Jebel Sahro Winter Sunshine Trek

Morocco, Trek & Walk, 15 days - from $1,300 (land only)

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By: Pamela Page, New Mexico, USA

The service from the staff at KE was always prompt. Hassein the guide and Hassein the cook as well as the muleteers was always excellent. The food was really outstanding. The muleteers took good care of their mules and always set up our camps before we arrived. Hassein our guide really was personable and cared about each person on the trip. I would go on a trip anywhere with Hassein as the guide. He told us what to expect each day, and really shared a lot of historical info about Morocco and also shared his own life with all of us. I think KE is very fortunate to have such a good guide. He wanted each of us to have the best experience possible.

I really enjoyed the holiday. I would go on my next trip with KE. I thought it was so well organized and everyone was always very pleasant to us. My favorite days were the long hike of 1100 meters when we started in the early early morning in darkness with headlight and eventually ended up high in the mountains. The following day through the Gates with lots of rock formations was the most scenic of the days we hiked. I was not sure what to expect in terms of the other people and their hiking abilities. We had a very cohesive group of 8 and we all walked about the same pace which made the walking very pleasurable.I read about KE in the Lonely Planet book and looked up your trips on the internet. I wanted to go to an area in Morocco that was not heavily touristy and thought Jebel Sahro sounded like a good place to hike. It was a great place and an unforgettable trip to the dry and vast area in Southern Morocco

By: Carol and Paul Tyrer, Greater Manchester, UK

Very impressed with how organised KE are both in the UK and on the trek. Our support crew were very good in getting the camp set up before we arrived there and preparing our meals.

By: Sarah Golightly, Lancashire, UK

I had an excellent holiday, and managed the walk very well, even though I tripped up over the rocks and bruised my shin. My first experience and in retrospect the description of the trek was very honest.

Hassan (the guide) was very knowledgeable about his country and happy to talk and answer all our questions every night. This made our holiday very interesting and put the country and the people all in context-brilliant. He was excellent and funny too.

I Most enjoyed the views, the pace of Hassan - not too fast! Hassan Ait Brahim chatting with us in the evening and joining in to tell us about the country was a real highlight.

By: Roger Harris, UK

What I enjoyed the most - Getting to understand the semi-nomadic way of life and environment. Appreciating the village life, enhanced by Hassan's (The guide) description of his own life as a farmer. Ascents giving views of High Atlas and Sahara, Bou Gafer and the colonial history, the birdlife.

By: Derek Lloyd,

I have travelled alot with other adventure companys, but this has been the first time that I have travelled with KE, and I have to say that overall they have been excellent in every way and that they will be my first choice for future trips.

By: Andy McTaggart, Dec 2009, West Sussex

Immensely enjoyable. Highly Memorable. Great Value for Money. Excellent tour group. Enchanting support crew, cook and trek leader. SUPERB and one that will stay in the memory long, hard and very toasty. SUBLIME! ALL expectations were surpassed. This was a superbly planned, run and executed trekking holiday. AWESOME Stuff!

By: Maggie Shields, Derbyshire, UK

Mohammed and Hamid were excellent leaders, always attentive to needs, patient, good-humoured. They inspired complete confidence, and were very good company. One could not have asked for better. Things I most enjoyed:- The mountain landscape was like nothing I've seen before; the evidence in the formations of geological activity quite spectacular. The insight into the lives of the local people, their agriculture, the labour and skill required to live in such a harsh environment. The opportunity to spend time camping with Berber muleteers, to glimpse the nature of their lives, culture - great singers round the camp fire! The food! Such variety of salads and tagines - all beautifully presented. Exploring Marrakech, including a hammam visit!

By: Zoe Munroe, Duns, Scotland

A really interesting and very enjoyable trek. The food was excellent. The pace was good. The high altitude valley walking days were fantastic. The route, taking in non-tourist areas, and passing villages and people carrying on their daily lives was really interesting. The hotel for the last night of trekking was a great idea.

By: Janet Brady, Bury, UK

What I most enjoyed - The friendliness of the muleteers but most of all Hassan's conversation - very informative and pleasant. Having tea in our chief muleteer's tent (a nomad) was so nice - felt genuinely welcomed.All Hassan the cook's meals were very good. The scenery was amazing especially the occasional fertile grove and the rock formations.

By: David McAndrew, Herefordshire, UK

Thoroughly enjoyed my trip which was down to the high quality of the support staff and the eclectic mix of fellow travellers.

I most enjoyed the opportunity to travel to a part of the world that I would never have visited under my own steam, and understand the history and current changes affecting the peoples we met travelling through this unspoilt part of the world.

By: Angela Garton, Cheshire, UK

KE website particularly user-friendly and easy to navigate, staff always willing to help.

I cannot fault the services of Hassan, our trip leader. A great level of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. The solitude of having the trails to ourselves, the variety of landscape we passed through each day and the opportunities to interact with local villagers along the route.

I was looking for a last-minute booking to indulge my sense of adventure, without having to organise it myself. I am already booked onto to a KE trip in March next year.

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