Road Cycle Tour of Toubkal

Morocco, Bike - Road Cycling, 9 days - from $1,300 (land only)

Bike - Road Cycling

By: Louise Buttery, Cumbria, UK

Excellent work by Mustafa, during the first day in snow he had a good frame of mind and energy which improved our spirits and did this throughout the trip. He gave us information on the local area. Excellent leadership, I'd happily spend time on another trip with Mustafa leading.

We also had Jo on the trip, who has the amazing ability to switch between being completely hilarious to being utterly professional. Both these being brilliant characteristics in such a group situation. Her presence really improved the trip and was much appreciated by everyone.

By: Walter Clarke, Coventry, UK

This holiday is a winner for road cyclists, especially as a winter destination. I enjoyed the cycling, sunshine and the food. Also, some stunning situations. We had a brilliant local guide and crew. They ran a fabulous holiday. Our KE Leader was a very good and extremely experienced cycle leader. Very sociable. This was a brilliant holiday, very well put together and extremely well executed.

By: Mike Thomas, Coventry, UK

We thoroughly enjoyed a superb Cycle Tour of Toubkal. The local guides and drivers were superb. Our guide Mustafa was brilliant - a delightful bloke and most helpful and supportive. The KE leader Nathan was much appreciated as an expert cyclist and mechanic.

By: Gareth Frankel, Wiltshire, UK

I chose trip for duration, dates and difficulty level. Morocco itself was a big bonus - I never expected such stunning and varied scenery. Our trip leader had a good balance between authority and fun, encouragement and support. Good leadership style, worked hard to make trip good for everyone.

By: Stephen Dick, Coventry, UK

A fantastic holiday. The most fun you can have wearing lycra. An ideal balance of physical challenge, combined with experience of a different culture, stunning scenery, interesting architecture, and random potholes. Overall an unforgettable experience.

Our guide Mustapha and his team worked extremely hard and efficiently all week, and could not have been more helpful. The smooth running of the holiday was largely down to him. Our KE Leader Nathan was both an excellent leader and an essential member of the group. He was encouraging and supportive where necessary, moving up and down the group during the daily rides, and carrying out any required adjustments,or repairs to clients bikes. He also provided impromptu sessions providing technical tips on bike maintenance and group/individual riding technique. His language skills also allowed him to solve any minor communication problems. The everyday tipping situation at cafes,hotels, etc although minor, was a worry for everyone, and could potentially have spoiled our enjoyment. We were very happy to delegate this responsibility to Nathan, allowing us to relax and just concentrate on enjoying the experience. He did a great job. He also helped me to perform above my own expectations. Well done Nathan.

I really enjoyed the challenge of the daily long rides and especially the hills. The sense of achievement was great, and the reward of speeding down some amazing descents in awesome scenery was terrific.

By: Jane Perrins, Berkshire, UK

The local team were very supportive and always smiling! A good team of drivers and Mustafa's local knowledge of the trip made things run smoothly. Ben Walker (leader) was excellent company and interesting to be with. A great addition to the holiday.

Good level and I think as quoted in the trip dossier. A great experience!

By: Cath Worth, North Yorkshire, UK

Mustafa was fabulous. He was an excellent cyclist & mechanic who ensured we were all happy and made sure we learned about Morocco as well. Jo was a great asset to the group and mananged to work as hard as the rest of us at cycling and look after us as well. Both Jo and Mustafa were patient when we were being demanding and went above and beyond to ensure things went smoothly. They never failed to be cheerful and encouraging and made the trip memorable.

By: Alistair Grier, Perthshire, UK

Local accommodation was varied but more than adequate considering some of the out of the way towns we stayed in, ditto food, some excellent some adequate but always plenty. All staff were outstanding and worked well together. Their constant hard work meant we had an outstanding trip.

I cannot fault this trip; it was outstanding in every respect, great staff and leadership, good mix of people, stunning scenery and riding and a bit of extreme weather at the end to ensure we had some proper "adventure".

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