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By: Stephen Lowndes, New South Wales, Australia

This is definitely one of KE's strengths relative to other providers. Hotels are good for the local environment, and all arrangements go smoothly. Tents and equipment are always in good working order (and porta-loo much appreciated in Kili)! The standard of food on both treks was terrific - nutritious, varied and generally appetising, with healthy balance of fresh fruit and verges throughout. Full credit to Gregory and James and their catering crew - food is so important to energy and morale! Guides and porters are all great guys - fit, organised, polite and cheerful - lots of laughs and very fond memories. I expect KE have a great 'success' rate in getting people to the top (as we experienced also at Everest) - "poli, poli"! Mt Kenya was ideal acclimatisation and a great trek in its own right, but the Guides are terrific - very experienced and know exactly what it takes to keep the group (male and female, aged 24-59) motivated, enthused and on track!

From the moment we arrived in Nairobi to the moment we departed Arusha, Clive and Rasheed were very engaged - they made contact early, and followed up post-trek to ensure everyone was happy and satisfied. We sensed a high level of mutual respect and organisational loyalty between local agents, their crews and the KE parent, which all contributed greatly to a very well organised and executed trek. Absolutely First Class! We are big fans of using local Guides, and Eddie and Moses (Kenya), and Onex, JV and Michael (Kili) were fantastic! The whole crew knew their role, were great company, respectful, informative and fun! The Leaders were very well informed and informative, and we enjoyed many great mealtime discussions on the trek, local politics, culture, sport and life in general - a great cultural experience for us all. The Leaders were well regarded by their respective crews, and all crew were treated fairly in regard to allocation of work, distribution of tips etc. We can't speak highly enough of the Trip Leaders and all the guys - their enthusiasm and general good humour made it enjoyable for everyone, and their support extended beyond the trek to ensure our 'wind down' hotel stay and transport was all organised. They are on our personal 'recommend' lists!

The pace of the trekking, designed to ensure that everyone had the very best chance of reaching the top, was terrific. We witnessed many others who were affected, but we always felt confident that if we did as the Guides said, we'd get there - Positive Mental Attitude (thanks Onex), which has left us all with a great sense of accomplishment. I wasn't quite sure just what to expect! It was far more physically demanding than I thought it was going to be, and I thought it was going to be bloody hard! That ascent on Kili is a heart-breaker! But on reflection, I couldn't think of a better structured trip - we are all so pleased we opted to do Mt Kenya rather than just tackle Kilimanjaro. Mt Kenya was fantastic - very scenic, challenging, and remote. And the combination really gave us a real sense of an 'African experience' beyond the mountains.

By: Claire Randall, Wasleys, Australia

Mt Kenya is an absolute treasure and a pleasure to trek. I was not prepared for the amount of people on Mt Kilimanjaro and this did tend to spoil the experience a little. In saying that our crew were very sensitive to this and where ever possible set up our camps a bit further away from the majority of the groups.

The pace was very good and provided the best opportunities to acclimatize properly. I enjoyed the opportunities to talk to our trip leaders and to find out more about their countries, their way of life and about the plants and animals of the areas.

Both of our trip leaders for the Kenya and Tanzania legs of our trips were excellent. Our Trip Leader for Mt Kilimanjaro Elias is an amazing man who is a real custodian of the park. His knowledge and enthusiasm is excellent and his willingness to help others less prepared or injured was fantastic to see.

By: Clarissa Carvahlo, Brazil

It pretty much met all of my expectations, although I was impressed by how great the food was on treks, as well as how professional and organized the trek crews were, especially guides - very knowledgeable and caring. I felt very well taken care of, and that was key to successfully summiting both mountains. Food was amazing, even though Im not fond of british/american breakfasts. Overall the diet was very well thought of. The care with providing us with clean water was also very impressive. I took clorine tablets and drops and not once had to use them Why KE Comments? It seemed to be the only one offering a previous climb to Kili (Kenya), which turned out to be a great aclimatization plan. Also price seemed pretty fair, and the fact that it was recommended by National Geographic.

By: Rosanna Cole, Farnham, Surrey

Both Moses and Onex were outstanding, but for me Peter Kisimbo was the best of all (on Kili). He was so gentle and encouraging, and I really don't think I would have made it to the summit without him. Can you pass on my warm thanks to him, and the other two. Isa was something of a magician producing wonderful food - I only wish I had had the appetite to fully appreciate it all. You have a really great team of leaders there. The Trip was better than I had expected, as all the connections etc. were so seamless and organisation and consideration for us all was excellent.

By: Ian Mitchell, Huddersfield, W. Yorks

The acclimatisation on Mt Kenya was a strong selling point - the only operator that seems to do this - also I got to see more of Kenya. A very well organised trip with excellent back-up and food throughout, I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

By: Helen Lapping, Lancaster

More than happy to use KE again. Prefer to use you over other companies these days as you all seem to have actually been on the trips you run! Great trip - no real problems - had a great time, thanks x

By: Gerhard Raimann, Ohio, USA

The KE website is very detailed and easy to use. The dossier contained all the pertinent information. I had several email exchanges with Chloe and others that helped me with some decisions (about what to do with my extra time after the trek). I talked to Phil on the phone several times; his feedback was invaluable. It was amazing what the cooks created every day! The food and service were excellent; the porters were incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was a great adventure!!

By: Clive Morrell, Worcestershire, UK

AMAZING holiday! Harsh return to reality coming back to the UK. Do you have a job for us in Tanzania?!!!

By: Lawrence Kemp, Falkirk, UK

The holiday was amazing and I'd definitely recommend KE to anyone who was considering taking an adventure holiday.

By: Emma Owen, Wrexham, UK

Staff and porters were amazing and gave the best service ever. Hotels were top class and staff were brilliant.

By: Ajay Chhabra, London, UK

Stunning views from both Kenya and Kilimanjaro. The guides were real experts, and the food was terrific on both trips, as was the overall hospitality of our trek crew.

By: Craig Benjamin, Michigan, USA

As usual KE staff were friendly, efficient and professional. Always a pleasure to deal with you folks.

This was a superbly organized trip. All aspects were handled well by local staff. Tents were great, food excellent, hotels comfortable. Trip was tough and demanding but very satisfying.

I can't speak highly enough of the all-African crews on both mountains. Eddie and Moses were brilliant guides on Kenya, and Onex, Mike and JV just superb, upbeat guides on the even more demanding Kili. Outstanding men, a pleasure to work with them.

This was the toughest yet most satisfying trip of my life. So glad we did Kenya first because that set us up for 100% success on the brutal summit day on Kili. Thanks KE - loved it!

You guys are the best. Originally heard of you when Outside Mag rated you top Himalayan trekking company a few years. After we had a superb Everest Trek with you in Oct 2009 there was no question who we would use for Africa!

By: Zoe Benjamin, New South Wales, Australia

The holiday was fantastic. The climbs were hard and required alot of PMA (positive mental attitude), but were paced very well and climbing Mt Kenya first really gave us a strong advantage for Mt Kilimanjaro. Our support crew on both mountains were outstanding in every way. I loved how different both mountain experiences were - on Mt Kenya we didn't see another group until summit day, and it was a beautiful wild experience. On Mt Kilimanjaro it was fun to meet up with different groups of trekkers at camp each night to compare notes. Our trip leaders - Eddie, Moses and Onex (as well as Michael and JV on Mt Kili) were just incredible. I was really impressed that KE used local African tour leaders, they knew everything about the history of the countries and the mountains and were so supportive and encouraging. Brilliant men!

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