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Holiday Itinerary

Day 1: Rendezvous in Yakutsk, where we spend the night. Time to buy any last-minute items needed for the trip. Rubber boots and fishing gear are essential! Overnight at a hotel.

Day 2: We take the 2 hour flight east to Ust-Nera, a former gulag and now a gold-mining town on the famous 'Road of Bones' connecting Yakutsk to Magadan. We spend the night in a guesthouse.

Day 3: After a Siberian breakfast we transfer to Burustakh, 2 hours to the south in the Kolyma. The truck drops us off at Pobeda, a miners camp, where we meet our crew and spend our first night under canvas.

Day 4: We begin our trek from Burustakh, starting by following the river Shavelny. Our luggage will travel on horseback throughout our trek.

Day 5: On trek - the rivers are our principle means of orientation - the main rivers are the Nera, Adygychan, Ongokan and Ulakha. They are also a source of food for us. Today we will follow the river Adygychan.

Day 6: Wherever possible, we try to take the higher routes to gain the best vantage points and firmer ground. We trek from the river Andygychan to the river Goristy.

Day 7: We follow the river Goristy as we traverse through the Ulakhan Chistai range of mountains.

Day 8: We continue our traverse, now following the river Bugchan.

Day 9: We trek via the lakes of Buyunga, Maloye to our camp at Lake Bugchan while our horses spend the day resting by the Bugchan river. We are likely to meet nomadic reindeer herders in this area.

Day 10: A rest day - with time for exploration of the surrounding area for those with energy to spare. There will the opportunity to climb viewpoint peaks in the area such as Novosibirskiy (2100m/6888ft) and Chukcha Yuzhny (2050m/6724ft).

Day 11: We trek from lake Bugchan to the mouth of the river Bugchan, where we meet up again with our horse team.

Day 12: Our journey continues as we follow the Bugchan until its confluence with the river Dyapkachan. We continue following the Dyapkachan until we reach the Tirekhtyakhsky icefields.

Day 13: A day to explore the Tirekhtyakhsky icefields.

Day 14: After exploring the surreal landscape of the icefields, we meet with our local truck team and transfer to the nearby settlement of Sasyr where we spend the night camping or in local houses.

Day 15: A rest day in Sasyr, where we can pay a visit to the interesting ethnographic centre and restock with provisions for the river journey ahead of us. We spend the night camping or in local houses.

Day 16: After loading our belongings on to our canoes, we begin our descent of the Moma river and paddle to a place called Kyacham where we set up camp.

Day 17: Continuing our descent of the Moma River we paddle in the shadow of Balagan Tas to Ulukhun Taryn

Day 18: Beyond Ulukhun Taryn, the river cuts its away for 25km through the frozen tundra, permafrost and ice of the Moma Icefields.Navigating this section is spectacular but not without difficulty as sometimes the river has only a few centimetres of depth above the ice bed and we have to get out and haul the boats across the shallows.

Day 19: Decent of the Moma River continues. We will make camp each night somewhere in the icefields.

Day 20: As our river journey continues, we may be able to stop at one of the hunters' cabins along the way to enjoy a "banya", a Siberian outdoor sauna before cooling off in the waters of the Moma.

Day 21: We continue our incredible journey by canoe to Ytyrba.

Day 22: Our last day of paddling. Today we reach Taas Yuryak where we meet up with the local rangers and their motoroised canoes for the final part of our river journey.

Day 23: We transfer on motorboats to the settlement of Khonuu - our final day on the river and the end of our journey. We spend the night in village houses or under canvas.

Day 24: A spare day in case we have encountered problems in keeping to the itinerary.

Day 25: We transfer to the small Khonuu airport for our flight to Yakutsk where we spend the night enjoying the comforts of a local hotel.

Day 26: We say goodbye, transfer to the airport and depart Yakutsk.

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