Out There Trekking Holidays 2014

Spring is officially here bringing the warmer weather, longer evenings and more time to ponder over your next holiday. At this time of year, many of you will be spending your evenings walking, climbing or biking in training for your next adventure. If you're wanting to venture where few tourists have ventured before, take a look below at our totally-over-the-top-of-things selection of 'Out There Trekking' holidays.

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Albania's Accursed Mountains

Albania, Trek & Walk, 9 days - from £595 (land only)

KE Adventure Travel Albania Trek - Thethi Church
  • Superb walking and exploring in The Albanian Alps
  • Experience wild Albania by crossing the Valbona Pass on foot
  • Hike through two spectacular national parks - Valbona and Thethi
  • Discover Lake Koman by boat and explore historical Kruja
  • Stay in the beautiful village of Thethi with its 'lock-in tower'

Alpine Peaks of Greenland

Greenland, Polar, 8 days - from £2,895 (land only)

The Rembrandt Van Rijn in Greenland
  • Ski, Sail and Snowshoe on our West Greenland Cruise
  • Cruise on a 3 mast schooner through remote fjords of Greenland
  • Unrivalled landscapes, views & panoramas snowshoeing in Greenland
  • Snowshoe or ski on West Greenland's glaciers with UIAGM guides
  • Abundant Arctic wildlife including Bow Whales and rich birdlife

Armenia's Trekking Highlights

Armenia, Trek & Walk, 11 days - from £1,095 (land only)

Mount Aragats trekking, Armenia
  • Summit Armenia's highest peak, Mt Aragats (4090m)
  • Trek through Armenia, in the unspoilt Geghama mountains
  • Visit the UNESCO monasteries at Sanahin and Haghpat
  • Hike through volcanic craters and lakes in Armenia
  • Visit Sevan Lake and Virap and Norvank Monasteries

Beyond Kulu Trek

India, Trek & Walk, 18 days - from £1,295 (land only)

Kulu India Trekking Holiday with KE Adventure Travel
  • A stunning trek across the majestic peaks of the Pir Panjal
  • Unspoiled and off the beaten track trekking in India
  • Crossing the beautiful and wild Kaliheni and Thamser passes
  • Free morning in McLeod Ganj home of the Dalai Lama
  • The remote and traditional village of Bara Bhangal

Climb Chulu Far East and the Tilicho La

Nepal, Climbing, 21 days - from £2,195 (land only)

Chulu Far East and the Tilicho La
  • Climb 6000-metre Chulu Far East and cross the Tilicho La
  • Climb the 'Island Peak' of the Annapurna region
  • Classic Nepal trekking off the beaten track north of Annapurna
  • Views of the Annapurnas and the peaks of Tibet
  • Trek out across the spectacular Tilicho La

Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit Trek

Peru, Trek & Walk, 21 days - from £1,995 (land only)

Huayhuash Circuit - Peru - with KE Adventure Travel
  • One of the 'Classic Walks of the World'
  • Superb high-level Andean trekking holiday
  • The scene of Jo Simpson's book, 'Touching the Void'
  • Experience indigenous Quechua Indian culture
  • Off the beaten track trekking holiday in Peru

Humla and Limi Circuit Trek

Nepal, Trek & Walk, 21 days - from £2,695 (land only)

Humla and Limi Trek West Nepal
  • Adventure trekking through some of Nepal's wildest scenery
  • Experience the unique Tibetan culture of Limi
  • This is trekking well off the 'beaten track'
  • Great views of Saipal, Kailas and Gurla Mandata
  • Super trekking circuit itinerary

Macedonia - Off The Beaten Track

Macedonia, Trek & Walk, 8 days - from £795 (land only)

Macedonia Off the Beaten Track
  • A hiking holiday in Macedonia - one of Europe's last frontiers
  • Trek to Titov Vrv 2747m - the highest point of the Shar Planina
  • Explore the churches at the lakeside and UNESCO-listed Ohrid
  • Hike to the summit of Magaro 2255m in Galicica National Park
  • Spectacular views to Mt Olympos in Greece from Golem Krchin

Minya Konka - Trek the 'Chinese Tibetan Alps'

