Mythical Parks of the American West

Ride the red-hot red-rock trails of Utah and Arizona




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Holiday Overview


  • Bike the Rainbow Trail on the Grand Canyon’s North Rim
  • See Zion, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Arches
  • 5 days (4 nights) in Moab, world centre of mountain biking
  • Classic rides - Slickrock, Amassa Back, Porcupine, Mag 7

This short fat tyre exploration of some of the most iconic national parks of the American West takes us via Zion to the Grand Canyon, then on to Bryce Canyon. We finish with a protracted visit to Moab, the ‘Mecca' of world mountain biking. North America is seen as the birthplace of the mountain bike and of ‘singletrack' and it's easy to see how this came about, when you ride the classic trails of Utah and Arizona. Starting out from the amazing desert city of Las Vegas and making a loop through the heart of red-rock USA, this is very much a road trip in the style of the Jack Kerouac novel 'On the Road'. With our private minibus-and-trailer transport and mountain-bike-mad local guide, we establish a day-to-day agenda that lets us get the most out of our time in the United States. Throughout this unique mountain biking holiday, we stay in a mix of lodge, motel and hotel accommodation and make use of our support vehicle to access the trailheads and to take us to some unforgettable viewpoints. The names of the routes we are able to include will be familiar to anyone who has even a passing interest in North American mountain biking: Thunder Mountain Trail, J.E.M, Cassidy Trail, Slickrock, Amassa Back, Porcupine, Mag 7. Sign up for the mountain biking experience of a lifetime!


explore international

Explore International. This is one of our Explore International holidays. Participants on these trips can book through KE or through one of our international partners. This helps us to gather together sufficient numbers of like-minded adventurers to get your holiday up and running quickly. Led by an English-speaking guide, the cosmopolitan nature of these groups can be an important part of the experience!

Is this holiday for you?

MOUNTAIN BIKING. Including hard-pack dirt tracks and trails, technical singletrack and amazing slickrock, this is a trip for experienced mountain bikers looking to have fun. We ride an average of around 30 kilometres on each of 12 days riding, with lots of short climbs and sweeping descents at modest elevations. The support vehicle provides transport for the group, bikes and baggage between the various areas we visit, but cannot follow the bikes during the rides. EXCELLENT BIKE HIRE AVAILABLE LOCALLY.

Brief Itinerary

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  • Meet at the group hotel in Las Vegas. A group transfer from Las Vegas Airport is provided.
  • Drive to Zion National Park and ride on Gooseberry Mesa. Overnight in Hurricane.
  • Ride the brilliant J.E.M. trail above the Virgin River. Drive to Kaibab above the Grand Canyon.
  • Ride a singletrack trail on the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. A second night at our Kaibab accommodation.
  • Drive to Bryce Canyon and ride Red Canyon, Casto Canyon and the upper Cassidy Trail.
  • Ride the epic Thunder Mountain Trail. Afternoon hike in the park and a second night at Bryce Canyon.
  • Early visit to Bryce Canyon viewpoint. Then, drive to Moab and ride the amazing Slickrock.
  • Classic Moab riding, including Intrepid and Mag 7. Visit nearby Delicate Arch and overnight in Moab.
  • Ride in the Amassa Back area, including the new trail, Hymasa and Captain Ahab. Overnight in Moab.
  • Another day on the classic Moab trails - Hazard Trail or Buro Pass and Porcupine. Overnight in Moab.
  • Morning ride at Moab. Pipe Dream and Sovereign Trails are options. Drive to Salt Lake City.
  • Depart Salt Lake City. A group transfer to Salt Lake City Airport is provided.
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  • Mythical Parks of the American West
  • The departure reference for this tour is MPMB/02/16/
  • This tour begins on Sat 01 Oct and departs on Wed 12 Oct
  • This departure is available to book. Secure your place today with a deposit of $400
  • Single Supplement $955
The LAND ONLY dates and prices are for the itinerary joining in Las Vegas and returning from Salt Lake City. For clients making their own flight arrangements, Las Vegas Airport is the most convenient for transfers to the group hotel. Please refer to Joining Arrangements and Transfers in the trip dossier for further details.

