Morocco - Off-Road Around Mount Toubkal

Morocco, Bike - Fat Tyre, 9 days - from $1,340 (land only)

Bike - Fat Tyre

Holiday Itinerary

Day 1: Rendezvous at the group hotel in Marrakech. Airport transfers are provided. KE Land Only group package services begin with the evening meal.

Day 2: We drive for an hour to Tagadirt (1280m), then climb on a jeep road to the Tizi n'Tacht (2000m), descend to a second pass, then push for 2 hours to the Tizi n'Tawouti (2350m). Great singletrack, followed by a fast 1000 metre descent on a jeep track to reach Emsguine. We drive to our nearby gite at Ijoukak. Ride distance 45 km (28 miles) with 1815 metres of ascent and 2110 metres of descent.

Day 3: We have a long jeep road climb to the Tizi n'Ounayne (2100m), followed by a mix of rolling climbs and descents, through a beautiful river valley. There is a final climb of 400 metres to a pass and then we race down to the town of Aoulouz (650m) and transfer to a gite at Souk el Kheims. Ride distance 62 km (39 miles) with 1425 metres of ascent and 1974 metres of descent.

Day 4: We transfer for half an hour to Askaoun (1800m) where we begin the day's ride, passing through superb mountain scenery and visiting several Berber villages. Climbing to a plateau, there are fantastic views of Toubkal and we end the day with a 1000 metre singletrack descent to a gite in the village of Imlil. Ride distance 49 km (31 miles) with 1264 metres of ascent and 1458 metres of descent.

Day 5: After a short ride back down the valley, we turn left and make the 500 metre climb to a junction with the old road. From here, we make a long descent to Ec Cour and lunch. We then drive (or bike) up to our gite accommodation near the the Tizi n'Tichka (2260m), the highest road pass in Morocco. Ride distance 39 km (24 miles) to Ec Cour, with 904 metres of ascent and 734 metres of descent.

Day 6: From the Tizi n'Tichka, we following singletrack on an exposed mule trail and then narrow paths through green fields to the village of Afra (2100m). Crossing the river, we enter a stunning gorge and follow more singletrack, with the odd short carry to Azgour where we stay in a gite or camp. Ride distance 24 km (15 miles) with 200 metres of ascent and 1070 metres of descent.

Day 7: Leaving our support vehicles at Azgour (1344m), it's a long but wonderful day climbing up to the Yagour Plateau. After a tough jeep road climb, we cross several false summits before the final technical descent to Tazzitount (1250m). Here, we meet our support vehicles and transfer to Oukaimeden. Overnight in a gite. Ride distance 30 km (19 miles) with 1400 metres of ascent and descent.

Day 8: Climb from Oukaimeden to the high point of the trip at the Tizi n'Eddi (2928m). Some portage and technical riding, then an easy piste road climb to the Tizi n'Tamatert (2279m). From here, we descend on a piste road to Ait Souka (1900m) to complete our circuit of Toubkal. From here, we drive to Marrakech. Ride distance 21 km (13 miles) with 578 metres of ascent and 1388 metres of descent.

Day 9: KE Land Only package services end after breakfast. Transfers to Marrakech Airport are provided.


This holiday involves going to moderately high altitude. During the course of your trip you will reach altitudes in excess of 2500 metres. Most people will have no difficulty with this level of altitude but before coming on the holiday, we recommend you read the advice on trekking at altitude.

Altitude Advice


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