The Markha Valley Trek

India, Trek & Walk, 14 days - from $1,940 (land only)

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By: Ann Shawley, Sheffield, UK

I most enjoyed the trekking in a remote area. We did not see other trekking groups. The group itself was unusual for me as I was the only Brit, we hit it off right from the beginning. We laughed from the minute we got up to the moment we went to bed. Tashi was the best local leader I have ever had on trek. He looked after us and his crew, going beyond what I would expect from a leader. I was very impressed by the way the ponies were looked after by their handlers. It's always a pleasure to visit your office for a chat and to discuss different trips with your knowledgeable staff.

By: Lynda Gould, Essex

We have not camped on trek before and was surprised by the high standard of service from the hardworking crew. Quality of food was a big surprise, I was amazed at what the cook could produce with such limited resources. Guidance on tipping is always appreciated. Even more detailed help would have been useful on this trip as we had to divide the pot up between everyone from the main guide to the pony man. I enjoyed Trekking through such a remote and amazing landscape and visiting the local monasteries. We have booked 4 trips now with KE. We are not really hardcore walkers but love active holidays with an element of adventure. KE trips, even the cultural ones, always involve some walking off the beaten track, that we really enjoy.

By: Debbie Sommer, Ontario, Canada

The Guide was professional, engaging, and very knowledgeable about the area and history, etc. Excellent leader.

Hotel Florence was very nice, but in a difficult to access part of Delhi. Leh was great, hiking was wonderful. From a trip schedule, accommodation, food perspective - everything was great. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE. This is my third trip with KE - always deliver on the promise....

By: Susan Kirt, Kent, USA

Excellent all around - quick responses to questions. Handled exactly the way a trip booking should be handled. Equipment was great, the guide and support crew were the best I have ever travelled with. The food was unbelievable, close attention to hygiene, the crew treated the gear (personal and shared) properly. The pace and routing of the trip were splendid - not easy, considering the challenges of flying into altitude (Leh)and trying to quickly and successfully acclimatize. Tashi was extraordinary. I simply can't praise him enough - he is the ultimate guide. His patience, support for the group members, his constant attention to detail (I saw him going around a high camp one afternoon when we knew it would get cold - he was double-checking to make sure the tent flys were snugged). He was always working with/overseeing what everyone, crew and clients were doing. The scenery, the pacing, the incredible attention to detail, sensitivity to the environment (freshly dug latrines - what a luxury!) It was trickier than I expected, although I'd been warned it could be - flying into altitude and acclimatizing - but the pacing (and the drive up to the high pass) made it work. It is also a much-appreciated luxury to have clean, boiled water available whenever we needed/wanted it. It was so much more than expected - the monasteries, lovely lodging at Leh, and most of all the knowledgable guides, the fantastic crew (attentive, professional, unfailingly cheerful). I should also put in a word here about the horses and the horsemen - terrific! We had occasion to see how other group guides treated their horses, saw other horses that weren't nearly as healthy or well-treated as ours. All of us were impressed by this. It's a real turn-off when the crew mistreats animals or the equipment, but there was none of that here.

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