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Turkey's Turquoise Coast

By: Heather Armstrong, posted 6th November '12

In October this year, I was given my first opportunity to discover first hand what a KE Adventure holiday was all about.  Looking back, I couldn’t think of a more perfect autumn destination than the breathtaking coastal views, the stunning wildlife and the rich ancient culture of Lycia, Southwest Turkey.

Along and inland from the ‘Turquoise Coast’, Lycia was once home to one of the most mysterious yet culturally fascinating societies in ancient Turkey. Their remarkable funerary structural design, and incredible attention to detail, results in Lycia hosting some of the most amazing architecture and ancient ruins, still today.

The Lycian Way trekking route takes you through a maze of magnificent coastal views and beautiful shady woodland, boasting spectacular wildlife and attention-grabbing culture …a simply perfect way to spend a week of moderate walking in the warm sunshine!

Being a food lover, I was particularly impressed with the vast range of Turkish cuisine available where ever we stayed.  The quality was always superb and the mouth-watering colours and flavours meant that we never had a grumble in our tummies.

Our second day of trekking took us through local villages where we were able to join in with the Lycian culture from older times, as well as through woodlands and along coastal paths where we were able to be a part of the stunning scenery and be amongst incredible wildlife in their most natural habitat.  The mountain goats proved to be very popular with the group, as well as the magnificent butterflies in and around the Butterfly Valley. Our day of sightseeing and relaxation was paired with a charming boat trip from Ucagez to Tersane Island via a visit to the ancient castle of Simena.  Sailing past the ‘Sunken City’ was particularly novel as we gazed at the ruins below the sea from our glass bottom boat.  My favourite part of the day, however was swimming in the sea before lunch in possibly the clearest and most buoyant water I have ever seen.

Everywhere we went in Lycia, we were reminded of the funeral monuments that were so precisely carved into the caves and stood on the mountains.  Learning about the different types of tombs and their relevance to how important their inhabitants were, was another of the highlights on this enlightening trekking holiday.

The Lycian Way incorporates everything a keen walker who loves a bit of culture and sunshine would enjoy…incredible walking routes, fantastic heat, swimming in the sea, being part of Turkish culture and amazing cuisine.

I mean, who could say no to this…??

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