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By: Debbie Wickens, Essex, UK

Everything went very well, couldn't fault any of the crew/drivers etc. We stayed an extra day in Marrakesh and had additional transfers - all went very well. Standard of driving was first class.

Hamid was an excellent guide. Although we weren't personally affected, some people had lost their luggage or had health problems on the trip, which can be challenging for the leader. Hamid dealt with everything efficiently and was always good humoured.

It was just what I needed - a week of lovely walking in beautiful scenery under a desert sun, topped off with a couple of days in an exciting city.

By: Laurence Hallett, Cheshire, UK

Smooth procedure, hassle free, good updates towards the departure date. I most enjoyed the expedition aspect of the venture - all carried out in a true 'adventure' spirit. The food was particularly good - and was prepared in a basic way.

Well done AGAIN! You have consistantly outshone the other operators. A true wilderness spirit adventure! Nice one!

By: George Vernon-Hunt, Sheffield, UK

Hamid has the right personality for his job,enthusiastic,energetic and above all with a sense of humour,the one essential ingredient. Always courteous and helpful he led with the carrot rather than the stick. He made the holiday and our group gelled around his bonhomie as we all made friends and enjoyed ourselves. A true gent. I would definitely recommend this trip to my friends.

We both had a really interesting time, enjoyed the walk and the spectacular scenery. Much better than we were expecting. A good adventure, any hardships along the way only added to the overall feeling of satisfaction at the end. We felt we had an authentic experience and a good glimpse of wild Morocco, a look that maybe the casual tourist would not have.

By: Tamsin Stirling, Cardiff, UK

Everything worked as you would expect with booking the trip. The food was excellent. Given the extreme weather we had for 2 days (sand storm) think the crew were brilliant. The routing was good - the 2 days of good weather we had showed us the amazing beauty of the desert and although the sand storm days were v challenging, it was quite an experience! Our leader Hassan was great. How he managed to navigate through the sand storm I don't know!

We really love Morocco and are looking to do another trip.

By: Abbie, England

Hassan our local agent and trip leader was brilliant. He really made sure everyone was okay, when I was having problems with my hips he would go a different route or go slower. He also helped a few of the team on the last day who were suffering from sickness and diahorea. He carried one of their bags, slowed the pace down and he was very motivating! I most enjoyed the evenings! Coming in to camp and sitting with the other people and getting to know everyone! The views of the desert were amazing also. I would suggest walking poles as a rental option. I didn't take any but one of my friends let me borrow theirs and they really helped me along. The days were longer than I thought they would be. But they were still manageable distances.

By: Daniel Cuddy, Newark UK

I cannot express enough how excellent Hamid (the guide) was. From the moment I met him he made me feel welcome and comfortable. He showed great professionalism throughout the trip. He made sure every one of our needs were met and made sure we had fun. Everyone on the trip enjoyed each others company and Hamid got on and had fun with everyone. He worked increadibly hard. Everyone spoke of different highlights of the trip but we were all in agreement that Hamid was the key to the trip. I wish him all the success in the future. Everything from the brochure to the office staff in Keswick were very helpful.

By: Vincent Johnson, Suffolk

Marrakech, mint tea, midnight flatulence in the desert, having a pocket full of foxs glacier fruits, groans of camels, nuts at morning break, tagine with meat, choc mint drink at breakfast, time to think, capturing photographic and mental images, being surprised at how easily understood my schoolboy French was, watching how people react under stress - some flourish and some wither.

By: Wendy Ovenden, Queensland, Australia

Thank you so much for giving me two absolutely stunning treks - varied in difficulty, scenery and length. I loved every minute of them both and Morocco totally exceeded all my expectations. What a fabulous destination! Both guides Mohammed Ait Ali and Mohammed Ait Dra were fantastic and a lot of fun (and quite cheeky - just like me!) a perfect compliment to each group. I will definitely recommend KE (actually did so on the train today!) to any adventurer / trekker - you are well organised, professional yet still very personal. Good on you all! Cheers to you all and thanks again for making my first Moroccan and KE experience so memorable & happy ...

By: Stanley Tomasiak, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Everything handled perfectly by the KE Office. Best food ever on any of my treks.

