Climb Mera Peak, Island Peak and the Amphu Labtsa

Nepal, Climbing, 27 days - from $4,340 (land only)


By: Robert Gee, Cumbria. UK

The trek and climb was eveything and more that I had hoped for. I obviously felt elated at climbing Mera and had a great deal of fun on the Amphu Labtsa pass. In the event, Island Peak was an energy step too far and 6 of the group spent a wonderfull 5 days drifting down to Namache Bazaar with 3 porters we arranged with the sidar.

Tim was the best group leader I have experienced and I would recommend him for any trip .It worked well with Tamsin, both made the trek the succcess it was even having to deal with 1 mountain sickness and 2 voluntary withdrawals. Tim made it clear that it was entirely my decision to withdraw from the Island Peak and if I chose he would accompany me on the rope. He recognised what a difficult decision it had been.

By: Michael Urquhart, West Lothian, Scotland

I was impressed with cooking safety/hygiene - very few if any problems with stomach upsets due to cook team. This is one of the best adventure holidays we have been on. Overall the trip ran remarkably smoothly despite the inital variable weather and demanding itinary, all thanks to our guides and local crew.

By: Michael Wills, Dorest, England

It is wonderful to talk to a human being rather than a machine when you phone a KE office!!!

By: Mike Brenner, London

Charlie was a fantastic trip leader, always in good humour, very safe and made the trip run smoothly. Neil his support was also great and came into his own when the hills got high and steep - both of their levels of mountaineering experience and skills were exemplary

By: Steve Powers, Birmingham

Charlie was an outstanding leader - knowledgeable, skilled, patient, inspirational, and great company. This was a very successful trek for the group as a whole although most found it fairly demanding because of the cold and altitude. With Charlie we felt we had a leader we could trust completely with our safety and well-being. Neil was a competent and companionable second leader. I felt privileged to be part of such a successful and enjoyable trip. After the Rolwaling trek in 2009 I was wondering whether this trek could match the enjoyment I had then. I was not disappointed. Both have been fantastic experiences for an old git of 60! Mny thanks to all concerned.Probably exceeded my expectations. I was pleased Mera Peak was not too busy.

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