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By: Edwina Lovell, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ahmet was a great leader who provided a wealth of info on his country and was cheerful and supportive throughout. Excellent food with generous quantities and fresh ingredients. Support crew was unobtrusive but most effective. Trip itinerary was the best with adequate rest stops and a placid donkey to set the pace.

I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and tested my capacity to hike at 3000 ft altitude.

Most enjoyed - The invitation to enter a Bedouin camp to have tea with the men. Also, the mud pack before bobbing on the Dead Sea.

By: Mark Paige , Lancaster, UK

A great trip. Our guide Yousef was the best leader we have had on any trip. He was friendly, knowledgable and did a great job of keeping the group together without anyone feeling rushed or frustrated.

By: Ian Bennett, Essex, UK

We have done many treks with KE and other companies and this was one of the best treks we have done. The scenery was excellent and different everyday, not just sandy desert. The food was fantastic and the leader and also the support crew were also very good,helpful and fun to be with which made for an excellent holiday.

Our guide was very good, he paced the trip well especially on the hot days walking up and down, he was always friendly, very knowledgeable and passionate about Jordan. He also treated the trek like his first in that although he had done it many times he came across as fresh and enthusiastic.

By: Andrew Hill, London, UK

Nader Habaibeh was the best trip leader I hav experienced - extremely knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic - he was great and you should definitely throw more work his way! He made the trip for us all.

By: Pier Gennaro Caserta, Rome, Italy

I most enjoyed the perfect organization: everything was there when we needed it, the guys who set up the camp were extremely gentle. Honestly, I expected to be less well organized :-) Great you proved me wrong. Nader has been one of the best guides I ever found in my trips: cultured, kind, patient and quite funny. His enthusiasm in explaining the history and the habits of his country helped me understand a bit more his people and his culture which I am totally ignorant about.

By: Keith Baldwin, Surrey, UK

He (the guide) was great. Very helpful and informative. Good sense of humour and really joined in with the group.

I most enjoyed the food, scenery, group camaraderie, Petra and the weather (perfect for walking). One of the best trips I have done.

By: Giles Staddon, Brierley Hill, UK

Tala (the guide) was excellent. Good company, knowledgeable, attentive and an excellent ambassador for Jordan. One of the best leaders I have met.

This trip exceeded expectations in all areas. The tour of Petra was enhanced by Tala's knowledge and enthusiasm. She also selected a local man to show us some of the less known parts which felt like an exclusive treat. The variety of scenery was an unexpected delight. Life long ambition to float on the dead sea fulfilled.

By: John Wrench , Banbury, UK

I felt that I was ringing the office far too often but that was never reflected by the staff who could not have been more patient, informative and re-assuring.

Most enjoyed the quiet of the desert, the surprise of seeing a hare and "partridge" type birds in the middle of nowhere, the rock formations,the night sky, the friendship and support of the group, and Petra and the Dead Sea of course.

By: Albert Donatio, Franconnia, USA

Once again the support crew out-did themselves. The meals that we ate at dinner were something that could have been served at a first class restaurant. The chicken on the grill, fresh goat(always delicious) and local chicken dishes accompanied by locals salads and hummus were delicious. The crew were all very friendly and shared their Bedouin customs with us. It was all good fun.Yousef was a great trip leader. He shared his knowledge of Jordan's history throughout the trip. He was entertaining and made sure we were all having a good time. Trekking in the desert can be tiring with the sun beating down on you, but Yousef seemed to know where every shaded tree was located for us to get much needed relief from the sun.I had a great time with the other trekkers. We laughed by the campfire every night sharing travel stories and reliving the days trek. I felt honored by the local crew when they gave me a Bedouin name and invited me to participate in the evenings' entertainment of dancing. They all eagerly shared their customs with us. A truly memorable experience.

By: Jill Green, Devon, UK

Once we were in the mountains the scenery was fantastic, particularly the route into Petra. The later camps had great views. I enjoyed the trip round Petra and the visit to the Dead Sea. It was good to end at the lovely hotel in Petra and appreciate the luxuries.

By: Nicola McAll, Hereford, UK

Most enjoyed the days in the mountains, rather than just crossing the Wadis. Petra was amazing and the local guide excellent.