Flights SHOULD NOT be booked until you have received your booking confirmation and the trip is showing on our website as Guaranteed or Limited Space.

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We have undertaken to guarantee that all of our Land Only prices will not change once you have booked your holiday. Unlike some of our competitors we have decided never to surcharge, whether you are booking for this year or the next.

Map & Itinerary

The Route

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Holiday Itinerary

  • Meet at the group hotel in Las Vegas. A group transfer from Las Vegas Airport is provided.

    Meet at the group hotel in Las Vegas. A single transfer from Las Vegas Airport to the group’s accommodation in the city is provided, usually in the early evening. If there is time, it’s a good idea to reassemble your bike this evening. KE Land Only package services begin with the overnight stay at the group hotel.

  • Drive to Zion National Park and ride on Gooseberry Mesa. Overnight in Hurricane.

    After breakfast at the hotel, we set off on the drive to Hurricane near Zion National Park. Here, the local riders have had the common sense to create a system of trails on the plateau that overlooks the park (reached by a short transfer). The views of the canyon and its surrounding summits are superb and Gooseberry Mesa, with its red and white rock banding, provides a veritable cocktail of Moab-style slickrock, narrow rolling trails, with a touch of Canyonlands landscape. All of this with the backdrop of Zion Canyon. The local riders have even created a section of terrain that is informally known as the ‘Skatepark of the Gods’, utilizing natural obstacles and terrain features. This loop, which is arguably the one of the best loop of the whole trip (for you to decide) is still relatively unknown (it was created in 1998), but could become one of the most talked about trails of the future. Overnight in Hurricane. 220 km transfer / 2 to 3 hours.

    • Ascent 400m

    • Distance 30km

    • Descent 400m

  • Ride the brilliant J.E.M. trail above the Virgin River. Drive to Kaibab above the Grand Canyon.

    First thing after breakfast, we set out to explore the Virgin River area and its infamous J.E.M. Trail, a local favourite with easy climbs and fast, flowing descents. Named after the trio that pioneered it (John, Ellen and Mike) this trail offers high speed cruising and a cliff-side ride above the Virgin River. Technically straightforward (apart from one switchback), this is a fun ride with awesome views into the chasm of the Virgin River. At the end of the day, we will leave Hurricane and drive through the magnificent Zion National Park. Characterised by its high, sheer cliffs, that plummet into the Virgin River, Zion is a highlight of the American West. We stop for photos en route and leave the park in the direction of the Grand Canyon. At the end of the day, we reach our lodge in the Kaibab National Forest, close to the entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park. 177 km transfer / 2 to 3 hours.

    • Ascent 500m

    • Distance 30km

    • Descent 500m

  • Ride a singletrack trail on the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. A second night at our Kaibab accommodation.

    Today we ride an exciting and non-technical trail that hugs the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, offering great riding and a unique series of viewpoints over the abyss. Undulating through the mixed pine and aspen forest of the Kaibab Plateau, we are far from the tourist trappings of the South Rim. Mixing breathtaking scenery and some sweet singletrack, this is a memorable ride. Overnight at our lodge in the Kaibab National Forest. 70 km transfer / 1 hour.

    • Ascent 750m

    • Distance 40km

    • Descent 750m

  • Drive to Bryce Canyon and ride Red Canyon, Casto Canyon and the upper Cassidy Trail.

