Turkish Mountain Bike Delight

Turkey, Bike - Semi Slick, 9 days - from $1,380 (land only)

Bike - Semi Slick

(TUMB) Turkey – Turkish Mountain Bike Delight

The following is a basic checklist to help you with your packing. We recommend using the layering principle of clothing for generally warm to hot days with cooler evenings. Good padded cycling shorts are essential.

Your bike must be at least a mid level Mountain Bike such as a Specialized Rockhopper or Trek 6500. Front suspension is essential. It is vital that your bike is THOROUGHLY SERVICED and in perfect working condition before the trip.



stiff-soled cycling shoes or SPD’s


Base-layer - short sleeve cycling top (x 2)

Mid-layer- long sleeved cycling top (x 1)

Outer layer - lightweight waterproof jacket

Fleece jacket or jumper.


Regular biking gloves


Padded cycling shorts (x 2)

Cycling tights or tracksters


Eyewear - Biking glasses

Cycling helmet - mandatory

Daypack and contents

Cycling daypack (e.g. Camelbak) of at least 15 litres total capacity is recommended

Water bladder - min. 2 litres

Lightweight waterproof top


Puncture repair kit

Inner tube



Sun cream

Small roll of gaffer tape

Basic First Aid Kit. Including: antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, diarrhoea treatment (Imodium), painkillers, plasters and blister treatment, Insect repellent, and re-hydration salts (Dioralite).

Trek Bag Contents

Travel and apres biking clothes

Training/Leisure shoes for apres biking

Wash bag and toiletries

Antibacterial hand wash

Small padlock (to lock trek bag)


Chamois cream e.g. Assos/Ozone


Please note: If you are hiring a bike, you do not need to bring any spares – but you should still take a pump, a puncture repair kit and a couple of standard mountain bike inner tubes with Presta valves. Take either 26x2 or 29x2 tubes depending on the model of bike you have hired.

If you are taking your own bike, you should bring the following with you as a minimum. Whilst not essential, it is a good idea that you familiarise yourself with how to carry out at least some basic repairs e.g. fixing a puncture, changing an inner tube. Naturally the bike guide will always be happy to assist with any repairs, but due to the often remote nature of our trips, being able to carry out a simple repair can save time and inconvenience waiting for assistance.

Tyres – for this trip you will need 1.9 to 2.2 inch cross-country tyres suitable for mostly dry conditions.

Small pocket Pump

Plastic tyre levers

Small tube of grease

4 x inner tubes

Liquid chain lube (bottle not aerosol)

Chain link extractor (if not on multi-tool)

2 spare front and rear spokes

Spoke key

Multi-tool with Allen keys

2x puncture repair kits

Spares specific to your bike **

1 rear brake cable

1 rear gear cable

Spare set of brake blocks / disc pads (front & back)

KE tools and spares

On all of our trips we carry a toolkit and a basic range of spares for emergencies. As bikes become increasingly part specific it is impossible to carry a comprehensive range of spares compatible with all makes and models of bike. ** Please ensure you bring any bike-specific spares which might be needed - such as disc brake bleed kits (and appropriate fluid), shock pumps etc).

Energy Gels/Sports Drinks/Power Bars

We do provide ample supplies of water, snacks and lunches but if you like a particular energy gel, sports drink or power bar we suggest you bring a selection of your preferred choice along.


It is possible to hire bikes for this trip. Our local agent in Turkey has 2 different bikes for hire in a range of sizes. The first are Salcano (NG 020 Sram) which have 26 inch wheels, front suspension and disc brakes. The second are Trek (X Caliber 9) which have 29 inch wheels, front suspension and disc brakes. Each of these bikes works well for this trip. The cost of bike hire is noted in the Bike Hire section of the trip dossier. When you request bike hire, KE will ensure that a suitably sized bike is available for collection and you will collect and pay for the bike directly in Turkey. Please note that your contract for bike hire is directly with the hire company in Turkey and not with KE. Please inform us in advance if you wish to hire a bike for this trip and let us know which model you prefer and your frame size. The bikes are provided with flat pedals and with helmets (although you may prefer to take your own helmet). If you usually ride with clip-in 'spd' pedals, you should take your own pedals and shoes. You might also choose to take your saddle, which will go a long way towards making the hire bike feel like your own bike.

Please do not hesitate to call us for further advice about what to bring or any other aspect of this trip. We are more than happy to offer you the benefit of our experience. Further helpful information can also be found in the Your Bike, Baggage Allowances, Climate and Travelling with Your Bike sections of the detailed trip dossier.

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