Antarctic Basecamp Adventure

Antarctic Peninsula, Polar, 12 days - from $7,060 (land only)

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Don't miss the boat!

We include a night in Ushuaia before the ship departs, so that you don't have to panic about delayed flights.

  • Book with KE and receive a Yukon Down Jacket worth nearly £300
  • Multi activities on Antarctica from a ship basecamp
  • Kayaking, snowshoeing, photo-workshops, mountaineering, camping
  • Zodiac and shore excursions on this unique Polar Cruise
  • Scuba diving in the antarctic option available for the intrepid

This is Polar cruising in Antarctica for the restless! The ship becomes our base camp on these voyages. We sail down to the ‘High Antarctic' where we have numerous inlets and channels to choose from to set up base. We will have 2 or 3 different base camp locations for the duration of the voyage. Once we are in place we go out and enjoy multi-activities which go beyond the normal shore program. We can take the kayaks out, or enjoy some time on shore snowshoeing or if we are more intrepid we can do a few hours mountaineering on Antarctica, giving us a huge sense of achievement and a true feeling of the remoteness and scale of Antarctica. We can also opt for a photo-work shop or shore excursions on the Zodiacs. Everyone will also get the chance to camp on Antarctica for a night. All these activities are included in the price of the holiday and do not require any previous experience. The only activity which is extra and requires experience is scuba diving. Of course we get extremely close to the wildlife during our activities as well, which is a totally exhilarating experience. This is the Polar cruise holiday for wildlife lovers and outdoorsy people.

Is this holiday for you?

All activities from the ship are optional, and you can choose just to participate in the zodiac excursions. However, if you are interested in the activities then you should have a reasonable level of fitness to participate. No experience is required for most activities, although basic kayaking and mountaineering is preferred and for Scuba Diving experience is essential. The snowshoeing and mountaineering on Antarctica is sessions of around 3-4 hrs, this is because no toilet visits are allowed on land and no food/snacks are allowed either for passengers of cruise vessels like ours. You must be able to get up and down the steep gangway from the ship to the water level to board the Zodiacs. Staff will assist you in and out of the boats. Ashore it can be slippery and rocky. Also consider that you are travelling in remote areas without quick access to sophisticated medical facilities.

Please see our online Polar Guide for the differences between our departures, ships and more Polar information.  

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