    Our destination today is Bryce Canyon, on the other side of the Colorado Plateau. We aim to get an early start and drive for 3 hours, some of that time on Interstate 70, the highway that traverses the country from Washington DC to Utah. Local ‘Western’ radio will provide us with an ‘On the Road’ ambiance, as we speed through the desert landscape. Turning onto scenic Highway 89, leads us through the immense Dixie National Forest and, finally, to Bryce Canyon. The heart of Bryce Canyon, known as the Amphitheatre, is prohibited to mountain bikes. However, Red Canyon, just outside the borders of the park, allows us to enjoy some brilliant riding through the same type of landscape. Here, the red-rock landscape invites us to take on the challenge of the Red Canyon Bike Trail. This trail snakes through a forest of Ponderosa pines then plunges into a network of natural amphitheaters similar to Bryce Canyon. We discover the magnificent Casto Canyon, followed by a descent through the upper section of the Cassidy Trail, named after the famous Butch Cassidy and his gang of outlaws. Overnight at a Bryce Canyon lodge. 224 km trnasfer / 3 hours.

    • Ascent 700m

    • Distance 35km

    • Descent 700m

  • Ride the epic Thunder Mountain Trail. Afternoon hike in the park and a second night at Bryce Canyon.

    Today, we ride the epic Thunder Mountain Trail. Situated just outside the Bryce Canyon park, this one combines technical riding with amazing views. It is a typical loop for this area – fantastic singletrack, rolling through open pine woodland amongst multicoloured cliffs and the towering ‘hoodoos’. Sections of the trail are loose and there are tight switchbacks and steep drop-offs. At the end of the day, we have a change of pace, as we hike for 3 hours into Bryce Canyon itself and can enjoy the spectacle of the changing light as the sun sinks into the west. We spend a second night at our Bryce Canyon lodge.

    • Ascent 1000m

    • Distance 40km

    • Descent 1000m

  • Early visit to Bryce Canyon viewpoint. Then, drive to Moab and ride the amazing Slickrock.

    After an early wake up call, we go out to the Bryce Canyon viewpoint. Here, we can enjoy the amazing spectacle, as the changing morning light illuminates the red rock spires and ‘hoodoos’ of the Bryce Canyon amphitheatre. We then set off on the drive to Moab, passing close to the entrance of the Canyonlands National Park. Moab is one of the world centres of mountain biking and is probably best-known for its expanses of ‘slickrock’, naked red sandstone slabs, across which many gob-smacking mountain bike routes have been forged. Here, you can fully test the limits of friction between your tyres and the rock. There are also hundreds of kilometres of singletrack, leading through dramatic desert landscapes to high viewpoints. But, on this first afternoon in Moab, who could resist the opportunity to ride the legendary Slickrock Trail itself, which makes an unlikely loop amongst red-rock whale-back formations, with some sections even having white lines painted on to show the way! There are great views across the Colorado River and to the La Sal Mountains. After the ride, we proceed directly to our Moab hotel. We will be here for the next 4 nights. 440 km transfer / 4 to 5 hours.

    • Ascent 650m

    • Distance 16km

    • Descent 650m

  • Classic Moab riding, including Intrepid and Mag 7. Visit nearby Delicate Arch and overnight in Moab.

    Today, we drive out to Dead Horse State Park to ride another Moab classic ride and one that offers amazing views from 700 metres above the Colorado River. We can even see the spires of Canyonlands in the distance. After riding the Intrepid trail system we will reach `Mag 7`. The Magnificent 7 actually includes 9 or 10 trail segments, depending on how you do the counting. The key players are Bull Run, a bit of Gemini Road, Arth's Corner, Back up on Gateway and down 7 Up. This series of trails creates a point-to-point route that we finish off by biking back to Moab on the road. Returning to our hotel in the afternoon, we dump our bikes and jump in the vehicle to visit Arches National Park which is just a few kilometres out of town. This is a magical place, with views extending to the La Sal Mountains and a whole variety of amazing sandstone formations (including arches) to marvel at. It’s just a short walk to Delicate Arch, one of the most fantastic rock formations on the planet and this is a great place to enjoy the sunset. Finally, we return to our Moab hotel for a good night's rest. Local transfers only.

    • Ascent 500m

    • Distance 30km

    • Descent 500m

  • Ride in the Amassa Back area, including the new trail, Hymasa and Captain Ahab. Overnight in Moab.

