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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Fantastic landscape and villages
Secret Trails of the Tribal Heartland
I recently went on your trekking holiday the tribes of north vietnam i haven't been on many organised group holidays so was a bit apprehensive. I would like to say how KE and its agency out in Vietnam exceeded my expectations in many ways I just wanted to see the wet ricefields and explore the villages and see the landscapes. IT was really great, The choices of the locations was superb , they were varied, sometimes awe inspiring and despite the misty weather there were fantastic views. Al l the homestays were really good, a great deal of care with the food, always lots to choose from. I really congratulate the team who set up the destinations. The groundwork must have been very detailed. Our guide T could not have been better, so many good qualities in describing and explaining everything whether it was the agriculture , the history, the different village tribes, the background to everything. He was sensitive to our every need and when one of our party was sick he was very caring and reassuring in making some arrangements for her to rest and catch up with the group again when she felt better. He was really good in choosing cafes along the way , making us picnic lunches and when the werather was bad, quickly adjusting the route a bit to avoid the slippery mud. I hope you will pass on this to his boss in Vietnam as he was quite outstanding. . I personally would like to return to some of the places we saw and stay and sketch with friend, rather than moving on each day, but ill have to organise that myself as i don't think you do custom tours ? But I hope to join another of your treks in the future Carpline Pringle
By Caroline UK | 12 April 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Camel-tastic trip, great for active kids
Camels on the Beach Family Morocco Holiday
We had a wonderful week in Morocco, in the safe and kindly hands of the lovely Mohamed, who formed an instant bond with ours boys (aged 9 and 12), and organised everything faultlessly. Highlights included the camels, extraordinarily varied and well-presented food, even when a few hours walk from civilisation, finding a scorpion at the campsite (really!), the visit to an argan oil cooperative, and surfing. The walking can be fairly strenuous for small ones when it is hot, as there is little shade , but there is a good variety of activities, with something for everyone, and lots of swimming opportunities. Food was delicious and most meals accommodated a picky 9yo (perhaps have a few cereal bars / apples on standby when camping), and when wet and windy weather threatened the night camping, Mohamed effortlessly switched the itinerary to push it back a couple of days. If I would do anything differently, it would be to avoid Ramadan, when it was clear that long days in the heat serving our needs were placing additional strain on the local crew. I recommend a couple of extra days in Marrakesh, in a riad in the old town, at the end!
By Sarah Oxford | 08 April 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Great cycling
Self-Guided Cycling on Lanzarote

Great cycling well put together itinerary and excellent places to stay.

By Cara Cheshire | 03 April 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Lovely limestone, ancient terraces
Secret Sierras of the Costa Blanca

Everyone loves limestone landscapes and this series of expertly-curated walks provides plenty of interest. The extent of ancient terracing is remarkable. Food is generally very good. A KE grade 6 meant I was adequately stretched (I usually go for higher grades).

By Raymond London | 30 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Desert Days
Edge of the Sahara Trek

Fantastic experience that far exceeded my expectations. Dark desert nights under amazing star filled skies, dreamy desert vistas and great food. This trip spent just the right amount of time in what can be quite harsh conditions. The journey to and from the desert is quite long (7+ hrs) but plenty of interesting landscapes to pass the time. Our crew were great , even during Ramadan which was quite challenging for them. Our group bonded from day one and we had a lot of fun.

By Vaughan Bristol | 28 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Amazing varied trekking holiday
Annapurna Sanctuary and Poon Hill Trek

A great experience exploring a very varied part of Nepal. The local team of porters and guides were amazing, and the scenery was the best we have seen anywhere - especially our days in the snow at Annapurna base camp.

By Jonathan Whitley Bay | 25 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Fantastic scenery
Self-Guided Walking on Cape Verde

Great walks along old established tracks and paths passing through fantastic scenery, irrigated terraces growing coffee , sugar cane etc, and local communities. On longer walks the conditions underfoot made the a bit more than ' leaisurely'.

