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Russia, Trek & Walk, 26 days - from $5,355 (land only)

Trek & Walk
Russia trekking holiday in the Tcherskiy MountainsTrekking and Canoeing holiday in Russia's Tcherskiy Mountains

  • A wilderness adventure at the end of the earth
  • Trekking amongst dramatic and rarely seen landscapes
  • Yakut ranger and packhorse support
  • A week-long river journey in Canadian canoes
  • `Explore More` - the finest adventure holidays on the planet

Rising out of the Siberian 'taiga' in the Russian far east, the Tcherskiy Mountains present a final upthrust of high ground, beyond which lie the frozen lands of the Chukchi people and the Bering Strait and it is here that we trek. Travelling by way of Yakutsk to the isolated gold mining settlement of Ust-Nera, we complete an outlandish, self-supported 200 kilometre trek through these ranges - following river valleys, crossing low passes and possibly including easy summits such as Kisyl Tass (2230m). Accompanied by Yakut rangers and packhorses, we will live in part off the land, catching game and fishing. Then, from Sasyr, a trapping and reindeer herding village 'at the end of the earth', we complete this magnificent journey with a week-long descent in open canoes of the meandering Moma River. This is the experience of a lifetime, a chance to explore one of the world's wildest wilderness areas - home to the shamanistic Yakuts and to animal species such as wolf and bear.

Explore MoreThis trip is one of our ‘Explore More' range of outstanding adventure holidays which we are running in conjunction with our friends at Allibert and Hauser (France and Germany's leading adventure travel operators). The trips we have chosen for this range are undoubtedly some of the finest adventures on the planet. They are also ‘specialist' and will appeal to those who have ‘been there, done that' in many parts of the world and are now looking for something new. The cosmopolitan nature of the groups will be an important part of the Explore More experience!

Is this holiday for you?

This trip, like others in our Explore More range is a real adventure. Far from recognised tourist trails, this is exploration in expedition style. The group will be accompanied by an experienced professional leader and supported by National Park Rangers and local Yakut horsemen, but will not have a professional trek crew or cook. In expedition style, group members will work together to establish camps and prepare meals. Also, during the trek we will supplement our rations with what we can hunt or gather along the way and expedition members will be called on to do some fishing. There are little in the way of established paths in the Tcherskiy Mountains and the many rivers encountered require a flexible approach to route finding. On some days, we will be walking up to 12 hours in difficult terrain which may include marshy ground and/or several river fordings. Once we are in the high mountains we may attempt to climb some 2000-metre peaks if time and weather permits. No technical or mountaineering experience will be required for these peaks, but during this phase group members will carry their own personal equipment plus a share of the group equipment to a high camp. The canoeing on the Moma River is non-technical and there are no significant sections of white-water. This has the potential to be a tough trip and, although no previous technical experience of mountaineering or canoeing is required, group members must be in good physical condition and most importantly, should have an adventurous spirit and the ability to cope with the unexpected. With such a spirit, this trip will provide a real adventure experience and memories for a lifetime.

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