    For our third day in this Mecca of the fat tyre we will explore the Amassa Back area. Surrounded by sheer canyon walls (the preserve of base jumpers) the Amassa Back trail system starts with a well-built climb called Hymasa. The name is actually a tribute to a local legend named Jonny Hymas who was a big part of the Moab cycling community. Recently finished (March 2014) this trail contours the land brilliantly and allows us to climb almost effortlessly. There are plenty of technical sections and a few steep, but rideable climbs on slickrock to keep you awake. However, due to its interesting trail design, and world-class Moab views, this climb will be gone before you know it! Today, our goal is to reach the ‘Pot Hole’ a shaded depression in the desert landscape where we can stop to eat our picnic lunch. From here, we set out to descend the acclaimed masterpiece of a trail known as Captain Ahab. Today’s ‘All Mountain’ trails are undulating with a few short climbs. Again, the trail builders have milked the landscape and created routes that odder an absolute riot of twisty turns, exposure and technical moves. But, the beauty of these trails is that, for the most part, you can make them as difficult or as easy as you want. Just make sure you don’t try taking air near the sign that says ‘walk your bike’ or you could find yourself flying off into a beautiful abyss. We return to spend a third night at our Moab hotel. 180 km transfer / 2 hours.

    • Ascent 800m

    • Distance 27km

    • Descent 800m

  • Another day on the classic Moab trails - Hazard Trail or Buro Pass and Porcupine. Overnight in Moab.

    There is no lack of trails to ride around Moab and today we will choose another selection of the classics. Buro Pass Trail, Hazard, Kokopeli, UPS, LPS and Porcupine Rim. Known as ‘The Whole Enchilada’ this selection starts out with a shuttle ride to the trailhead above Hazard or Buro Pass (3400m) (depending on road condition) and links into the upper and lower singletrack sections of Porcupine, followed by the rim ride back to Moab. This involves a progressive climb in the direction of the La Sal Mountains, which tower over the region. Once we arrive at the high-point, with views over the magnificent Castle Valley, with its rust-coloured buttes, we follow rolling singletrack for the rest of the day. Descending 2600 metres via a mix of slickrock, rolling singletrack and, finally, a trail poised on a sandstone balcony hanging over the valley, we arrive at last on the banks of the mighty Colorado River. We return to Moab after a mellow ride along the scenic highway and have the chance to check out some of the town’s legendary bike shops, such as Rim Cyclery and Poison Spider Bikes. We spend a fourth and final night at our Moab hotel.

    • Ascent 800m

    • Distance 50km

    • Descent 2600m

  • Morning ride at Moab. Pipe Dream and Sovereign Trails are options. Drive to Salt Lake City.

    In order to fully exploit our time in Moab, we will include a final morning’s ride. We can choose something that fits with the aspiration and preference of the group. Good options include Pipe Dream or Sovereign Trails. After our ride we will have lunch, pack up our bikes and set off on the drive to Salt Lake City (about 4 hours drive). After checking in at our Salt Lake City hotel, we will go for a celebratory dinner in the recommended craft brewery known as Squatter's Pub. With roughly a dozen of its own beers on tap at any given time, this is a beer lover’s paradise and a great place for dinner. Overnight in Salt Lake City. 400 km transfer / 4 hours.

    • Ascent 500m

    • Distance 25km

    • Descent 500m

  • Depart Salt Lake City. A group transfer to Salt Lake City Airport is provided.

    KE Land Only package services end with breakfast at the hotel. A single transfer to Salt Lake city Airport is included. Depart Salt Lake City.

