The High Passes of Lunana

Bhutan, Trek & Walk, 26 days - from $7,060 (land only)

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Kevin Grange - Beneath Blossom Rain In 2007 Kevin Grange, a freelance writer, decided to acquaint himself with the country of Bhutan by taking on the epic Snowman Trek.  He was thirty-three, at a turning point in life, and figured the best way to go at a crossroad was up. Against a backdrop of Buddhist monasteries and soaring mountains, Grange ventured beyond the mapped world to visit time-lost villages and sacred valleys. In the process, recounted in his book with a blend of laugh-out-loud humor, heartfelt insight, and acute observation, he tested the limits of physical endurance, met a fascinating assortment of characters, and discovered truths about faith, hope, and the shrouded secret of Blossom Rain. The Snowman Trek is said to be the toughest trek in the world-24 days, 216 miles, 11 towering mountain passes, and enough ghost stories to scare an exorcist. Our Lunana Trek covers the second half (and best part) of the Snowman Trek, (the first part being covered by our Laya Trek). Watch the promo video on youtube Order the book now on amazon View website:

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