By Jonathan Isle of Wight | 21 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Very good trip with good guide and excellent group
Edge of the Sahara Trek

Our guide Mohamed led us safely through the beatiful but rough Sahara. It was a great experience and I met wonderful people!

By Marijn Netherlands | 20 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Magnificent Adventure
Spires and Ice - Trekking Patagonia

KE was amazing from beginning to end, flights, transfers, accommodation, entry to National Parks worked like a dream. We had a very able competent knowledgeable Guide who was always calm approachable and went the 2nd mile on many occasions from glueing my husbands shoes to kicking stones out of my way when I hurt my ankle ,all done with kindness and good humour. We were also blessed with amazing weather so every day was a delight not to speak now the amiable company.

By Shirley Northern Ireland | 20 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Cape Verde
Walking Holiday on the Captivating Cape Verde Islands
This was a trip with some of the best hillwalking and mountaineering I have ever experienced. Our guide, Odair, was superb both as a mountain guide and as a source of information about Cape Verde.The ascent ( and even more the spectacular descent ) of the active volcano of Fogo was amazing, with its drama, scenery and sheer exhilaration. The walking on Sao Antao was truly memorable with walks through lush tropical valleys culminating in the stupendous Balcony walk. This was all supplemented by excellent food and accommodation most memorably at Leticia’s place at the base of Pico de Fogo. The trip was not without its problems however. There were serious problems with flights getting off Fogo, back to Praia and on to Sao Vicente. The lack of information as to what was happening over a couple of days was frustrating and worrying. Odair made heroic efforts to deal with these problems but some part of the trip was lost. In short an excellent trip but it might be advisable to do internal travel using the excellent and punctual ferry service rather than travelling by air. It might be difficult however to visit both Fogo and Sao Antao without having to resort to the unreliable and unpunctual internal air services.
By Niall Dublin | 16 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★
Excellent introduction to a lovely island
Self-Guided Walking on Madeira
A very enjoyable self guided walk on a lovely island which was well organised on the ground. The hotels were fine and all the transfers worked well with helpful and friendly drivers. We were fortunate with the weather - warm and sunny with only one really wet day (Day 6). On that day we caught the bus rather than extending the walk into Funchal. We found the walks are not difficult though there is a steep road descent on day 5 down to Calheta. There are always taxis around offering their s ervices! By the end we'd perhaps had enough of levada walking which is lovely but inevitably gets a bit samey. We were disappointed on Day 2 to only do a half day walk on the Kings Levada and not along the coast because of erosion (?). The Kings Levada was superb at the far end but we were not sure why a longer walk could not have been devised while the path is being repaired. The GUIBO app was excellent and we rarely looked at the paper map and route instructions. We arrived a day early because of flight times on the Day 1 we did the alternative Day 2 walk from Portela to Porto da Cruz which was a really nice first walk though a steep descent into the town. As an introduction to the island this self guided walk is definitely recommended.
By Robert Darlington | 11 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Cloud Forest, sunshine, and great company, on La Gomera
La Gomera - Jewel of the Canaries

A wonderful week of varied and well planned walks. Enekoiz is a knowledgeable and thoughtful guide who looked after us well and taught us a lot about the island. From the cloud forest to coastal paths there was always something new to see. La Gomera is a very beautiful island with a stunning range of flora. Many thanks to Enekoiz, and our fellow travellers, for a memorable and hugely enjoyable week.