Holiday Information

  • English-speaking driver / biking guide
  • A second guide for groups of 9 to 12 clients
  • Single airport transfers on arrival and departure days
  • Support vehicle bike rack and tools
  • All land transport
  • All accommodation as detailed in the trip dossier
  • Meals as detailed in the Meal Plan
  • Entrance fees for national parks and other sites
  • Travel insurance
  • Visas (if required)
  • Tips for local staff
  • Some meals as detailed in the Meal Plan
  • Miscellaneous personal expenses
  • Bike Carriage on flights - please check with your carrier for charges

Breakfasts are provided at our overnight accommodation. These 'continental breakfasts' are usually very basic: coffee, tea, toast, jam, cereal, though they sometimes include waffles, fruit, muesli and yogurt. The tour leader will provide items of food each day from which you can make up your packed lunch. Bread, cheese, cold cuts and salad items, as well as fruit are provided for this purpose. There will also be energy snacks that you can carry when biking, such as dried fruit, nuts and biscuits. You might also choose to take a supply of your preferred gels, snack bars or other energy food items from home. Evening meals will usually taken in a diner or restaurant close to our overnight accommodation. The tour leader will help with restaurant choice. In Moab, for example, there are lots of great options. You will pay directly for your evening meals and for drinks throughout the tour.

Breakfasts are provided at our overnight accommodation and the tour guide will buy food items to allow you to make up a packed lunch each day. Dinners are taken at diners and restaurants in the vicinity of our overnight accommodation. You will pay directly for these.
There will be a single timed transfer from Las Vegas Airport to the hotel in the city on Day 1 of the Land Only itinerary. This transfer is timed to coincide with the arrival of the United, Virgin or Delta Airlines flights from London Heathrow which arrives in the evening. Please note that the group will not get together and meet the guide properly until the following morning (Day 2) after breakfast.

At the end of the trip, the hotel will provide a shuttle bus transfer to Salt Lake City Airport for all clients.

All clients MUST provide information about their flights to the KE office. Hotel contact details and an emergency number will be provided with your booking confirmation.
The group will have 1 night at the beginning of the tour in a 3-star hotel in Las Vegas and 1 night at the end of the tour in a similar establishment in Salt Lake City. Whilst travelling through Hurricane, Kaibab, Bryce and Moab, we will use a mix of simple hotel and lodge accommodation. All accommodation is allocated on a twin-sharing basis. If you are travelling by yourself you will be paired up with another single client of the same sex. It is possible to pre-arrange single rooms throughout the tour at supplementary cost. For single supplement costs please refer to the dates and prices section of the trip page on the website.

View the gallery below for images of the style of accommodation used

The group will be accompanied throughout the trip by a professional local driver / biking guide. The guide will also accompany the group when biking. The main language of the trip will be English. There will be a second guide with groups of between 9 and 12 clients.

Approximately $400 should be allowed for miscellaneous expenses including evening meals, bar bills, as well as tips for the local guide. If you intend to buy expensive souvenirs or considerable quantities of soft drinks and alcohol, you should budget accordingly (credit cards can be useful in this respect). As a rough estimate a beer costs $3-6. Your money can be carried in the form of cash or you can rely on being able to use you credit or debit card at ATM`s in most of the places we visit.

If you feel that your guide has looked after you well, you might want to give him (or her) a tip to say thank you. How much you tip is up to you, but $30 would not be unreasonable.

Taking a bike on an aircraft is usually straightforward. Different airlines have differing policies with regard to baggage allowances and transporting bikes. We strongly advise that you check the current policy of your chosen airline for carrying bikes and their baggage allowances before purchasing your air ticket. The baggage section on your chosen airline’s website will usually contain this information. We suggest that you are aware of the weight and dimensions of your intended check-in baggage in advance of your arrival at the airport as airlines may charge for both excess and oversize baggage, or refuse to carry oversized baggage. If you are using a domestic flight to connect with your International flight then it is likely that a different baggage policy will exist for the domestic and international flight sections. Again you should check the baggage policy with your chosen domestic airline prior to booking your domestic flight tickets. Any additional charges incurred for transporting your bike on any of the flights required for this adventure (international, domestic and internal flights within the trip itinerary - if applicable) are the responsibility of each individual client.

