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By: Sarah Turner, Kent, UK

My pre trip booking processes were extremely efficient. Excellent communications were had with the KE office staff, and they dealt with any anomalies in a helpful manner.

The food was superb - always delicious and we never had a bad or sub standard meal at all. An added bonus was the New Year's Day cake (and a dessert wine!) when we arrived at the lower camp after the hike off of the mountain following summit morning. A great surprise!

Onex, the trip leader, was extremely helpful and mindful of his clients. His aids, Bruno & Imran, were of the same ilk and equally as courteous.

By: Dan Cook, London

Onex was an exceptional leader, able to quickly spot when team members needed help or guidance. He performed his role quietly and efficiently and made sure he allowed time for each team member. Climbing Kili was always going to be memorable, but the local team made it something very special. I wouldn't hesisate to recommend TVR tours to any of my friends.

By: Karen Eastwood, West Midlands

This was an awesome trip and the most memorable birthday I have ever had. I was very impressed with the services provided and the people who provided them. Our guides were superb at setting a realistic pace and making sure everyone achieved their potential. A BIG THANKS to Peter for getting me to the top. I was quite weak due to not eating much in the previous days. He allowed Judy and I to go at a very slow pace. (It took us over 10 hours to reach the summit). Having looked at the other companies I don't think they would have let us take that amount of time. I shall be eternally grateful to him for allowing me to realise my dream. I shall definitely be recommending your company to all my friends and indeed anyone I meet!

By: Ariel Lees-Jones, Northwich

It was our first real climbing experience and I am sure none of us will ever forget it. The only advice Id give anyone who asked me about climbing Kilimanjaro is to go with KE Adventure Travel.

By: Maria Ormerod, Cheshire

All absolutely outstanding! We had an amazing local team led by Peter Kisimbo who couldn't have been more supportive, encouraging and helpful. The route was good and the pace was set according to our ability. And the food was excellent! As mentioned earlier, Peter Kisimbo is an excellent trip leader who we trusted 100%. He was constantly checking up on our health, taught us the best way to successfully make it to the top and never stopped encouraging us. You could tell he was very well liked and respected also by the locals. You have found a star of a trip leader! Simply the best!!!

By: Lee Hetherington, Tyne and Wear, UK

This trip was more amazing than I could have ever have hoped. I'm ready to quit my job and work as a porter or guide in Tanzania. I chose KE because I passed the shop window whilst walking in Keswick. Having compared KE with other similar companies I know I made the right choice. Thank you and keep up the good work.

By: Melanie Cannon, British Colombia, Canada

I was impressed with the trip dossier and detailed information sent. Any communication sent via email was prompty answered.

Both Onex and Elias displayed outstanding leadership. I would very confidently recommend their guiding services to friends and family and would jump at the chance to complete another trekking adventure with either. They were knowledgeable, patient, and wonderful to be around. After making it to Hans Meyer Cave on summit night I became ill and very disappointingly had to turn around. I thought my chances of summiting were over; however, the next day, Onex incredibly generously offered me the chance to make a second attempt that morning. He went far far far beyond what I expected in a guide and I am so very grateful that I was able to summit with him. I would recommend both him and Elias as guides in a heartbeat.

The trip greatly surpassed all of my expectations.

Thank-you so much for a wonderful trip!

By: Jonathan Cousins, London

The help and advice received in advance of the trip from Ben and the rest of the KE staff was excellent and extremely helpful.

The local agents were excellent, with brilliant service and competent, helpful and friendly guides, chef and porters. If you are not worried about your health, safety, enjoyment or sucessfully getting to the summit go with another company. If not, go with these guys - they were exceptional.

I most enjoyed the views and sense of achievement. The friendliness of the guides and porters and their assistance was fantastic. It was sad to leave them.

By: Angela Flynn, London

I very much appreciated KE booking me an alternative outward flight to the group flight as this saved me a lot of money - I booked the trip just over a fortnight before departure.

I cannot fault the leader or the support crew. They were extremely professional and I felt always in safe hands. In addition I found the ones I conversed to be very nice and friendly.

Summiting was the best part for me because that was my key drive behind the trip. In addition to that I enjoyed the solitude of the Rongai Route as well as seeing colobus monkeys, chameleons and lizards. We had a strong camaraderie in our group, both implicit as well as with our support staff. I also enjoyed the itinerary and started to feel very strong from Day 3 on; definitely feel I benefited from the rest day in our programme.

By: Victoria Mannion, Co.Dublin, Eire

Peter, our guide, was professional and serious about safety and well being above all while at the same time being relaxed and personable. I had confidence in him and his decisions at all times and also in his chosen support crew.

I had an absolutely fantastic trip- I have done a lot of travelling but this was my first high-altitude trek and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Although I felt sick at one point due to altitude during the trek- this did not colour the trip and the support crew and guide helped me so much and I had great confidence in them. Our guide and the porters and staff were wonderful and it is in large part due to them, as well as the fantastic landscape and trek, that I had such a great time. Amazing trekking during the day and great laughs in the camp-site at night!

