30 Charity Projects

30 Charity Projects

KE is proud to work alongside the Juniper Trust since it was founded in 1994 by a group of volunteers, inspired by writer and teacher Angela Locke. These projects have been life changing for hundreds of people across the world. KE takes the social and economical responsibilities of being a Tour Operator very seriously and over 30 years have developed this with our partner charity. Here is a list of the wonderful range of projects that Juniper Trust have helped out both logistically and financially.


1) Ichar School, Zanskar, India

Ichar is a small village in the Zanskar valley. It is inc30 projects photo1redibly remote and only passable for 4 or 5 months of the year. Juniper Trust helped build the School which caters for 60 students aged from kindergarten to 15 in 2010 and has since donated over £2800. The school can only open due its remote location for... read more

2) Udayan Home for Rehabilitation

Udayan is a home for the rehabilitation of just over 300 boys and girls affected by leprosy. It provides them with medical care, education and vocational training. So far Juniper Trust has donated £1000 towards helping raise the homes existing garden by 3ft and providing proper drainage to help them grow vegetables not only for...read more

3) Gitare Primary School Kenya

Gitare Primary is a 25-year-old school, which teaches pupils aged from 6-12 years. Historically, the school has had assistance from a local Methodist Church but the school is still very run down and badly needs attention. Alderley Edge School for girls visited the school having raised a staggering £12,000 to help build a library and renovate other parts of the school. Juniper Trust continues to work together with Alderley Edge to raise money for further improvements and...read more

4) ABVK School Physiotherapy Unit, Nepal

ABVK, (Adarsha Bal Vikas Kendra) is a school for physically30 projects photo2 and mentally handicapped children in Banepa, a small town east of Kathmandu. The school has about 45 children with severe learning difficulties and physical handicaps. The Juniper Trust and Cotswold Outdoor have so far donated £7000 towards helping these children progress to being more independent, improve mobility...read more

5) PRAN Association, Nepal

PRAN was set up in 2001 and already has a long and successful track record of supporting local families in the Kathmandu Valley who have pre-school children with significant development delay or challenging behaviour. JT have supported the ABVK School for quite a few years now and so far donated £15,000. Mani Shrestha is the main driving force and director of PRAN...read more

6) Asumbar Village School, Ishkoman

As part Juniper Trust's continuing support for the Flood victims of Northern Pakistan, Juniper Trust raised and donated £6,000 to fund the building of a new school in Asumbar, which lies in a remote valley in Ishkoman, Northern Pakistan. Previously, there was no school at all and the children were being taught in the house of the local volunteer teacher. Juniper Trust have also funded the first year's salary for a new teacher, equipment for the school and uniforms for the pupils...read more

7) Baltistan Teacher Training, Hushe

This is an educational development and improvement programme, run by the Felix Baltistan Foundation (FBF), supporting schools within the Hushe Valley. There are 28 schools between the 8 villages. Juniper Trust has donated £6,000 to this project to fund teacher training courses and in 2013 funded one week of teacher training for...read more

8) Khane Primary School, Baltistan

Khane Primary School is in the Hushe Valley in a remote village. The school was built to educate the children of this isolated mountain region. Two of the teachers at the school are funded by the government and two by the Felix Baltistan Foundation, offering schooling until year 8. At the start of 2013, Juniper Trust provided £2000 to cover two teacher salaries for...read more

9) Peru Solar Lights Project

Val Pitkethly has, single handed, been the driving force that has seen individual solar lights installed in over 4000 households in remote villages in the Huayhuash and Cordillera Blanca region of northern Peru. During the 10 years that Val has been leading this project, she has visited over 4000 homes in 17 villages which have no access to a mains power supply. Since the project began...read more

10) Karama Orphanage - Arusha, Northern Tanzania

After spending several years volunteering within orphanages in Arusha,30 projects photo4 Solar light project Tanzania, Connie Naber founded and opened the Karama Orpanage in 2011 to provide housing and care for children with HIV/AIDS. Currently housing and caring for 10 children, Karama provides a family life and medical care to improve the life chances for the children. Juniper Trust has so far donated £1000 and plans to...read more

11) Murad Khane School, Afganistan - Job done

Murad Khane Primary School was founded by Turquoise Mountain in 2007 and started by establishing a literacy class in one of the houses that it had repaired. Literacy courses were originally held for thirty local children. The school has grown to include 122 formally registered pupils between the ages of four and fourteen. A school library has been established and local men have cleared the...read more

12) Bagsu Nag School, Dharamsala - Job done

In 2006, the Bagsu Nag School in Dharamsala requested the building of an additional room at their school. The pupils and staff also required a small kitchen to prepare the lunchtime meals for the pupils. The classrooms were disrupted on a daily basis with lunchtime food being prepared amongst the desks and chairs...read more

13) Congress School, Darjeeling - Job done

The Congress School is located on the outskirts of Darjeeling and in late30 projects photo5 murad khan school 2005 they required assistance for the rebuilding of their classrooms. These were originally constructed of tin and leaked during the monsoon season. £8,000 was donated by the Juniper Trust which...read more

14) Ladakh Flood Appeal, India - Job done

The flooding in 2010, caused by unusually heavy monsoon rains in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, was devastating for the popular trekking base of Leh, the capital of Ladakh, in Northern India. A series of devastating flash floods at the start of August ravaged Leh town and adjoining areas, causing hundreds of deaths and wiping out...read more