Your Bike MUST be at least a mid level Mountain Bike such as a Specialized Rockhopper or Trek 6500, fitted with knobbly cross-country tyres. Front suspension is essential and comes as standard on the vast majority of modern mountain bikes. Whilst 'hardtails' work OK for this trip, it is likely that a full suspension bike will allow you to make more of the terrain. Please call us if you are unsure about the suitability of your current bike. We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that your bike is in perfect working condition before you start this trip. You are depending on your bike to transport you throughout your holiday and across demanding terrain. It is VITAL to ensure it is THOROUGHLY SERVICED to guarantee it is in good mechanical order before departure. If you are not mechanically minded, get your local bicycle dealer to service it for you. For home mechanics, points to note particularly are:

a) Check rims and if they are worn, cracked or dented replace with a new rim or wheel to avoid wheel failure. It is especially important to check that the rims on rim-braked bikes are not worn concave by the brake blocks - replace them if they are.

b) Check wheels are true and spoke tension is tight.

c) Check ALL bearings and quick release skewers, adjust / grease bearings as required.

d) Check and, if required, replace brake and gear cables.

e) Check brake discs, brake pads, calliper mounts and cables / hydraulic lines - replace if necessary.

f) Check, lube / threadlock (as required) and tighten all bolts to specified torque settings (esp. suspension pivots, bottom brackets, disc rotor bolts & disk mount bolts).

g) Check chain, cassette and chain rings for wear - replace if worn.

h) Make sure you have the right tyres, inner tubes and BIKE SPECIFIC SPARES for your bike.

Whilst not essential, it is a good idea that you familiarise yourself with how to carry out at least some basic repairs to your bike e.g. fixing a puncture and changing an inner tube. Naturally, our bike guides will always be happy to assist with any repairs. However, due to the often-remote nature of our trips, being able to carry out a simple repair can save time and the inconvenience of waiting for assistance.

Travelling with a bike is usually as straightforward as travelling with any other type of baggage, providing you have packed it adequately. We have many years experience of travelling with our bikes, and nowadays we think that the best way to travel and fly with a bike is to partially dismantle it and put it into a purpose made soft bike bag. Although more expensive than a cardboard bike box, they are smaller in size to transport and are considerably easier to handle. To pack your bike you simply remove both wheels and pedals and prepare it for travel as follows. Obviously, extra care when packing your bike can minimise the chances of accidental damage occurring in transit. Ask your local bike store for plastic wheel hub protectors (which will prevent damage to your bike bag) and plastic fork and frame spacers, insert the spacers into the dropouts, tape them in place and then put extra padding over this area. Use pipe insulation lagging (from your local DIY store) to cover frame tubes, forks and seat post. If required, remove your bars from the stem and attach them carefully to your frame/forks using plastic ties or pvc tape -ensure that your Ergo/Sti levers are well padded to minimise the chance of damage. You may also wish to remove your rear gear mech, pad it with foam and tape it to the chainstay out of harm's way. Finally, you should partly deflate your tyres, but leave some air in them to help absorb any impact on the wheels. Don’t forget to pack wheel skewers, pedals and any bolts you have removed, these are the items that tend to get left behind. Finally, find an old cardboard bike box and cut out panels to fit inside your soft bike bag for extra protection. Don’t forget to bring sufficient packing materials to pack your bike on the way home. PLEASE DO NOT USE a purpose-made rigid bike box -these are heavy (which can put you over your baggage allowance) and are also too bulky to be easily stored or transported on the group’s support vehicle.

The support vehicle provides transport for the group, bikes and baggage between the various areas we visit, but does not follow the bikes during the rides. Most rides are loops, either directly from our accommodation or from the trailhead.

