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Ensuring that we are responsible in all that we do, has always been at the core of KE’s ethos and values. The holidays that we operate allow our customers to interact directly with communities in mostly rural areas, and we have always done our utmost to be respectful, to protect the environment and to ensure that those same communities benefit from the tourism that we bring to their regions. 
In recent years we have been far more focused on sustainability, both of the travel experiences that we provide, and our wider business practises. We are in the process of creating a sustainability plan which encompasses all that we do here at KE. This will form a framework to ensure that every part of our business is sustainable in future. We aim to minimise our carbon footprint as part of this, and benefit as many local people and communities as possible, as well as protecting the nature and wildlife which is so important to us all.

We are doing whatever we can to reduce our emissions, both in the office in the UK, and on our holidays around the world. We are of course reliant on customers flying (in most cases) to join our trips, and are very aware of the responsibilities that we and the wider industry have in trying to find ways of significantly reducing aviation emissions in the coming years.

Please click below to see more on how we are doing our bit to tackle climate change

In November 2021 we became a signatory and launch partner of Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, which was launched at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26).


We have also become a signatory to Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency; a group of travel businesses and organisations who have publicly declared that there is a climate emergency and who are working together to find positive solutions as an industry.

Since January 2020 we have been absorbing 100% of the carbon footprint generated by the trips that we operate, including transportation, accommodation and any customer flights sold, as well as all staff flights.

We work with Livelihoods Funds, who support a number of fantastic reforestation, agroforestry and rural energy projects around the world.

We know that carbon absorption is not the best long-term solution, but until the technology becomes available to negate emissions from flights, we believe that absorption through a variety of community-based projects is the best interim solution.

There are a multitude of small things that we can personally do to respect the environment around us when we travel, and to interact in a positive way with local communities. KE holidays will always put you face to face with local people; whether through an exchange at a market, lunch at someone’s house or walking through a remote community. Doing a little research before you travel and learning a few words of the language are just two examples. Click below to find more tips and hints.


Our Plastics Pledge

We have pledged to eliminate all single-use plastics in the KE office and on KE trips, and are working hard with our ground agents and leaders overseas to achieve this goal on all KE departures.

We have partnered with Water-to-Go and can offer a 12.5% discount to all KE travellers on a branded KE filter water bottle. For every purchase, Water-to-Go will donate a 75cl filter to KE leaders and guides to keep them safe and hydrated whilst they lead our trips.

Animal Welfare

We recognise the importance of animal welfare and the wellbeing of all wildlife in its natural habitat. We do not offer elephant riding on any of our adventure holidays, and ensure that animals are never exploited. We endeavour to only include wildlife-based activities in the wild, or in places where animals exhibit natural behaviours as close to their home environments as possible, such as at the elephant orphanage at the Daphne Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

Where pack animals are used to transport baggage, we ensure that they are well looked after and carry appropriate loads. We encourage our leaders to report any animal welfare issues if necessary, so that appropriate action can be taken.

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