Tibet & China, Trek & Walk, 15 days - from £1,795 (land only)

Minya Konka
  • Trekking in a wild and remote area bordering Eastern Tibet
  • Minya Konka, the highest peak east of the Himalayas
  • The distinctive Khampa and Minyak communities
  • The monasteries and Great Mani Pile of the Tagong Plateau
  • The Panda Breeding Centre at Chengdu

Mount Khuiten - Mongolia

Mongolia, Climbing, 15 days - from £2,595 (land only)

Climbing holiday to Mongolia and Mount Khuiten
  • A climbing expedition to the the world's most remote peak
  • Mount Khuiten, Mongolia's highest mountain
  • Climbing in the land of Ghengis Khan
  • At Nairandal's summit, Mongolia, China and Russia meet
  • An insight into Mongolia's Wild West

Rara Lake - Classic trekking in Western Nepal

Nepal, Trek & Walk, 15 days - from £1,795 (land only)

Rara Lake, Nepal trekking
  • A fascinating circuit trek to Rara, the largest lake in Nepal
  • Authentic culture, abundant wildlife and uncrowded trails
  • Spectacular setting of Rara Lake beneath snow-capped Himalaya
  • Pristine forests, high ridges and alpine meadows
  • Trek in Nepal's wild west country

The High Passes of Lunana

Bhutan, Trek & Walk, 26 days - from £4,395 (land only)

Lunana Bhutan, trekking holiday with KEAdventure Travel
  • A tough trekking holiday to the remotest corner of Bhutan
  • High and wild trekking across 5000 metre passes
  • Sensational views of unclimbed Gangkar Puensum
  • The amazing dzongs of Takstang, Punakha and Thimpu
  • 'Explore More' - the finest adventure holidays on the planet

The Snowman Trek

Bhutan & Nepal, Trek & Walk, 32 days - from £5,195 (land only)

The Snowman Trek, Bhutan
  • From Paro to Trongsa - a high level traverse of Bhutan
  • Probably the hardest and best Himalayan trek
  • Through Laya and Lunana across 11 high passes
  • Views of Gangkar Puensum, the World's highest unclimbed Peak
  • The spectacular lakes of Thpe Tsho and Om Tsho

The Ultimate Fann Mountains Trek

Tajikistan & Uzbekistan, Trek & Walk, 17 days - from £1,895 (land only)

Trek in Tajikistan in the Fann Mountains
  • Tajikistan trekking and a visit to Samarkand
  • Pristine campsites alongside azure Fann Mountains lakes
  • Samarkand's magnificent Registan Square
  • Pioneering itinerary for experienced trekkers
  • All meals included in the price of the trip

Trans Himalaya Trek

India, Trek & Walk, 18 days - from £1,295 (land only)

Trekking holiday in Ladakh - Trans Himalaya - Indiake
  • A superb trekking holiday, Ladakh to Spiti across the Parang La
  • Visit the unique cobalt-blue lake of Tso Morari
  • Karzok, one of the highest villages on earth
  • Follow an ancient trade route through a remote and unspoiled area
  • Crosses the main chain of the Indian Himalaya

Trek the Chilkoot Trail and Canoe the Yukon

Canada & USA, Trek & Walk, 15 days - from £2,255 (land only)

Hiking the Chilkoot Trail
  • Walking in the footsteps of Canada's Klondike Gold Rush
  • Trek the Chilkoot Pass on the 5 day trail from Skagway to Bennett
  • Canoe the famous Yukon River from Whitehorse to Carmacks
  • A remote wilderness holiday in the Yukon, hiking and canoeing
  • See bears, moose, beavers and bald eagles in remote Canada

Trekking Guatemalas Magnificent Seven

Guatemala, Trek & Walk, 15 days - from £1,495 (land only)

Guatemala Volcano Trekking holiday with KE Adventure Travel
  • Hike to the summits of 7 different volcanoes
  • Trekking up Tajumulco, Central America's highest peak
  • Great value with all meals included
  • Chill out and relax in Antigua and Lake Atitlan
  • A trekking holiday in Guatemala that explodes with local colour

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