By: Vanda Tillotson, London, UK

Cory was an exceptional trek leader. His seemingly laid back style made for a relaxed, stress free ethos. The fact that the trip ran so well is I'm sure because of his behind the scenes work

By: Roma Montoya, Idaho, USA

All my needs were taken care of. Dining under the stars at night was a fantastic adventure. Meals cooked over the camp fire by the Bedouin cook were excellent and the sweet tea flowed. I completed the Wadi Rum after Dana and highly recommended the Dana to Petra trek to folks interested in the fact I did them both. Thanks for another wonderful adventure with KE!

By: Julia,

I particularly enjoyed the trekking and being led by a Bedouin who clearly know the route and the entire environment. We also stopped for tea with some of his relations and this was a highlight. The terrain was varied and interesting. The food was always good and there was plenty of it.

By: Gail Linstead, Durham, UK

The KE staff have always been great with communication. Whenever I had an question I got a prompt and complete response.

I have to be honest I really didn't know what to expect. My husband, won this trip and until this point we had not considered a holiday to the Middle East. However I can now say that this experience has opened new doors for both of us and we are looking at our next trip with KE. Amazing, awesome experience. Loved every minute

By: Kari Cowen, Bedford

Nader was a fantastic guide, sharing with us information about everyday life in Jordan and bring to life the historical sites of Petra with his extensive archeological knowledge. His passion for Jordan brought to life a country I knew very little about and his great sense of Humour was a joy. After only a week due to the wealth of information & knowledge that Nader shared with us I left having enjoyed a great trek whilst learning about both present day Jordan and the history of Jordan

The trekking was great in extremely varied landscapes but also due to Nader our guide's willingness to passionately share so much about Jordan an appreciation of present day Jordan and its history.

By: Jonathan Coyle, Kent, UK

I most enjoyed the trek route - tough, but varied and manageable. Went through some fantastic scenery. Friendly local staff (support crew and staff), and a fantastic trip leader whose knowledge was brilliant, and who managed and got on well with the whole group.

Need better guidance on tipping - a good note in the dossier about what to expect did help us, however the local trip leader perhaps confused the situation a little as it didn't match what we were expecting. We had to tip on three different occasions to the different sets of staff and were left a little confused as to whether we were doing the right thing? On similar trips with different companies, the tipping guidance given in the UK matched exactly what the local trip leader said, and also the tip was handed over in one lump and then divided as per local custom.Please change the hotel for the first night (Madaba Inn Hotel). Think nearly everyone complained about the noise, not a good way to start the trip!

By: David Rollinson, Oxfordshire,UK

Having been on other excellent trips with KE, it was pretty much in line with my expectations. A great overall trip. Well-paced and perfect itinerary. Breakfast/lunch was a little basic and perhaps more variety would be welcome, but dinners were always very good. Everything went smoothly. The donkey guide Abu Zain (I think that was his name) was quite a character and added a humorous dimension. Yousef was very good. I found him to be knowledgeable, attentive and entertaining. Also a really nice, earnest guy.

Most enojyed the spectacular scenery, a sense that each day was better than the last (great itinerary), relative remoteness (there was, though, another group with a different tour operator doing a similar walk), chatting within the group, dinners (particularly hotel food on last night and lunch at the Dead Sea resort), experiencing the Dead Sea and seeing the sun set over it.

Some more variety in the breakfast/lunches might be welcome, even just the addition of crisps and perhaps some hummus on the pre-prepared roll. Also, I felt a bit uncomfortable with the tip we gave. The trip notes suggested about 40 per head but we gave 10 dinars to Abu Zain (he left a couple of days before the end) and then only 20 dinars to Yousef. The dominant sentiment in the group was that "they get paid anyway" but I felt this missed the point a bit and we should have given the full 40 (since we were all very happy with the trip). Perhaps the trip notes could better clarify the significance of the tip in comparison to the local wages.

By: Ann White, Stirling, Scotland

Ahmad was an excellent leader. He provided just the right amount of information about history, the environment, culture and wild life of Jordan as well as an insight into the political situation in the area. He was flexible and accommodated the needs of the group well.The food we had whilst trekking was absolutely superb. There was a good variety of evening meals and always plenty.The support crew worked hard and ensured the smooth running of the trip.

By: Jon Lieb, California, USA

Yousef is an excellent guide. Give him a raise! Very pleasant to be around and knowledgable.

This trip went very smoothly. Your dossier described it well. I'll be doing many more trips with you!

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