By Ruth Cheltenham | 10 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Variety is the spice of life on Spires and Ice
Spires and Ice - Trekking Patagonia
My first adventure with KE and I will jump at going on another. Overall, everything went as promised and this itineary has been well thought out. The 'W' circuit was hiked from West to East, which made for a gradual start with shorter and easier hikes to the climax of the last day view of Torres del Paine, a well earned treat. We had a rain and strong Patagonia winds on our assent up the French Valley, and those with proper rain gear faired well. Note : Those that took inferior rain jackets suffered, but the guides helped with extra clothes and aid to warm up. Accommodation: We did 2 nights as planned at the Paine Grande and this was the least favourite as 6 people in 3 bunkbeds per room. Very difficult if you lucked out and got the top bunk as no guard rail or extra handles to go up the ladder. Quite loud - take earplugs. But this was near the start so soon forgotten. Next 2 sites were in a 'car' tent up on a platform with a sheltered ladder to access. I really liked this over the traditional crawl on the ground into the tent. It was comfortable but don't forget your headlamp as very dark inside. Other lodges were all very cosy and comfortable with private bathrooms. Food- WOW, if you love lamb or beef, this is the tour for you. Every included dinner was exceptional, often with all you could eat lamb, cooked to perfection. Lunches on the trail included a large sandwich or empanadas or both, salad, dried or fresh fruit, trail bar, nuts. We often had too much and would give back the excess. Even the heartiest eater did not ever go hungry. We often joked we were eating our way through Argentina and Chile, and glad we were hiking to wear off excess calories. Guides- We had 2 Chile guides while on the W circuit, and 1 Argentinean guide for Fitz Roy area and all were exceptional and interacted with everyone in the group. I can't say enough great compliments on our KE guide- Louis. Exceptional, making friends with everyone as he met us on Day 1 at the airport to saying goodbye. He melded the group and catered to everyone's needs and always made sure we were having the time of our lives. My vote for Guide of the Year. His daily explanation of what we were doing and what we should expect was often repeated. A best friend to all of us. Hints- Chile and Argentina have different plugs. Take small bills for tips- US dollars also works everywhere, including the W circuit, but need to be in good condition. There are electrical outlets at every site on the W circuit.
By Teresa Van Anda, Texada Island, BC Canada | 09 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★
A trek to savour.
Jebel Sahro Walking Holiday
I did the Edge of the Sahara trek immediately before this one so as to avoid flying more than necessary. It was thoroughly enjoyable, with much to see and treasure as memories, challenging in parts (including a less than spacious toilet tent!), the last day being a bit of a long, hot march. On the whole I preferred the Sahara trek, but the Jebel Sahro scenery was spectacular, and it was good to get some idea of how people live and farm in those dry mountains, and their tough lives. There were ni ne or ten of us doing the trek, and rarely have I enjoyed time with such lovely companions - that is of course never guaranteed, but I was in luck! The food on the trek was excellent and worked out well for a vegetarian such as I, although I did get forgotten for one dinner and had to ask for another bowl of soup rather than the meaty tajine offered. A note of caution - you may be taken to a "Berber pharmacy" on the return journey to Marrakech, where they also exist in the souk. They sell all kinds of herbal medicines of potentially dubious merit, but one thing that is sold is musk. The pharmacists will tell you that the musk is obtained from musk deer but without harming them. This is in all likelihood not true - musk deer are killed for their glands. Please don't buy musk.
By Malcolm Glasgow, Scotland | 05 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
An experience long to be treasured, but with lessons
Edge of the Sahara Trek
I was on the same trip as Alex of Chorley and I agree with everything she says, including how good it was for a vegan. It was hot and exhausting at times but that seemed only to enhance the experience of being in a completely new environment of flat stony desert with stones that had cracked from contrasting heat and cold, then dunelands, with occasional acacia and tamarisk trees for shade, beetle track marks in the sand. There were delightful moments when a free-running family of camels came for water at a well, cooking and eating sand bread under the stars, and the sight of a camel stealing oranges from our stores pursued by one of our marvellous crew. By luck, this was one of the best treks I have been on in terms of companions. But there were also important reminders of how life is changing there, villages of fine buildings built of mud, straw and stones that are becoming deserted and collapsing through drought, crop failures, increasing advancing of the desert, quite likely exacerbated by we travellers and our flying. So, with that cautionary note, this was a wonderful trip.
By Malcolm Glasgow | 05 March 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Absolutely wonderful, great for vegans
Edge of the Sahara Trek
Absolutely wonderful. Logistics of pick up and drop offs to the airport great. Walking guide was local, incredibly knowledgeable, fun and friendly. The food was delicious and great for vegans! Every day Lassaam made sure we had a mid morning snack and a rest under the shade of a lone acacia tree. Lunch was soo excellent, prepared by a chef who managed to concoct the dishes from the veg which the camels carried. The camel leaders worked their socks off making sure our campsites were set up every night. Everything was provided for us ...matresses, sleeping bags, food, water. An absolutely wonderful experience!
By Alex Chorley | 21 February 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Excellent trip
Julian Alps Jamboree - Family Adventure