It is possible to hire bikes for this holiday. Our local agent has an arrangement with a bike hire outlet in Las Vegas, who can supply Santa Cruz Superlight 29er bikes with 100mm full-suspension, Shimano/SRAM components and disc brakes. The bikes are equipped with flat pedals. If you prefer to use spd or clip-in pedals, you will need to bring these with you, along with your regular cycling shoes and cleats. Another item which you might choose to take with you on the holiday is your saddle. The hire bikes have standard saddles and anyone requiring more comfort, or a women-specific saddle, should consider taking their own. Helmets are not provided with the hire bikes and you must bring your own. Bikes can be reserved, subject to availability, at a cost of 350 US Dollars (inc 8% tax) (Nov 2015 – subject to change) for the duration of the trip. You will make bike hire payments directly in US Dollars to the bike hire shop when you pick up the bike in Las Vegas. This payment does not cover you if you lose the bike or damage it beyond 'fair wear and tear'. You will need to provide a photocopy of your passport information pages and your credit card details, as security against loss of or damage to the bike. If you want to hire a bike, please contact the KE office and we can reserve one on your behalf. We must stress that your hire contract will be with the local hire company and that KE cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from bike hire.

All KE clients will receive a FREE KE trek bag.  These have been specially made to stand up to the rigours of adventure travel.  Your KE bag will be posted to you when your trip is guaranteed to run or on receipt of your booking if the trip is already guaranteed.  If you have travelled with us before and already have a KE trek bag you can select an alternative free gift in the booking process.

This holiday involves going to moderately high altitude.  During the course of your trip you will reach altitudes in excess of 2500 metres.  Most people will have no difficulty with this level of altitude but before coming on the holiday, we recommend you read the advice on trekking at high altitude.  You can also talk to one of our trekking experts if you have any concerns about altitude.

The following is a basic checklist to help you with your packing. We recommend using the layering principle of clothing for varying climatic conditions. Good padded cycling shorts are essential.

Your Bike MUST be at least a mid level Mountain Bike such as a Specialized Rockhopper or Trek 6500. Front suspension is essential. It is vital that your bike is THOROUGHLY SERVICED and in perfect working condition before the trip.



  • Stiff-soled cycling shoes or SPD’s


  • Base-layer - short sleeve cycling top (x 2)

  • Mid-layer - long sleeved cycling top (x 1)

  • Outer layer - lightweight waterproof jacket

  • Warm Fleece jacket or jumper


  • Regular biking gloves


  • Padded cycling shorts (x 2)

  • Cycling tights or tracksters


  • Biking glasses

  • Cycling helmet - mandatory

Daypack and contents

  • Cycling daypack (e.g. Camelbak) of at least 20 litres total capacity is recommended

  • Water bladder - min. 2 litres

  • Lightweight waterproof top

  • Multi-tool

  • Puncture repair kit

  • Inner tube

  • Pump

  • Camera

  • Sun cream

  • Small roll of gaffer tape

  • Fleece jacket or jumper

  • Basic First Aid Kit. Including: antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, diarrhoea treatment (Imodium), painkillers, plasters and blister treatment, Insect repellent, and re-hydration salts (Dioralite).

Trek Bag Contents

  • Travel / apres biking clothes and footwear (inc. some warmer clothing items – it can be cool in the evenings)

  • Small padlock (to lock trek bag)

  • Chamois cream (e.g. Assos/Ozone)

  • Wash bag, Towel and toiletries

  • Antibacterial hand wash


Please note: If you are hiring a bike, you do not need to bring any spares – but you should still take a pump, a puncture repair kit and a couple of 29 x 2 inch standard mountain bike inner tubes with Presta valves.

You should bring the following with you as a minimum. Whilst not essential, it is a good idea that you familiarise yourself with how to carry out at least some basic repairs e.g. fixing a puncture, changing an inner tube. Naturally the bike guide will always be happy to assist with any repairs, but due to the often remote nature of our trips, being able to carry out a simple repair can save time and inconvenience waiting for assistance.

  • Tyres - for this trip you will need: 2 to 2.25 cross-county tyres suitable for mostly dry, but occasionally wet, conditions.

