The Classic Tour Du Mont Blanc

France, Trek & Walk, 12 days - from $2,260 (land only)

Trek & Walk

By: Pat Triffitt, Northhampton

This was our first trip with KE but thought it more well managed than any other we have done. Enjoyed the style of accommodation at Yeti Lodge - excellent for the end of the trip and appreciated being in a fairly small group.

Most enjoyed: Size of group - all mixed well, Excellent guide - knowledge, sense of fun and and perceptive in adapting and fitting to the group's needs and abilities, Well paced trip - long days but relaxed evenings and good accommodation. Atmosphere at Yeti Lodge

By: Patricia Evans, Cumbria, UK

Sophie was an excellent trip leader. She was sensitive to the teams expectations and abilities. Her knowledge of the area trekked, the geology, flora and fauna was marvellous and she readily shared her knowledge. She has a wealth of alpine experiences and I had complete confidence in her as a leader.

By: Ian Park, West Yorkshire, UK

The scenery after the bad weather on the first day - which admittedly cannot be organised in advance was stunning! And pretty much all I'd hoped for.

By: Eileen Gough, Cumbria

Keith's knowledge of the area enhanced the experience. He also did an excellent job of keeping everyone in the group happy, some wanted to move quickly others wanted to move more slowly and take photos etc, each member of the group seemed to benefit from this approach.

A special mention for Judith who made sure all the 'behind the scenes' arrangements worked perfectly.

Fantastic holiday, more than met my expectations

By: Mervyn McIntyre , Newfoundland, Canada

The food at Yeti Lodge was exquisite - worth going for that alone! Keith and Judith were totally awesome. Keith was a great guide and Judith's logistical support was superb. Great people who added much to our enjoyment. Keith's experience and leadership inspired confidence in his ability to deal with anything that came along. His knowledge of the mountains, the people, the culture, lifestyle, the wildlife, etc was encyclopedic and greatly added to the enjoyment of the trip. One of the best holiday experiences I've had - certainly in the top three.

By: Judith McIntyre, Newfoundland, Canada

The group we were with was excellent. Keith, Judith & Barney were a lot of fun & added greatly to the enjoyment of the holiday. The food in the lodge in Argentiere was absolutely fabulous.

By: David Fowler , Leeds, UK

Couldn't have asked for a better holiday, travelling companions were great, we gelled very quickly. The weather played it's part too, sunshine most days - I know you can't take the credit for that bit but it made the holiday all the better. Most enjoyed the mix of people on the trip, which made for enjoyable banter amongst the group. The evening meals were superb. The views along the way were excellent.

By: Douglas McReynolds , Belfast, UK

Most enjoyed the changing aspects of the alpine scenery as we slowly walked through it. The different views of high mountains, glaciers, woods, meadows and villages. The short breaks at the high refuges were also very welcome. The evenings in the hotels after the days walk were very enjoyable.

By: Darrell Cole , Newfoundland, Canada

The hotels were fine and the Yeti Lodge in Argentiere was the highlight of the trip! Food was perfect. Our support crew of Judith Robson was second to none. She always had our bags at the next hotel and often met us on the trail to lead us into town. She was also great at helping with blistered feet! Our leader Keith Robson was simply the best in the business I would go with him again anytime! Pace and routing was fabulous and our entire group made it around safely and comfortably. Heard through a friend and the idea of hiking all day and resting in a hotel at night was very appealing.

I have travelled plenty and for the first time in my life I have proclaimed that this holiday was my best to date!! Thank-you!

By: Jean Savage, Kendal, Cumbria

We were a small group which almost immediately referred to itself as 'the team'. We worked hard but it felt quite relaxed. A very enjoyable trip on a classic walk.

Emily Andrew was an excellent leader and being resident in Chamonix we benefited from her additional local knowledge. She inspired confidence in the group and left us with a happy feeling of success as we ticked off the higher route variations ..and she knew where the best cakes were to be found. One of the best leaders I've had.

Better food and accommodation than expected, felt almost luxurious after many years of camping!

By: Jon Wildin, Chesterfield

My first long distance trek in the Alps exceeded all my expectations 'and more' - graded as demanding this trek gave me the benchmark to boost my confidence / capabilities in wanting more. Each day was an individual challenge - I enjoyed the adrenlin rush it gave me - fulfilment on every ascent and descent, fantastic scenery every day from lush meadows to magical mountains - what an experience.

A dream team - Keith & Judith. An iconic guide - what an experienced professional! The icing on the cake. We got the best.

By: Niamh Mangan, Stillorgan, Ireland

Really well organized trip, bags always there on arrival, rooms ready, dinner on time. Having transport to start of walk on last day was a great touch.

We were with Sophie for 8 days - great leader. Sensitive to people and environment, inspired trust and confidence, very knowledgeable about route, geography, geology, flora, fauna. Set good but very manageable pace. Day 9 was with Lindsay Cannon - superb day and guide. Day 10 was with Emily - another lovely leader. The change of leader wasn't a problem, group dynamic was well established.

By: Graham Naylor, Barnsley, UK

The overall tour was am adventure and there was nothing to fault. My wife and I really enjoyed the holiday and without hesitation would consider another walking adventure of this caliber. We were a diverse group and got on very well. Our leader Alex was excellent. She adapted the walking to the pace of our group. She had the knowledge of the area and the patience to hang back and have a back up plan for the slower walkers.

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