Super visit. Beautiful country. Great activities. Wonderful guides

By Martin Poole | 19 February 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Adventure of a lifetime!
Kilimanjaro Northern Route Traverse and Circuit
What an adventure! Our group of 10 was made up of both singles/groups and couples, and what a fantastic group it was. Our guides, cooks and porters worked tirelessly to ensure we were comfortable, safe and well fed. Special thanks to Onex (lead guide) & Saidi and Joseph (assistant guides) they ensured everything ran seamlessly from arrival through to departure. There was a slight change to the itinerary, missing out Lava tower in favour of extra acclimatisation time at School Hut, which in my vi ew and that of the other trekkers was a great call from an experienced leader. As mentioned above we were well fed with some great meals of which there was always plenty. The trekking was varied with a real mix of terrain, culminating in what was a tough but rewarding push to the summit. Once again the support of the guides ensured that all 10 of us reached the summit, with some encouraging bursts of song along the way. Overall this was one of my most memorable and enjoyable treks, filled with memories that I will cherish forever.
By Paul Leicestershire UK | 15 February 2024
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Outstanding walking trip for beginner/intermediate walker/hiker
Levada Trails and Peaks of Madeira
Guide Nuno Portela was outstanding. He took care of and managed a group well that ranged from someone on their first hike to highly experienced hikers and made us all feel comfortable and at home. His knowledge of the flora fauna and mountain geography was exemplary. Details of each day were provided and I never felt stressed or under pressure on the trip. Food and restaurants selected were outstanding especially last night. Hotels were fine 4/5. The mountains and Levada of Madeira provide out standing scenery. I would thoroughly recommend this trip for all hikers. To get a sense of distance covered each day here are the miles for each of the 6 days: 9.76, 8.95, 11.62, 8.29, 9.45, 11.57. Note you will be going up and down some significant mountains during each walk.
By Christopher Minnetonka MN | 07 February 2024
★ ★ ★ ★
A great introduction to walking Madeira
Self-Guided Walking on Madeira
This was our first trip to Madeira. We visited in January 2024. The weather started off good but then we had a significant amount of rain, on some days we had amber/orange weather warnings for rain. The walks still went ahead and we were glad we had planned well and taken all wet weather gear including waterproof gloves, socks, Gortex clothing. Although the trip is self guided the ground agent works with all nationalities and we shared transfers with a German Couple. They were not prepared for t he weather and on some days did not do the walks. Even when it wasn’t raining the paths along the lavadas were wet and muddy. The walk on the second day has been cut short due to erosion. It’s now just a lavada walk, there and back. This was the least enjoyable walk - it’s easy to do with car hire and not the kind of walk you pay for on a trip like this. This walk needs to be changed to something more exciting. The hotels were all great. One small and practical, one very blingy, a perfect one in Porto Moniz but the Savoy Saccharum being our least favourite as we were given the worst of rooms. It looked out into a damp courtyard - lots of mosquitos in the shade. We found it difficult to dry out our gear as there were messages to not hang anything on the balcony. I suggest up grading at this hotel to a sea view. After the trip ended we rented a car and a house and stayed on the island to do another 5 independent walks. I recommend the trip for first timers walking on the island as an introduction.
By Lynne Devon UK | 28 January 2024
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