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The Lemosho Route the easiest trekking route to the summit of KilimanjaroThe Lemosho Route the easiest trekking route to the summit of Kilimanjaro

Working Globally, Acting Locally..

Onyx the trip leader was fantastic every evening gave us an in depth briefing of the next days itinerary, was very knowledgeable and very friendly. he made sure that every one was happy and upbeat through out the trip..J.Woolacott, 2014

  • Maximise your chance of success on Kilimajaro Lemosho`s Route
  • Trek with our expert Tanzanian Kilimanjaro crew
  • Includes extra days of acclimatisation for summit success
  • Hike Kilimanjaro`s Shira Plateau and the Karanga Valley
  • Great Value - Kilimanjaro park fees and all meals included

Starting out in the west and with a first day of trekking through dense stands of forest, rich in wildlife, the peaceful and relatively little-trekked Lemosho Route climbs to trek across the scenic moorland of the Shira Plateau and offers great views of Kibo's southern glaciers. It is one of the quietest and most varied routes on the mountain and also the longest of the regular routes, with 8 days of trekking in all meaning you will be as well acclimatised as possible before trekking to Kilimanjaro`s summit (5895m). Adequate acclimatisation is key to making a successful ascent of this giant peak and the classic Lemosho Route with our extra day of acclimatisation will give you the best chance of standing on the roof of Africa.  

The Secret of our Success on Kilimanjaro
Success on Kilimanjaro is all about acclimatisation. At 5895 metres, this is a mountain of Himalayan proportions, but without the opportunity to gradually acclimatise on a walk-in through a region of foothills. A poorly acclimatised person will not cope well with the Kilimanjaro climb and may even become quite ill during the ascent. We know that some companies offer an ascent of Kilimanjaro with just 6 days on the mountain. In our opinion, this at best risks your chance of reaching the highest point in Africa and, at worst, can threaten your health. KE's Lemosho Route itinerary spends 4 nights at close to 4000 metes before moving on to complete the final 2 stages to the summit of Kilimanjaro. The extra time that we allow within this itinerary will make all the difference to your chance of success and also to your enjoyment of the trip. On a 6-day ascent, 5 or 6 people out of 10 will reach the summit, most of them having really struggled to get there. On this 8-day ascent, typically 9 out of 10 will make the summit.

Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project
We also make every effort to look after our local crews, who are, of course, fundamental to the success of our Kilimanjaro holidays. KE works with the Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project and, in recognition of the quality of care we provide for our local staff, we are listed as a partner on the International Mountain Explorers Connection website.

Is this holiday for you?

Kilimanjaro is a big mountain and each of the trekking routes to its summit involves around 4000 metres of ascent. Meandering its way across the Shira Plateau, the Lemosho Route is potentially the longest route on the mountain and this makes it arguably the easiest, since it provides more time for ascentionists to gain a reasonable level of acclimatisation ahead of the always difficult summit day.To improve our chances further still, we have included an extra rest and acclimatisation day in the Karanga Valley at around 4000 metres. Generally, the trek is on good trails and is never very steep. With the exception of the summit day (which is very long) each of the trekking days is short, usually just 4 to 5 hours of walking, which gives us the afternoons to take it easy. The summit day will present a considerable challenge to everyone, as much for the 3000 metres of descent as for the ascent.

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