trail and Beyond Trek I found to be an even better experience. Up to the part where you enter the Machu Picchu park, the trek is over rugged landscape with incredible views. Trekking was more challenging than the Annapurna Sanctuary trip, trails in the park were stepped but often steep (Peruvian Flat!).

The food was better on my previous trek but this did not spoil the overall enjoyment.

Initially it seemed the part of the trek where we were not actually trekking seemed excessive but on reflection, it was useful to avoid altitude problems. And who could not enjoy the Fashion Show on the train to Cusco from Machu Picchu, train travel in the UK will never be the same! A fantastic experience that we will not forget! The KE staff were very helpful in planning the trip, the Amazon Rainforest extension and my additional flights

By: Jerri-Ann Meyer, California, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, trekking, local culture and ruins. I found the beyond trek to be so well worth it as it gave me insight into the local culture and the chance to view areas off the beaten track.

By: Stephen Mee, Loughborough, UK

What did it for me was the amazing scenery, ability of crew to set up camp and produce such good food, Macchu Picchu to Ollantaytambo train ride and the friendly Peruvians, in fact, almost everything!

By: Hugh Jones, Bury, Gt Manchester

High praise for the catering. Not one dodgy tummy and consistently high quality tuck. "Chema" is a complex character and can appear quite dark and moody but these are minor quibbles. His knowledge is breathtaking, matched only by his passion for the mountains. He is also a master tactician and brilliantly avoided all crowds on the final days on the Inca Trail, while both walking and sleeping. His English is superb by the way. I most enjoyed the 'beyond' bit of the trek...

By: Joy Buckle, Leeds, UK

Our trip guide was wonderful. Very knowledgable about every aspect of his country, passionate about sharing his knowledge and a very good leader. As the slowest member of the group he made me feel comfortable with my own pace going up the mountains, so that I didn't feel guilty of holding everyone back. I've got a feeling our beach holidays may now be a thing of the past!

By: Jeanne Erdahl, Washington, USA

The knowledge of the guide was outstanding and the support crew were wonderful.

By: David Swain, Hampshire, UK

The trip was pretty well faultless throughout. The food on trek was excellent, in fact remarkable considering the remoteness of the early part of the trek. By the time the trek was over we had eaten a wide variety of classic local dishes. I have trekked in most high places in the world and this was one of the best. Machu Pichu is an unforgettable experience but for me the best part of the trip was the trek before joining the Machu Pichu trail especially the camp before the Ancascocha pass. A truly beautiful camp site.

By: Philip Bartlett, Somerset, UK

Would just like to thank everyone involved, great overall commitment and understanding from the whole company, quick replies to any problems and efficient organisation throughout.

By: Elizabeth Snow, North Yorkshire, UK

Our extension to Lake Titicaca was very good, the Orient Express train relaxing and the stay on Taquile island particularly interesting. George gave us a very interesting detailed insight into the way of life on the island. The people very wonderful and everyone did their best for us. George ensured that everything went well and stayed at the airport to make sure we got through okay. He checked on the flight times, which had been changed again, and so ensured everything went according to plan.

By: Janet Donbavand, Twickenham

I most enjoyed the sun actually shining when we reached the Sun gate at Machu Picchu. Cusco was a brilliant city with something going on all the time.

By: Robert Gardner, Johnstone, Scotland

A very good trek, I've done a good number of different ones now and would say this was amoungst the best. The group was a fit bunch and we all had a sense of humour which was similiar including the leader and this helped greatly. Going through the Sun gate from rainy to all sun as we stepped through was fantastic... what holidays are made of.

By: Michelle Haigh, Cumbria, UK

On our 7 day trek, the food was unbelievable. Here we are at 4200m, and the chef, Juan, in his chef whites, cooking us a three course meal. Not any one day did we have the same meal. For me, the food was excellent, varied, nutritional, but too much.

Our guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about the trek and the environment of which we were in.

This was my first trek, and already I am looking for my next one. I had an incredible time, and considering my normal holidays are spent on a beach somewhere exotic, not once did I complain or ail anything.

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