15) Lingshed Childrens Hostel, Leh, India - Job done

To reach Leh, the children have to trek for over a week, crossing several high mountain passes. In winter the journey is particularly hazardous as they have to trek along the frozen Zanskar River, with temperatures as low as -30 degrees celsius. The answer was to build a hostel near Leh to provide basic accommodation and care for the children to attend school, whilst supporting...read more

16) Markha Valley School, Ladakh - Job done

Juniper Trust and the George Watson College team helped raise over £2000 for repairs to the Markha Valley School. The college not only donated cash but also spent three days working alongside the villagers assisting in the construction of the new school roof, repairing the veranda, clearing the play area and building stepping stones for the local children to get to their classrooms. All at more than 3500m above...read more

17) Ngayar Sangacholing School - Job done

In 2006, The school in Payung village requested funding to build an additional classroom for their expanding list of pupils. It's run by local monks and owned by the Ringpoche Ngawang Hochok. The school is ambitious and hopes eventually to have up to 32 classrooms, to cater for the growing number of pupils wishing to attend. The Juniper Trust donated £1000 for the construction...read more

18) Spiti Solar Panel Project - Job done

In the summer of 2006, with £2000 from the Juniper Trust, Val Pitkethly travelled with 3 volunteers to install Solar Panel lights in a small village in the Spiti area of northern India. They took 2 days to drive and 6 days to trek to reach the remote village of "Mud", at an altitude of 3900m. The team then spent 3 days putting the lights together with the villagers and explained...read more

19) Island School, Kenya - Job done

Jo Richardson School (from the UK) first visited Island School in 2007 and30 projects photo6 Kaan primary school helped re-paint the stone buildings, replace the mabati (tin) roofing, fix guttering to the new roof and connected it to a water tank to help in the provision of drinking water for the pupils. Over three school trips, Jo Richardson have raised a total of almost £10,000 which has been matched with funds from the Juniper Trust...read more

20) Morocco Aroumd Water Project - Job done

This project was based in the village of Aroumd in the High Atlas Mountain's of Morocco. Water in the village was stored in a tank and sourced from the nearby river. The tank was small and overflowing. £2500 was raised between the Juniper Trust and Noadswood School in order to build a new water tank to hold enough water to provide for the growing number of families...read more

21) Ardesha Schhol, Nepal - Job done

The Juniper Trust provided pupils at Ardehsa School with an inspiring new education environment, with a complete re-build of the main block of their school.

22) Baladaya School - Job done

Balodaya was one of the Juniper Trust's pioneer projects in the year 2000. School classrooms were rebuilt to improve the educational area and a bathroom facility was also added, which led to a more hygienic environment for the pupils. Five Ways school helped raise money for this project and to provide uniforms and shoes for the 103 children, as most parents are extremely poor and...read more

23) Chobar School, Nepal - Job done

Juniper Trust has been involved with the School since 2001 when it was originally located in a rented room in the basement of a small house. Cheryl Frost decided that it was time to put something back in the countries she was visiting. A project in the Kathmandu Valley was to build a NEW school to re-house a current well established School for orphans in Chobar. The aim being to provide them with...read more

24) Himalayan Outreach Foundation, Nepal - Job done

During the autumn of 2007, Juniper Trust financed the purchase of a 30 projects photo7 rehabilitation projectsolar panel, as well as an extensive order of medical equipment for HOF's Emergency Obstetric Care unit in the Rasuwa District of Nepal. These items were sent to the HOF medical clinic that provides preventative healthcare for a catchment area of more than 7,000 villagers...read more

25) Sedi Bagar Landslide Appeal - Job done

Juniper Trust put together the Sedi Bagar Landslide appeal to appeal for funds to help rebuild homes and business after the landslide in 2008.

26) The Tibet Vision Project - Job done

The Tibet Vision Project sponsors mobile eye surgery hospital units and trains local doctors to treat the epidemic of cataract blindness afflicting the Tibetan people. In their "Eye Camps", hundreds of poor Tibetans receive free eye care from Tibetan eye surgeons and nurses performing modern lens-implant cataract operations. Their two main goals are to provide state-of-the-art eye treatment...read more

27) Hushe water Supply, Balistan, Pakistan - Job done

At the time KE began to work with the Juniper Trust, almost 20 years 30 projects photo8 Hushe in Baltistan drinking waterago, work had already been started on a project to pipe clean drinking water to the remote village of Hushe in Baltistan, Northern Pakistan. The project took almost two years to complete at a cost of £35,000, most of which was raised by KE clients. KE have since returned to this...read more

28) Pakistan Flood Appeal, Talis Village - Job done

Exceptional flooding on Aug 7th 2010, caused by heavy monsoon rains, destroyed 25 houses and damaged a further 100 in the village of Talis in Baltistan, leaving many people injured and homeless. Juniper Trust raised £5,000 to help the people of Talis village rebuild...read more

29) Pakistan Flood Appeal, Yasin and Ishkoman valleys - Job done

The Yasin and Ishkoman valleys were severely affected by the monsoon floods, with many houses, crops and livelihoods destroyed and several villagers killed or injured. They urgently needed warm clothing, shelter, blankets, food and financial support. Juniper Trust helped raise £10,500 to support the villages. Juniper Trust will continue to support...read more

30) Portage and Rehabilitation Association Nepal - PRAN

KE donated £5 to the Juniper Trust for every booking received to help celebrate our 30th Anniversary year. We were delighted to have raised over £20,000 towards the excellent "Portage and Rehabilitation Association Nepal" (PRAN), a home visiting service for families with children who have additional needs, from birth to school age. In Nepal, help for children with special needs is almost non existent and PRAN is one of the very few organisations that is making a difference.