Getting to the summit was a fantastic feeling but each day had something to offer and the pace allowed the group to appreciate it. Evenings in camp were also very enjoyable!

By: Dexter Du Boulay, Warwickshire, UK

A very worthwhile experience; route was very good for really enjoying the mountain and not feeling it was a rush to the top and down. Mawenzi Tarn was a wonderful location for a camp. Quality of catering was much higher than expected, with fresh fruit everyday and more of a choice for food. All dietary requests catered for. Would highly recommend.

By: William Taylor, Lancashire, UK

Support crew could not be faulted. They worked hard to make the trip a success for everyone. They were always happy and welcoming.

By: Jane Marriott, Northampton, UK

I loved every minute of it and it was made so much better by having excellent KE staff and being so well organised. I cant thank KE enough for saving our adventure after KLM cancelled the flight. We may have lost a days trekking but it did not spoil the adventure.

By: Mark Caddy, Wolverhampton, UK

I found that the service of the staff on the trip, especially the porters was outstanding. The trip leaders were excellent, they ensured that everyone in the team reached the summit, even though some members of the team were a little slower than others, they were very patient and understanding.

By: Grant Carruth, Davidson, USA

All trip details were handled as promised. There were no problems. The trek was very well organized. Peter Kisimbo was a excellent guide and very helpful in achieving the summit. KE is clearly a top notch company that delivers excellent value to the clients. It was a very enjoyable experience. I'm excited about opportunities or additional trips.I expected that some problem would likely occur regarding the scheduled pickups and other arrangements. I was very pleased that there were absolutely no problems at any time.

By: Miss Alexandra Mann, The Netherlands

The destination itself. I did really appreciate having the extra day to acclimatise that other groups who set off at the same time did not. I really think it did help, and the Mawenzi tan where we spent the extra night was very scenic so it was great.It was harder than I expected. I had previously done the Everest Base Camp Trek which I found challenging but not all that difficult, but the summit day for Kilimanjaro I found quite more difficult that I had expected, particularly due to walking through the night/altitude, but mainly the difficulty of getting back down due to the scree etc that made it so much more difficult than walking down any other hill.

By: Bonita Enright , Epping, UK

Everyone from KE gave us all the correct information needed to undertake such a trip every mundane question I asked was answered and everyone was very helpful and friendly too. A great start to any trip.Everyone one the crew/team in Tanzania were friendly, helpful and above all very knowledgeable and we were literally blown away by the food which was being prepared for us each day. I have an intolerance to wheat and tomatoes so every day the cook would talk to me or prepare something along the lines of everyone else but totally tasty and sufficient to do such a walk on. I even had hand cut, home-made (well mess tent made) chips one night which everyone else on the trek was very upset about - so the next night the cook did everyone homemade chips too!

By: Christine Cooper , London, UK

We were very impressed with the care and patience our guides show. We most enjoyed the small friendly group and beling able to go at our own pace. We selected this particular trip because of the additional day at Mawenzi Tarn which we thought would improve our chances of getting to the summit (which we did).

By: Emma Thompson, Birmingham, UK

We were really impressed with the efficiency of the contact section of the website and the staff that answered my queries. Also very friendly and helpful in the office when I visited, thank you! The hotel at Marangu, the staff seemed a bit disorganised at the end of the trek - fortunately our guide Peter was able to sort things out. The food that the team produced during the trek was amazing considering the conditions they had to prepare and cook in. I was expecting to possibly get ill from the food - but had no problems at all.

By: Clodagh Masters, Norfolk, UK

A life changing experience! I enjoyed most the fantastically cheerful porters, the amazing food and the beauty of our surroundings.

By: Simon Rainback, Poole, UK

Fantastic holiday and the trip of a lifetime. There were no major issues and overall the service and support for first rate. We will definitely be back (once we know what to do next!!!)

Eliasi (our guide) was a super star, he helped up massively when trying to update our charity face book page which is something that we were struggling with given the reception of our mobiles. Top top man. We could not have asked for more the entire experience and crew were fantastic.

Summit day was fantastic, although by far it was the most demanding. The trip exceeded expectations and also it was a lot harder than we thought it would be. I would recommend that people take an extra day either at the beginning or the end as you start and end the trip exhausted with all the travelling.

By: Jonathan Woolacott, Bridgend, UK

This trip was truly a trip of a lifetime for me. It's not an easy trip but, with the excellent guides (Onyx, Elias, & Francis), the trip was enjoyable and successful if any one was to plan a trip to Kilimanjaro I would thoroughly recommend KE, Onyx and the team.

Most enjoyed - The challenge of the trip both physically and mentally and the great team environment from the group.I genuinely don't believe the trip could be better it was 100% perfect.

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