  • Pump

  • Plastic tyre levers

  • Small tube of grease

  • 1 rear brake cable

  • 1 rear gear cable

  • Spare set of brake blocks / disc pads (front and rear)

  • 2 spare spokes for front and rear wheels

  • Spoke key

  • 4 x inner tubes Spare chain links

  • Liquid chain lube (bottle not aerosol)

  • Multi-tool with Allen keys

  • Chain link extractor (if not on multi-tool)

  • 2x puncture repair kits

  • A rag and brush for cleaning bike and drive train.

  • Spares specific to your bike**

KE tools and spares

On all of our trips we carry a toolkit and a basic range of spares for emergencies. As bikes become increasingly part specific it is impossible to carry a comprehensive range of spares compatible with all makes and models of bike. ** Please ensure you bring any bike-specific spares which might be needed - such as disc brake bleed kits (and appropriate fluid), shock pumps etc.

Energy Gels/Sports Drinks/Power Bars

Our back up vehicle will carry ample supplies of water, snacks and lunches but if you like a particular energy gel, sports drink or power bar we suggest you bring a selection of your preferred choice along.

For each holiday there is a minimum number of participants required to enable it to go ahead. Once the minimum number is reached, the trip status will change from 'Available' to 'Guaranteed to run'. You can check the trip status for each departure in ‘Dates and Prices’ table. Other than in exceptional circumstances, we will not cancel a trip once it has achieved this guaranteed to run status and so you are free to proceed with your international flight booking and other travel arrangements.

A passport with 6 months remaining validity at the end of your stay is generally required. The information that we provide is for UK passport holders. Please check the relevant embassy or consulate for other nationalities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct travel documents and visas for your holiday. Visa requirements and charges are subject to change without notice. If you are travelling outside the EU you should have at least 2 blank pages in your passport.

Visa USA

UK passport holders, in general, do not require a visa for short stays. You DO require an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation), and you must get this before boarding any US-bound aircraft or ship. The fee is USD$14 and you should apply for it at With the ESTA complete, the majority of British Citizen passport holders can enter the US under the Visa Waiver Programme, VWP. As of 1st April 2016 you will be required to have a passport with an integrated chip. Note that if you have travelled to Iraq, Syria, Iran or Sudan in the last 5yrs you will have to apply for a visa.

You should contact your doctor or travel clinic to check whether you require any specific vaccinations or other preventive measures. You should be up to date with routine courses and boosters as recommended in the UK e.g. diphtheria-tetanus-polio and measles-mumps-rubella, along with hepatitis A and typhoid. A good online resource is Travel Health Pro.

The unit of currency in USA is the US Dollar. 

We recommend you check if you require an adaptor for your electrical items at:

The better conditioned you are the more you will enjoy your trip. We suggest that you adopt a sensible weekly exercise regime and fit in a number of long cycle rides in hilly country to ensure you are physically capable of taking part in this trip - this will also provide you with an opportunity to make sure all your riding kit is tried and tested before you travel. Cycling is obviously the best activity to prepare for this trip, however, running, squash and swimming are also good for developing aerobic fitness and stamina.

As a reputable tour operator, KE supports the British Foreign & Commonwealth Offices ‘Know before you go’ campaign to enable British citizens to prepare for their journeys overseas, and we recommend that all KE travellers take a look at the FCO Travel Advice for their chosen destination on the official FCO website: North Americans can also check out the U.S. Department of State website: for essential travel advice and tips.

KE treat the safety and security of all clients as the most important aspect of any trip we organise. We would not run any trip that we did not consider reasonably safe.  Should the FCO advise against travel for any reason, we will contact everyone booked to travel to discuss the situation.  We receive regular updates direct from the FCO and are in constant touch with our contacts on the ground.  If you have any questions about government travel advice, please call our office.

Either side of the hottest months of Summer, the climate in the American West is generally very stable, with plenty of sunshine and warm days. Daytime maximum temperatures vary greatly with altitude and location, but will usually range between 25 and 35 degrees centigrade, falling as low as 15 or even 10 degrees centigrade at night.

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