Inside the Arctic Circle - Skiing the Kings Trail

Sweden, Ski Touring, 9 days - from $2,100 (land only)

Ski Touring
Husky dog supportKE adventure Skiing in Sweden

Great Value!

This classic ski tour offers great value for money; with all meals, timed airport transfers, and husky support all included in the price of the holiday.

  • A classic Nordic ski tour inside the Arctic Circle
  • The spectacular Northern Lights
  • Husky support and cosy mountain huts of northern Sweden
  • Fully guided and all meals included
  • Ski touring equipment can be hired locally

This Arctic winter wonderland adventure holiday will see you ski touring Nordic style along the famous King's Trail/Kungsleden of Sweden. With the winter sun resting below the horizon, the Arctic landscapes of northern Sweden, featuring majestic peaks and frozen waterfalls, are bathed in an ethereal light. Our fabulous ski touring holiday through this winter wonderland along the King's Trail/Kungsleden of Sweden begins with 2 nights in Abisko - perhaps the best place in the world to experience the stunning Northern Lights. Then, after a day's instruction in the basic techniques of Nordic Skiing, we ski off into the wilderness, skiing across dramatic valleys and glorious viewpoint passes, as we follow the route of the King's Trail/Kungsleden. Dog-sledges carry the group's equipment and as the journey progresses we have the unique opportunity to become acquainted with the dogs and their individual personalities within the team. We overnight in remote mountain huts, some of which have saunas - the perfect place to relax after a full day cross country skiing in the cold, crisp air. Finally, from the Kebnekaise Mountain Station, beneath the highest peak in Sweden, we use snowmobiles to return to the roadhead. A memorable end to a fantastic ski touring holiday. Skiing the Kungsleden Trail demands a good level of fitness and, though cross country ski experience is not essential, you ought to have mastered the basics of down hill skiing.

Is this holiday for you?

During the course of this ski touring holiday, you will cover more than 90 kilometres on your skis, averaging 15 kilometres per day. The terrain is undulating rather than mountainous and the maximum amount of ascent on any of the days is 400 metres. There is no steep ascent or descent on the route. The trail is marked by wooden markers and we are likely to be following the tracks of other skiers. Since we have dog-sledge support to carry our sleeping bags and spare clothing, we can limit the amount that we carry in our day packs to the daily essentials plus a certain amount of group safety gear. It should be possible to keep our packs down to no more than 7 - 9 kilograms. Regular cross-country skiers will find this tour to be reasonably straightforward. Those with little or no previous cross-country skiing experience will find the going tough. Simply coming to terms with the techniques and rhythm of moving on skis on level ground is a challenge and it will be a couple of days before beginners will start to find it easier. Though we have included a training day at the beginning to give novices the chance to familiarise themselves with the basic ski touring techniques, we would only recommend this holiday to those who have at least mastered the basics of down hill skiing. Competent cross country skiers can spend the training day learning about winter safety equipment and survival skills. Ski touring equipment can be hired locally in Sweden.

Note that group members will be expected to take part in 'hut chores' including cooking, cleaning and fetching water. Please note: Because of the shortness of the day and cold temperatures during February, it is essential that all group members on early departures are competent cross country skiers only and not novices. On the later departures, the Northern Lights can still be seen, but to lesser effect as spring arrives. However the longer days, warmer temperatures and snow conditions allow this unique route to be enjoyed by most people with basic-intermediate skiing skills.

We have included a training day in the itinerary. For earlier departures, the focus of this day will be on the use of safety equipment and winter survival skills. For later departures the day can be used to give novices the chance to get an idea of what is involved in ski touring.

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