West Greenland Cruise, Disko Bay & Bowhead Whales

Arctic Greenland, Polar, 8 days - from $4,775 (land only)

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Holiday Itinerary

Day 1: From Copenhagen we fly via Kangerlussuaq to Aasiaat. The current settlement was established in the 17th century to support the whaling community. The pretty little colourful wooden houses are now inhabited by a community of fishermen and tourists here to see the splendid Bowhead and Humpback Wales. We board the Rembrandt Van Rijin.

Day 2: We sail to the mouth of the beautiful Disko Bay. Hopefully we will have our first sightings of the Bowhead Whale, otherwise known as the Greenland Whale. These splendid creatures can be seen here in May feasting in the rich waters which flow along these shores. We will also see plenty of seabirds. We sail onwards and spend the night in Fortune Bay or Englesmandens Haven on Disko Island.

Day 3: Another day with great opportunities to see the Greenland Whales, as we past Godhavn on the southern tip of Disko Island. In the afternoon we cross Disko Bay to the mouth of the Jakobshavn Isfjord with its enormous icebergs, where we will float for a few hours admiring these fabulous chunks of ice.

Day 4: Making our way through the iceberg laden waters we land at Flakkerhuk, on isko Island. There are a great many of High Arctic birds here including: Long-tailed Skua, Turnstone and Grey Phalarope. Time permitting we also visit Saqqaq, seeing the 4000 yr old remains of the dwellings here. Nearby there are also towering cliffs alive with cormorants and a beautiful hidden lagoon with old turf houses.

Day 5: Sailing northwards along the Davis Strait we may catch a glimpse the edge of the Baffin Bay sea-ice, some miles west of Disko Island. We land at the tiny settlements of Nordfjord and Qasigissat, in a lush tundra landscape near lakes in valleys surrounded by impressive basalt cliffs. At Qasigissat there are large populations of ducks and geese.

Day 6: Rounding Disko Island we pull into Disko Fjord and then further into Kuanerssuit Fjord where we find some hot springs. Also in the area is Sioraq, where many of the locals have huskies. Here we also visit a Thule dwelling site with large turf huts. In the evening we cruise along Queqertaq Island watching the largest Northern Fulmar colony in Greenland dance on the massive cliffs.

Day 7: As we sail south of Godhavn and Hunde Ejlands we are leaving Disko Island behind and crossing the mouth of Disko Bay again giving us further opportunities to see Greenland Whale. We visit the small settlement, again with old dwellings of Thule culture and graves from 18th century European Whalers as we make our final voyage back to Aasiaat.

Day 8: We disembark in Aasiaat. We board the charter plane from Aasiaat to Kangerdlussuaq, and onward scheduled flight to Copenhagen. KE package land only services end in Copenhagen.

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