Antarctica Holidays

A holiday in Antarctica is an unparalleled adventure; a voyage to the end of the Earth where untouched landscapes and astonishing wildlife create an otherworldly experience. 

Setting sail from the southernmost city of Ushuaia, Argentina, the journey across the formidable Drake Passage ushers in a sense of anticipation and wonder. As the Antarctic Peninsula comes into view, colossal glaciers, towering icebergs and expansive white plains greet you, painting a surreal canvas of nature's raw beauty. Amidst this frozen expanse, encounters with charismatic penguins, breaching whales and sunbathing seals offer intimate glimpses into the lives of creatures that thrive in this extreme environment. Guided by experts, you'll explore historic research stations, engage in thrilling activities like kayaking and camping on the Antarctic shores and be captivated by informative talks that unveil the mysteries of this remarkable region.

Highlight of Antarctica

 While embarking on an adventure to Antarctica, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of the most magnificent and mystic wildlife on earth. Amidst the pristine whiteness of glaciers and icebergs, penguins waddle and dive in their bustling colonies and graceful seals find refuge on the icy shores, basking in the sun's fleeting warmth. Majestic whales breach the icy waters - humpbacks, orcas and minke whales among them - while seabirds soar through the crisp air, navigating the icy seas in search of food.

What to do in Antarctica

Polar cruise in Antarctica

Jump aboard a well-equipped and specialist expedition ship that will guide you through the Drake Passage and into the Antarctic Peninsula, towards the edge of the world. Prepare to be mesmerised by huge blue icebergs calmly floating in the waters, alongside massive penguin rookeries, seabirds diving and majestic whales breaching. With its dining areas, presentation rooms, different cabin sizes, mud room and viewing decks you will have plenty of space and entertainment whilst on board the sturdy Ships.

Active adventures in Antarctica

For those looking for an active adventure, Antarctica has ample room for multi-activities. Kayak through the crystal, icy waters among elegant seals on the hunt for their dinner or try out a pair of snowshoes and wander into the beautiful wilderness. Set up camp on Antarctica’s frozen land and catch your breath as you gaze into the magical night sky with millions of stars staring back at you. If you’re crazy enough, have a towel ready and take a polar plunge into Antarctica’s freezing waters!

Five activities to enjoy on an Antarctica oliday

Wildlife spotting

Wildlife spotting on an Antarctica holiday takes centre stage as you have the opportunity to observe iconic creatures such as penguins, the Arctic tern, elephant seals, Antarctic shags, wandering albatrosses, orcas and majestic humpback whales. These encounters will leave you with a deep and lasting connection with the polar ecosystems.


For those seeking to explore the icy landscapes on foot during an Antarctica holiday, snowshoeing is an exhilarating option. Strapping on snowshoes allows you to traverse snow-covered terrain, immersing yourself in the pristine wilderness while leaving minimal impact on the environment.


Hiking is another fantastic way to connect with the polar landscapes during an Antarctica holiday. Guided by expert expedition staff, hiking excursions offer a chance to explore the unique geography and ecosystems of these remote regions.


Camping under the polar skies on an Antarctica holiday provides a truly immersive experience. The stillness of the Antarctic night is broken only by the distant calls of penguins and the gentle crackling of the ice. The serenity of the polar wilderness at night and beautiful clear skies makes camping an unforgettable adventure.


Kayaking on an Antarctica holiday offers an unparalleled adventure. Paddling through the icy waters of the Antarctic Peninsula, you'll find yourself surrounded by towering glaciers, colossal icebergs and an otherworldly landscape of white and blue. As you navigate in your kayak, you can expect close encounters with curious penguins and graceful seals.



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