Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon

USA, Discovery, 15 days - from $3,665 (land only)

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By: David & Anne Brown, N. Yorkshire, UK

The honesty around walking distances and times and altitude is very good as it means that one can assess accurately what is required to complete the walks.

Jim (our guide) was inclusive. sensitive to the group dynamics and professional. He valued the area we were in and wanted to share his enthusiasm with us. He is a friendly person, good company and easy to be with.

It is a full itinerary but had to be so to see all of the sights and experiences but there were no areas that we would have wanted to miss. It is a good mixture of walking, wildlife watching and sight seeing. We did not expect to see and experience such a diverse range of things.The holiday is a happy medium between strenuous full on walking and a coach tour of the area. The walks allowed us to see so much more of the area and the van allowed us to reach areas where a coach could not have got to.

We were still thinking about the holidays many days after returning.

By: Ian Raynor, Kent, England

Yellowstone was fantastic, we were very lucky with wildlife viewing seeing a Grizzly with her 2 cubs, Bison, Elks and although a little way off we also saw a moose. The geothermal pools etc were fantastic to see. Several of the treks were excellent espescially lost man loop and maroon Bells/Buckskin pass. The grand canyon was an experience not to forget espescially experiencing sleeping under the stars, they are so clear with no light pollution.

By: Ho Chee Kong, Hong Kong

The trip leader Todd is very good in general. It is considered a great challege for him to coordinate and manage a big group(Asian cultures and habits) with two vehicles. He worked very well with the two leaders of Hong Kong Emerald Hiking Team.I also like to take this opportunity to thank Phil for his great works and efforts in organzing the trip for over a long period of time.

By: Liz and Richard Wholley, Sunderland

Fred put in 100% effort at all times - I have no idea how he managed to do the long drives (when we all slept!) plus trek with us.It was the holiday of a life time - absolutely outstanding.The standard of hotel was a very pleasant surprise to us - much higher than we expected. We loved all the places we saw particularly Yellowstone, Tetons, Maroon Bells, Aspen, Steamboat, Grand Canyon - everywhere really!

By: Kate Penrose, West Yorkshire, UK

Jim was highly efficient and organised & very good company on the trip. He was thoughtful, relaxed & flexible. He had a "can do" approach and inspired confidence in all situations even when it looked like we would not be able to go down the canyon because of a flash flood.

I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. it more than met my expectations. I particularly enjoyed the variety of experiences wildlife/scenery/historical/cultural/physical activity etc.

Have previously been on KE trips the majority of which have been excellent. We also thought it had a better itinerary than rival companies we looked at.

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