By: Su Kuing Tai, High Wycombe, England

The KE staff were very helpful, Phil spent a lot of time talking through the trip especailly as I have never done anything like this before. Chloe was helpful with my booking queries. Since the trek, Phil has also spoken to me at length as I am looking to do a further 2 trips. I had a brilliant time. The food was really good even in the desert. It was a challenging trip for me but I have enjoyed the experience. I am now booking next year's trip with KE and have pursuaded my boyfriend to organise a group for Kili or Kenya climb for his 50th.

By: Gwen Lewis, Machynlleth, UK

What I enjoyed the most? Sunrise and sunset. The cooking of the bread in the ashes of the bonfire - brilliant.The big dunes and the Draa river bed with more vegetation and many animal tracks in the sand. The views through the Atlas despite keeping an eye on the road.

I've been going with KE for years and still think you have the edge. Your grades are more accurate than your competitors and the quality is more consistent. Also there are no hidden costs - all the meals were provided and all we had to pay for were the drinks.

By: Heather Jestin, Dublin, Ireland

Hamid was an excellent trip leader and could not be faulted in any way. He was always in good form, helpful and attentive. I have been on many tours over the years and I would say that Hamid is probably one of best, if not the best trip leader I have had.

In the evenings Hamid and the crew would provided us with entertainment of some sort. On New Years Eve they sang for us around the camp fire, one night they showed us how they cook bread on the camp fire and another evening they brought us for camel rides. All these additional little bits added to the enjoyment of the trip.

The food provided on the trip was also excellent. Even one night someone joked to the cook that we would like pancakes in the morning (as a joke!). The cook stayed up late that night making the batter and we had pancakes for our breakfast the following morning. I feel the crew did their very best to ensure that we were all enjoying our trip.

By: Bryan Hartley, Oxford, UK

A fantastic experience, a very interesting trip. I would thoroughly recommend this trek. Food on the trip was excellent, fresh and healthy.

I most enjoyed - all aspects of the walk, we were very fortunate with the weather and to have such a good leader. Hamid was a really capeable and likeable leader, excellent. His patience with and care for the group was faultless. Difficult to improve on a very good trip.

By: Stefanie Lauer, Scotland, UK

First time traveller with KE and VERY impressed.

Hassan (the guide) is a total legend!!! Especially when he was hammering new pegs into the hard ground when the wind was about to pick up each and every tent and blow it towards Algeria... Hard worker, our comfort and enjoyment was always guaranteed. The support crew was fantastic. I don't have sufficient words to express the outstanding customer service experienced with Aventure Berbere!

Thanks for pointing out the waterproofs - we actually needed them! Spot on!

By: Clare Draffin, South Yorkshire, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday, my first organised one. We were lucky to have had a homogenous group in terms of both fitness and temperament. I would definitely use KE again!

Most enjoyed - Talking to the guides about Morocco, our surroundings, etc. The guides' ability to share our humour (a very humorous group!). The beauty of the dunes.

By: Kate Mayers, Lancashire, UK

Overall the holiday was excellent. Some of my highlights were - Climbing the highest sand dune, listening to one of the crew playing guitar by fire at night and watching the sand baked bread cooking. I had a really good trip - I really enjoyed it and wish I was still there now, not typing this at my desk drinking Yorkshire Tea :(

By: Andrea Mclean, Blairgowrie, Scotland

HAMID OUR GUIDE IS AN ABSOLUTE STAR. HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, CARING, SWEET NATURED AND VERY SUPPORTIVE. I HOPE, KE WILL TREASURE HIM. I enjoyed the overall experience. Every day was different and equally interesting. I can only repeat that Hamid and the crew looked after us in the best possible way. The timing as well as the length of the breaks was so well chosen. The food was exactly what I needed. I could not be more positive about the trip. I certainly had a WHALE of a time and a whale in the dessert must be pretty special. The entire trip was so well organized and superbly executed by Hamid. We also were fortunate to have a lovely group. Everyone seemed to get on really well. My daughter thought that was her best holiday ever - that says a lot. Thank you KE staff in UK and Morocco.

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