Hidden Valleys of Naar and Phu

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By: Charlotte Target, Dundee, UK

Sean ( the guide) was brilliant! He was unfailingly cheerful and good humoured. He looked after all of us with the utmost care. When I was unwell he helped me by taking my rucsac off me (which I didn't like but accept it was the right thing to do). I can't praise Sean highly enough for everything he did to make the holiday so enjoyable.

By: Marilyn Banks, South Yorkshire, UK

Once we left the Annapurna Circuit, I loved the unspoiled nature of the trekking. We only met two other trekking groups and these not for long. The villages of Naar and Phu were wonderful - really interesting and in many ways like going back in time. The walking was very varied, from impressively constructed paths halfway up cliffs to snow on the Kangla Pass. We had quite a lot snow on one occasion which made the trees look spectacular the next day. Though I enjoyed the first part on the Annapurna Circuit, it didn't compare to the Naar/Phu part.

By: Albert Donatio, USA

I could not have been happier with the support crew. I have never eaten so well on a trek. The fresh goat was a pleasant surprise. I have never seen a group of individuals work so hard to make sure everything was perfect. We always had hot water to wash. We always had plenty of hot water for coffee, tea, etc. There was plenty of food at every meal. Campsites were set up quickly and efficiently. They had it down to a science. To see the porters scramble up the trails carrying 100 pounds of gear wearing only sandals is something that I will never forget.

I had a great time. I picked this trip because I wanted to experience a part of Nepal that wasn't too commercialized (even though I could still buy snickers bars in every village). I was not disappointed. The scenery was amazing. I never felt so small as a human being surrounded by these 6000 meter peaks. It was nice to see only a few other Westerners on the trek. I felt as if we had the whole trek to ourselves and the local villagers.

By: Philipa Wilson and Nick Negro, Derbyshire, UK

I cannot rate (the local leader) Dorje highly enough. This was our 6th trek in Nepal and he is by far the best leader we have had. His English was very good and there were never communication issues and he seemed to understand our needs before we even asked.  The local agents were great and even though we extended for a week in Pokhara they still made sure we were picked up at airports etc. They also seemed to care for their staff - the porters had proper wet weather gear and appropriate footwear (only worn on tough days!) and it was in good state of repair. I enjoyed meeting the local people and just being in the mountains. And despite the hard work - going over the pass was great fun!

By: Roger Nix, Essex, UK

The services provided by the local agent and especially the guide (Dorje) and the rest of the trekking crew, were excellent. In my opinion, it was definitely preferable to have a Nepali leader than a western leader for this trip.

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